This symptom may be a mother, do you know?

There are often such prospective mothers in the hospital clinic. I do n’t know what to do with breast tenderness. It feels like a menstrual performance, and it seems to be a little more painful. As a result, I found that I was pregnant as soon as I checked it. I did n’t expect it in advance.Therefore, breast pain during pregnancy is one of the most common symptoms of pregnant mothers.

After pregnancy, due to the effects of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin and other hormones, the mammary gland gland gland gland and blisters of pregnant mothers have hyperplasia and fat deposition. This is preparing for breastfeeding in the future. ThereforeThe form will also change. At this time, many pregnant mothers will feel bloating or tenderness.In addition, the increase in breasts during pregnancy will pull the breast suspension ligament; the increased breast sensitivity during pregnancy and the abundant blood supply, these are also several reasons for breast pain.

This kind of breast tenderness occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, usually 3 to 4 weeks after pregnancy, which appears earlier than early pregnancy reactions.With the end of the early pregnancy, the level of hormones in the body will gradually stabilize during the middle of pregnancy, and the pain of breast tenderness will improve significantly. However, some pregnant mothers will occur during pregnancy, and breast pain will occur from time to time.

Pay attention to the following aspects in daily life, which can relieve breast pain.

First, adjust your diet.Eating lighter foods, reducing salt and oil intake, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits may help relieve breast swelling, sensitivity and pain.Eat as little foods containing caffeine, such as coffee, ice cream, chocolate, and even tea.Although there are no more evidence that caffeine can cause breast pain, there are indeed women who have reduced breast pain after caffeine intake.Moreover, it is not recommended to consume too much caffeine during pregnancy.

Second, choose the right bra, to be soft and breathable materials, and the cotton is more suitable.In addition, consider the size of the cup and the shape of the cup. It feels comfortable to wear, and it must be able to support the larger and heavier breasts.Throughout pregnancy, the size of the bras may be continuously adjusted and replaced.If necessary, you can consider sports bra. It has a better support for breast support, but it is not recommended to have a bras of steel, because the existence of the steel ring may make the breast more uncomfortable.

Third, moderate exercise.Many pregnant mothers do not like to move after pregnancy, either lying down or sitting, and they will inevitably occur in various discomfort during pregnancy.What needs to be done at this time is often not in bed rest, but exercise.A moderate amount of exercise can promote the blood circulation of the body, promote metabolism, relieve the various discomfort in the body, and also be good for relieving breast pain. However, remember to wear bras to better support the breast when exercising.

Fourth, hot compresses or cold compresses, research and showing hot compresses or cold compresses have a certain effect of alleviating breast pain, but the effect varies from person to person.Decisions according to your own situation.

If breast pain is getting worse and more severe, or the pain is very severe, it even hurts when it bumped.Essence

In addition to breast pain, if you touch the breast mass when you touch the breast, or find that the skin surface of the breast changes, it is not smooth, has a sense of granular, similar to orange peel, or the skin surface of the breast surface is sunkenWhen there is a nipple overflow, or if you touch a very obvious mass in the armpit, these conditions must be vigilant, indicating that the breast may have a problem.treat.

Usually benign breast diseases, such as breast hyperplasia, will not affect pregnancy, and there is no special treatment during pregnancy. Pay more attention from the lifestyle and do regular review.If it is a malignant breast disease, you need to obey the doctor’s advice and formulate a treatment plan. When some are serious, you need to terminate your pregnancy.

Physiological breast tenderness is related to changes in hormone levels after pregnancy. Although there are currently no good prevention measures to completely prevent the occurrence of breast pain during pregnancy, note that some of the following life matters can help to prevent breast pain:

1. Keep your mood comfortable, and bad psychological factors will increase endocrine disorders and promote breast bloating and pain.Keep a happy mood, emotional stability, do not have psychological pressure, avoid excessive mental tension, no quarrel with others, and get angry.

2. Life is regular, work on time, do not stay up late, and combine work and rest.Exercise appropriately, prevent obesity, keep weight within a reasonable range, and pay attention to self -examination and regular review of breasts.

3. Pay attention to diet nutrition balance, eat more low -fat and vitamin -rich diets, such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, beans, etc.Diet is light, eat less fried, sweets, artificial cream, and do not take beauty health products containing unknown or estrogen.

4. Do not be too tight or small for daily use. Pay attention to the cleaning of the breast.

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