This fruit on the streets of Shenzhen cannot be eaten!Be careful to be fined

It’s the season when mango mature

The mango on the roadside is full of branches

Aroma overflow

Xiaofu remind everyone

These mangoes are "green mango"

Not edible!

Why not eat "green mang"?

01 Can’t eat

Greening Mang by the roadside

The mango trees grown in Shenzhen’s green belt are green plants. The cultivation conditions are relatively complicated, and due to the pollution of car exhaust and dust all year round, there may be a situation of overweight metals.In addition, in the process of greening, necessary spraying will be performed to prevent diseases and insect pests, and pesticide residues will inevitably.

02 Not delicious

The mango trees in urban greening are mango with relatively poor varieties and low consumption value.This kind of mango is different from the mango sold on the market. Although it smells sweet and delicious, it is actually thin and thin, and the taste is jaculate and silk.

03 Ming Ling forbidden

In addition to the non -edible fruit itself and the hidden safety hazards of climbing fruit picking, the picking "green mang" is also banned.

According to the "Regulations on the Management of City and Environmental Sanitation of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone": It is forbidden to pick up the leaves and leaves of public trees, sprinkle debris from urban green space; prohibit the trample of urban green space with prohibited marks.In violation of the provisions, it is ordered to make corrections and fined more than 50 yuan to more than 200 yuan.

How to distinguish the "green mang"?


"Greening Mang" is usually small, with cyan yellow, thick skin, and large nuclear.The edible mango has a diverse place, with large heads and small skin cores.

When eating mango is afraid of being bitten by insects, it will be protected by baggage, and the "green mango" on the roadside generally does not have a bag, so insects such as fruit flies will lay eggs on".

Be wary of "sea mango"?

In addition to the "green mango", there is also a fruit that looks similar to it- "Sea Mango" cannot be eaten."Sea Mango" is distributed in Hainan, Guangxi, Guangdong and other regions, and its stems, leaves, and fruits are poisonous!Mistakes may be fatal!

Xiaofu reminds again

"Green Mang" on the street

For viewing only, don’t eat it


Information Source | Shenzhen Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau

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