This newly admitted pregnant woman was detected HIV positive!

Recently, a young pregnant woman who was just 25 was admitted to the hospital.

Initially screening HIV -positive, this time can scare everyone.Because our unit is not a hospital for HIV fixed -point treatment, nor does it have corresponding diagnosis and treatment conditions.

However, pregnant women have clearly knew that she was a HIV carrier.The pregnant woman is a second marriage, and her ex -husband is a patient with HIV. After divorce, she married her current husband.Now her husband loves her very much, even if she knows that she is a HIV carrier, she still loves her.

When they come to our hospital, they want to be inspected in our hospital and produce.

To be honest, our hospital is not a designated hospital of HIV, and there is no relevant subsidy of the municipal government in this regard. It has not been exposed to related patients before. Natural diagnosis and treatment are not as good as related designated hospitals.

However, according to the "Notice on Strengthening the Medical Service of AIDS patients and virus -infected medical services" issued by the Ministry of Health, all medical institutions shall not push or refuse to diagnose and treat AIDS patients and virus infections for any reason.EssenceBut to say, the patient still disagrees and is resolutely produced in our hospital.There was no way, the hospital had to accept it.

So what should I do if HIV pregnant women go to the hospital?

1. Explain the relevant knowledge of HIV for pregnant women and family members to actively cooperate with hospital infection management.Introduce pregnant women to a conditional hospital for maternal and infant blocking intervention treatment.

2. The medical staff takes standard prevention when performing any operation, that is, the patient’s blood, body fluids, secretions, and excrements are infectious and need to be isolated. Whether it has obvious blood stain pollution or whether it is exposed to non -complete skin skinWith the mucosal, it can prevent the spread of hematoplactoric diseases and prevent the spread of non -hemogenesis diseases.At the same time, it also prevents unnecessary panic caused by occupational exposure and infectious diseases.

3. Switch to the items of pregnant women in accordance with the requirements of disinfection and sterilization.

Medical item treatment: Disposable items (such as gloves, oxygen pipes, etc. after the anal examination) are placed in a yellow medical waste bag with obvious warning signs and description;Finally, the relevant departments were uniformly sent for harmless treatment.

Domestic garbage treatment: According to Article 3 of the Regulations on the Management of Medical Waste, Article 3 of the Medical Waste Management Regulations shall be managed and disposed of infectious diseases or suspected infectious diseases.Therefore, put it in a yellow medical waste bag.

Pregnant women’s excrement is soaked in the sewage treatment system for 2 to 3 hours with a chlorine -containing agent of 30,000 to 50,000 mg/L.In room disinfection HIV, pregnant women have low immunity, and the rooms are fumigated with vinegar and vinegar.

4. When the baby is born, it is not advisable to contact early and suck early. It should be bathing once in Wenshui to wash the secretion of AIDS virus on the newborn’s body, and orally according to the doctor’s advice to resist reverse virus drugs.After delivery, the nurse shall distribute formula milk powder for free according to national policies. Newborns should be artificially fed as much as possible, avoid breastfeeding as much as possible, and never mixed feeding.Nurses should teach maternal and family members to correctly grasp the strategy of manual feeding and routine knowledge of newborn care.In the 12 months and 18 months after the baby is born, the AIDS virus antibody detection should be performed. As a result, the negative person is included in normal children’s health care.Except for babies with clinical clinical symptoms of AIDS, all babies should be vaccinated in accordance with the normal prevention procedure.

5. The rear room is performed at the end of the room.

6. After the sheets, bedding, etc. are installed in the waterproof pocket and add cloth bags, they are sent to high -pressure steam to sterilize after the special logo.

7. The desktop, bedside guardrail, chair, etc. are sprayed at 10000mg/L -20000mg/L -containing chlorine -containing agent and wiped it after one or two hours.

At the same time, remind nurses that women who meet HIV -positive carriers should not panic, especially hospitals that have not received patients.While doing standard prevention, avoid occupational exposure, such as acupuncture stabbing, etc., you can take care in strict accordance with the procedures formulated by the hospital.

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