Three questions that doctors often asked by the inspection of the checkup make doctors annoyed. Pregnant mothers should not touch the "Thunder Area"

Generally speaking, from the 12 weeks of pregnancy to delivery, the whole process of pregnant mothers will go through 10-12 conventional production inspections.

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Pregnant women always have many questions during pregnancy. Among them, the most asked for the health of the fetal treasure.However, some pregnant women are always swords, and the problems mentioned make the doctor "tired".

After Iena was pregnant, he always wanted to know whether he was born with a boy or a girl.During the checkup, although the banner was hung on the wall on the wall, the "prohibit non -medical fetal gender identification".

But I ca n’t help asking the doctor to ask the doctor: “Do you think I give a baby, buy blue clothes or pink clothes?” The doctor obviously had experienced many such temptations, and directly responded to “buy yellow.”

Yi Na still did not die, and tentatively said: "Do you think your baby can be a rocket girl in the future?"

The doctor was impatient and answered directly: "I don’t know, your examination is over, we will check the next one." So we got a guest order.

Question 1. Is this inspection accurate?If the baby tested this, was healthy?

In fact, nothing in the world is absolutely absolute, not to mention the checkup. Most of the pregnant mothers are worried about the deformed examination. For fear of the doctor’s leakage, it will not be treated in time.

According to statistics, 5 million of the newborn every year are defective, that is, a malformed child will be born an average of 5-6 minutes.

In China, the annual abnormal children account for 4-6 % of the total birth population, with a number of 800-12 million.

However, a large part of these malformations have not actually been checked and discharged on time.In fact, for now, the methods and equipment of deformed deformed are already very advanced, and the accuracy has reached more than 90 %.

However, there are indeed some congenital diseases that cannot be screened like listening, vision, and heart problems that cannot be screened.

Question 2. Will these inspections affect the normal development of the fetus?

Many people have such a worry during the checkup, that is, "whether B -ultrasound hurts children."

There is no doubt that many inspection devices have radiation, but the strongest radiation of pregnant women must not be B -ultrasound, but X -rays.Both X -ray and CT examinations will not be done for pregnant women casually.

As for the B-ultrasound, general pregnant women will only do about 5-8 times throughout the pregnancy. Even if there are more than 8 times, it is impossible for doctors to let you do B-ultrasound if necessary.

The B -ultrasound mainly uses ultrasound. The sound of the sound emitted with a probe is below 10mW/cm, which will not affect the normal development of the fetus.

Question three, baby is male or female?

Although I knew that men and women can not be asked now, many people still do not die, and they will still be tangled with doctors.

And doctors are very helpless in the face of such pregnant mothers and family members.Legally, it is illegal to reveal that the sex of the fetus is illegal.

What’s more, 12 weeks before the baby was developed 12 weeks ago, it was not sure that it was male or female.Even doctors have to wait 18 weeks to judge.

Many doctors responded. Now when everyone asks, they are very euphemistic. They are like turning their brains. What color clothes we wear are no longer fresh.

What "the baby is not heavy, is there half a ton (half ton = a thousand gold)", "Do you think I will be under great pressure in the future?" And so on, ask Fa Qianqi strange.

1) Examination on time

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnancy health care manual will be received. There is a clear pregnancy test time. Each pregnancy examination must be optimistic about the next time in advance to prevent forgetting.

2) Optimistic whether you need an empty stomach

There are many birth checkups that need to be an empty stomach in advance. Pregnant mothers need to be optimistic. For example, during the 28 weeks of pregnancy, an empty stomach examination is required.

3) Check the project

There are many inspection items for pregnancy tests. To say that the most frequent one must count the high palace, abdominal circumference, weight and blood routine.These are routine inspections, and the blood routines are almost done.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should be prepared for "donating blood" for the baby. If an abnormality occurs in a certain examination, it is likely that the pregnant mother will have more blood.

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