Those things about pregnancy …

I am lucky because I am now selected by a little angel [呲 我]

I originally thought that I didn’t have to arrive this month, because the days when I was about to come on the holiday, the feeling of chest swelling and pain was too similar to my aunt, but when I washed it on Monday morning, I was prepared to go out.Try it to test, so there is Figure 1, the light -colored "double bar".

It’s really shallow, right?

At first I thought I wanted to see two bars too much, and I saw it myself [laughing and crying]

Hurry to take pictures and confirm with girlfriends (they all have experience), they said, you are basically sure.

Um?Uh-huh?IntersectionIs this pregnant?[faint]

Afterwards, he calmly went to the hospital to draw blood and finally confirmed.At 11:30, HCG exceeded normal standards and confirmed pregnancy.

How to describe it?surprise?excited?confused?I do n’t know … maybe there are some, in short, this is a happy event, isn’t it?[laughing out loud]

After confirming that I am pregnant, except for my chest swelling and pain, my lower abdomen is fat, and the stomach of the meal will be bulged. There seems to be no other signs, so that I often think, am I really pregnant?Isn’t this an oolong?But when walking, your hands will still unconsciously touch your lower abdomen [Smile]

I suddenly hurt my stomach for a few minutes when I was off work today. I was worried that I was stubbornly moved to the chair in the afternoon. A person turned to the hospital on the way to get off work, doing yin super, excluding the possibility of ectopic pregnancy [Heart]

Baby, I want to laugh after finishing the color Doppler, because I think I am too nervous to you, so I am a little windy, and I am a little bit of soldiers here.Yin Chao is not as uncomfortable as expected. The doctor said that you are too young now. Fortunately, you are doing Yin Chao. If you do your belly, you may not see you at all.Baby, I want to tell you, you are great, you are looking for the right place, there is no lost, and now you have landed safely. In the future, you can stay here with peace of mind and develop well.

I have helped you think about a name [Another], from "the mountains and water are doubtful, there is no way for the village, and there is another village of Liuyan Huaming."New turn.And the strokes are simple, I hope you can be simple, free, and casual like your name in the future.

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