This common gynecological disease is a "killer", if you have to pay attention!

In common gynecological diseases, endometritis’s influence on women’s fertility cannot be underestimated.Uterine endometritis refers to inflammation that occurs in the endometrium that breaks through the cervix into the cervix. It is one of the pelvic inflammatory diseases, and most of the childcare women who occur in sexual active period.

Clinically, endometritis is divided into two types: acute endometritis and chronic endometritis.Before the beginning of the tide, a sexual life and menopause women rarely happen.

Why do you get endometritis?

We have compiled the cause of endometritis, and everyone must pay attention to it!

1 sex life

Women with sexual life and sexual active period are easy to develop, especially those who are young, have multiple personality partners, frequent sexual intercourse, and sexually transmitted diseases.

2 Garnecodia infection

Such as germinated Naiserye cervicitis, chlamydia cervicitis, and bacterial vaginal disease are closely related to the occurrence of this disease.

3 Gynecological surgery operation

Various types of surgery that need to be extended into the uterine cavity after infection, such as artificial abortion, placing or ringing, subjuication of mucosal fibroids, placental artificial stripping, fallopian tube liquid, uterine fallopian formalism, hysteroscopy, uterine lens mirrorsCheck, etc.

4 sexual hygiene

Menstrual sexual life, use of unclean menstrual pads, and frequent vaginal flushing, etc., can invade the pathogens and cause inflammation.

5 Neighborhood organs are directly vines

The most common in appendicitis, peritonitis, and uterine incision diverticulitis spread to the pelvic cavity.

6 Inflammation is acute again

Endometritis can destroy the endometrial tissue, reduce its defense ability, and easily cause re -infections, leading to acute attacks, especially under the case of low immunity and unclean sex history.

Common symptoms are lower abdominal pain, increased leucorrhea, and lower abdomen swelling.Abdominal pain is mostly persistent and often worsen after activity or sexual intercourse.

When the condition is severe, fever or even high fever can occur, with a body temperature of 39 to 40 ° C. In addition, there are symptoms of chills, headaches, and do not want to eat.

Those with menstruation during menstruation may occur abnormal menstruation and extension of menstruation.

Will the endometritis affect pregnancy?

Endometritis may affect pregnancy.Endometritis is a pelvic inflammatory disease. The presence of inflammation may reduce the mobility of the sperm, resulting in a decrease in the number of sperm that can enter the fallopian tube.Inflammation of inflammatory cells can also cause endometrial congestion and edema, affect the fertilized egg bed, and increase the risk of abortion of pregnant women.In addition, endometritis can lead to an increase in leucorrhea and affect sperm into the uterine cavity.

If the sisters are diagnosed with endometritis, don’t be too anxious, go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible.Pay attention to the following points-

What time is the first symptom;

Severe symptoms;

Whether there is pelvic pain or displeased abdomen in the lower abdomen;

Whether there are excessive delivery and abortion in the near future;

Have you recently undergone uterine examinations or have undergone surgery in uterine cavity;

Whether to suffer from cervicitis, whether it has been treated, and what is the effect;

Sexual partners, whether there are new sexual partners or multiple personality partners;

Whether to use condoms during sex.

Although endometritis looks "fierce", as long as we attract attention and treat it in time, we will definitely catch it far!

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