Three -child mother encounters rare abdominal hemorrhage experts to remind you to go to the doctor in time

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Zhongan Online and Zhongan News Client News Xixi pregnancy, but encountered the rare disease of spontaneous abdominal hemorrhage during pregnancy, and the amount of bleeding reached 2,000 ml. Fortunately, it was sent to the hospital in time and diagnosed and treated in time.Recently, Xiaoyun, a 33 -year -old in Feidong County, gave birth to a healthy female treasure at the First Hospital of the University of Science and Technology of China (Anhui Province).

33 -year -old Xiaoyun had already had a smooth delivery experience of two children. I thought that there would be no problems with the third child. Who knew that one day of 7 months of pregnancy, Xiaoyun suddenly felt the pain that was unbearable for a while.He took Xiaoyun to the First Hospital of the University of Science and Technology of China (Anhui Provincial Hospital).

Emergency examination found that Xiaoyun’s abdominal cavity had a lot of effusion, and anemia was severe. In view of the fact that there were no other abnormalities during pregnancy, doctors considered unknown abdominal bleeding.At this time, Xiaoyun is about to shock. If he is not surgery in time, his mother and baby are in danger.In close cooperation with the emergency operating room and anesthesiology department, the emergency doctor and the obstetrician jointly performed emergency cable detection surgery against Xiaoyun, and found that the free blood vessels on the back of the right side of the abdominal cavity were active.Run the bleeding point immediately to stop bleeding.Fortunately, the baby in Xiaoyun’s belly did not have abnormalities.

After surgery, Xiaoyun turned to obstetrics, continued to treat observations, the wounds gradually healed, and the symptoms of anemia were getting better.However, one night, Xiaoyun’s stomach suddenly hurt again. The B -ultrasound found that the abdominal cavity began to bleed again. Although he was transfusion every day, Xiaoyun still had severe anemia.

Professor Zhao Weidong, director of obstetrics and gynecology, organized all cases to discuss all cases and discuss the treatment plan.Continuous bleeding is extremely harmful to adults and children, but Xiaoyun has just undergone abdominal surgery, and it is not appropriate to surgery.The team weighs the advantages and disadvantages, unanimously decide conservative treatment, continue to transfusion, closely monitor, and do its best.

Each medical staff is looking forward to Xiaoyun’s difficulty to go through the difficulties, and the child is born safely.Although cough and knife bleeding, such as cough and knife -mouth bleeding since then, with the joint efforts of obstetrics and blood transfusion medical staff, strong Xiaoyun has survived the level after 17 days.Nourishing.

In the next day, Xiaoyun regularly went to the obstetric outpatient outpatient check of the first hospital of the University of Science and Technology of China.For more than 8 months of pregnancy, the baby is found that the baby is the hip position. If you cannot be turned into a head before production, Xiaoyun needs to perform a caesarean section.

As Xiaoyun had previously undergone caesarean surgery due to abdominal hemorrhage, as the due date approached, the deputy chief physician of the obstetrics, Qu Wanjun’s team, was waiting, and customized the childbirth plan under different conditions in advance to ensure that the mother and baby were safe.When everyone was uneasy, the baby turned beautifully, turned into the head, and created conditions for the birth of the delivery.

The small clouds that have been in difficulty finally ushered in the moment when they met the baby.With the help of Director Qu Wanjun and the head of the nurses of the delivery room, Xiaoyun successfully gave birth to a cute little princess.The baby’s crying sound was loud and rosy, and a hanging heart of the medical staff finally fell to the ground.

Outside the delivery room, the anxious family members learned that the mother and daughter would be grateful to the medical staff.4 days after giving birth, Xiaoyun and the baby were discharged smoothly.

Wang Qunhua, deputy chief physician of the Yixi Hospital of the University of Science and Technology of China, introduced that spontaneous abdominal bleeding during pregnancy is a rare and severe complication during pregnancy, with an incidence of about 5,000.The maternal mortality rate reported by the literature is 1.7%, the perinatal mortality rate is 26.9%, and 8.5%of cases will relapse.Spontaneous abdominal hemorrhage generally occurs in the middle and late pregnancy, production and postpartum.Some maternal mothers did not have a history of disease, surgery, and trauma history before.Selfic bleeding in the abdominal cavity during pregnancy can cause hypertrophic shock of pregnant mothers; when blood loss affects the placenta cycle, fetal hypoxia will occur.The disease is mainly acute abdominal pain, because the symptoms are not typical, and lack of effective auxiliary examinations, it is easy to be diagnosed by doctors as more common pregnancy abdomen such as uterine rupture and hidden placenta.

Wang Qunhua reminded that due to the lack of effective prevention measures, early diagnosis and early treatment are critical to reduce maternal and infant mortality.If the expectant mothers have severe abdominal pain, they must go to a regular medical institution in time to avoid delaying treatment.(Cheng Yan Wang Qunhua Fang Wen reporter Xu Huiyuan)

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