This contraceptive method is more effective than wearing a suit and taking medicine

When you are so deep, you can’t always … but if you haven’t planned to be a Ma Ma, "contraceptive Dafa" must be cultivated in advance.

In addition to the short -acting contraceptives, condoms, etc. that everyone often uses, there is also a way of contraceptive, which is often mentioned:

Under the skin buried contraceptive needle

The subcutaneous buried contraceptive needle, referred to as "skin burial".It is not a technology. In the 1980s, it was recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

It looks like this.

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Compared with condoms and short -acting contraceptives, this contraceptive method is convenient and intimate, and the efficiency of contraception is quite high.Bleak

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But although it knows it is good, it may not be suitable for everyone.Today, the Institute will tell you the issue of "burial".

Why is it recommended to bury it?

As one of the most effective contraceptive measures at present, the contraceptive of the subcutaneous burial contraceptive needle can be as high as 99.95%.

Let’s put it this way, the use of condoms (male) correctly can reach 98%, but the data shows that the effective rate of using sleeves in the first year is only 86%.

Hmm … everyone is a novice, there are always mistakes.

Why is the numerology effect so good?

Slowly released progesterone can make the cervical secretion sticky and prevent sperm from entering the uterus.

Eternomes regulate the level of hormone in women and inhibit ovulation ovulation.

Inhibit the endometrium growth, even if there is a particularly small probability, there are tenacious sperm and eggs to form fertilized eggs, and there is no way to take root.

Generally speaking, as long as the contraceptive needle of the buried planting is effective, there is no need to use other contraceptive measures at the same time.

Contraceptive needle

How did you put it in the body?

The method is a bit similar to the injection. The contraceptive needle is "injected" to the inside of the upper arm without any incision. Naturally, there is no need to suture.

Instrument with injection of contraceptive needles.

Image source: British Medical Journal

What if I regret it?no problem.

When taking it out, as long as it anesthesia, then cut a small incision on the skin and pull out the contraceptive needle.

About taking out the contraceptive needle,

Also know these

When do you need to remove the contraceptive needle?

Simply put, there are two situations:

01 You want to take it out

If there is any unbearable side effect, or if you want to terminate contraception, you can remove the contraceptive needle at any time.

02 time is here

The implantation of contraceptive needles must be removed for 3 years, otherwise it may continue to release hormones, but the dosage of the release cannot be controlled.

多 Take out the contraceptive needle, how long can I get pregnant after?

In fact, after taking out the contraceptive needle for a week, the progesterone released by the contraceptive needle in the body basically disappeared.

90% of women will restore ovulation within 3 to 4 weeks. As long as they resume ovulation, they can ask for children.

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Implanted contraceptive needle

How long does it work?

Effective 7 days after implantation.Using other contraceptive measures at the same time before it takes effect, such as condoms.

For women after production, if they are implanted within 21 days after production, it will take effect immediately (but in other words, it is not recommended to have sex for 4 to 6 weeks after delivery …).

After 21 days of implantation, other contraceptive measures need to be used within 7 days after implantation.

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I’m suitable

Is the subcutaneous buried contraceptive needle?

植 Suitable for subcutaneous burial contraceptive needles

There are fixed partners, do not want to be covered with "sex"

The contraceptive needle is valid for three years, and it is suitable for those who do not intend to have children for a long time.

Urgent needles contain only progesterone, and women who are not suitable for estrogen component contraceptives can consider

Can’t remember women who take short -acting contraceptives every day

Breastfeeding women

Pathotin can reduce menstrual flow, suitable for women with more menstruation, and even anemia

Women with dysmenorrhea

埋 Not suitable for subcutaneous buried contraceptive needles

Irregular vaginal bleeding with unknown reasons

Women with coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, history of stroke, and history of vascular embolism

Women with a history of liver disease, liver cirrhosis, and history of liver tumor

Women with a history of breast tumor

Is there any side effects?

If you talk carefully, there will be.

When the contraceptive needle is implanted for the first time, itching, pain, and swelling of the burial area may have slight discomfort.

During the planting period, menstruation may occur irregular or even discontinued, but these changes will not cause harm to the body.

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In addition, it may also lead to emotional fluctuations, decreased sexual desire, and weight gain.

If an unbearable side effect occurs, the contraceptive needle can be taken out at any time.

at last,

Also remind you two points


First, some drugs may reduce the effectiveness of contraceptive needles, such as the treatment of HIV, epilepsy, and some antibiotics.

Therefore, before deciding to use subcutaneous burial contraception, you must tell your doctor what drugs you are taking to decide whether to cooperate with other contraceptive measures.

Second, it should be noted that the contraceptive needle and contraception are effective, but the disease cannot be prevented.

Alright, please share it with you.

Welcome to the little friends who have experienced it to leave a message to share their feelings, and give other friends some more comprehensive and three -dimensional reference ~



Scientific review Tian Jishun

Master of Oncology at Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Attending physician of obstetrics and gynecology



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