Those who have been wearing a ring for a long time can not be anxious after taking the ring after taking the ring

□ Information Times reporter Xie Jingjing

Correspondent Lin Huifang

After the implementation of the comprehensive two -child policy, many hospitals in Guangzhou have appeared for women with "rings", among which there are many elderly women who have been looping for more than 10 years.However, the reporter learned that although the pregnancy -taking pregnancy is only a small operation, if it is a long -term "service" birth ring, because the time it is placed for a long time, it is easy to have the risk of embedding the muscles.The evaluation of the physical condition is suitable for taking the ring after pregnancy, and it is not advisable to get pregnant immediately after taking the ring.

Women with inflammation are not recommended to take the ring immediately

Many quasi -second -child mothers are anxious to get pregnant again, and taking the ring has become the first problem.However, taking the ring is not to be taken immediately.Deputy Chief Physician Tan Xiaozhang, Director of Panyu District of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, pointed out that before the ring is taken, the leucorrhea routine and color ultrasound should be performed.Especially women who wear ring for a long time should be cautious.

"In addition, some women will have physical discomfort after going on the ring, which is easy to induce inflammation, and even years of inflammation. At this timeOnly after anti -inflammation can take the ring. Under the condition of inflammation, taking the ring will increase the risk of infection. "Tan Xiaochang said that women are advised to rest for 3 days after taking the ring.bath.

Tan Xiaozhang reminded that taking the ring will stimulate the endometrium and cervix, which may cause bleeding, especially after some women with a long time of the upper ring will have a small amount of bleeding or bloody leucorrhea. Generally, one or two days can be used in a day or two.Naturally disappear.If the amount of bleeding after the ring is more or longer, the bleeding time is long, and go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid being infected by bacteria.

"Some non -formal hospitals often ignore this step of inspection, and take the ring directly, and perform X -ray examinations before taking the ring to confirm whether the contraceptive ring is inside the uterine cavity." Tan Xiaoxian said that for women preparing for pregnant women, X -ray is X -ray.Performance often causes a precursor to abortion and eventually causes damage to its own health.

Suggestion: After taking the ring half a year, prepare for pregnancy

Li Ying, chief physician of the Department of Reproductive and Infertility of Guangzhou Ren’ai Hospital, said that after taking the ring, he cannot prepare for pregnancy, so as to give the endometrium a recovery time to facilitate eugenics."If you are pregnant as soon as you take the ring, the injured endometrium has not been recovered, and it will increase the risk of miscarriage and abnormal tires." Especially now most of them are post -ring.Organization is also relatively affected by damage and is also relatively large, which is not good for the growth and development of embryos or fetuses, which will affect the health of maternal and infants in severe cases.

"Because each menstruation after taking the ring is a growth process of the endometrium. Generally, after 3 to 6 normal menstruation, the damaged endometrium will be better repaired. At this time, pregnancy is relatively safe."In addition, it should be noted that because the specific physical condition of each woman is different, postoperative pregnancy should be performed according to the guidance of a professional doctor. After pregnancy, it is necessary to check regularly to ensure the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

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