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Three Kingdoms

Guan Yu rushed into the account: "Surrounded, my elder brother hurry up!"

Liu Bei: "Yun Chang, help me break!" Guan Yu cut Liu Chan into two sections.

Liu Bei: "Nima, I’m not talking about this!" Guan Yu cut Liu Feng again.

Liu Bei: "KAO! Not!" Guan Yu’s knife flashed, and Liu Bei had a blood red between his legs …


Without understanding the company’s strategy, strong execution is just a tragedy!

Buddies chase


A buddy was chasing a girlfriend, and his girlfriend gave him the ultimatum: "Without the Audi A6 and two -layer villas, don’t bother me.

He smiled bitterly.Go home and solicit opinions with your parents.The father smoked cigarettes and sighed and said, "The car is easy to do. Rolls -Royce at home is okay to buy dozens of Audi. It is just these two -story villas.Three floors, it ’s a pity, you and her, let’ s count it. There are many girls in the world. There is no need to chase her, our family has to dismantle the house.


Don’t quote easily before you don’t understand the needs and strength of customers!


A female colleague, her face, her long legs and thin waist, a goddess. Yesterday, her husband gave her a meal, and she left without talking…. …

A new man’s classmate asked: Who was the man just now?She replied: Sending takeaway.New colleagues asked again: Why didn’t you give money?She said: Don’t give it, just sleep with him at night.The new colleague looked at her instantly and was silent.

The next day, this new male colleague brought her lunch!Still three dishes and one soup.


The business model cannot be simulated. Other people must have their pre -facilities and access standards. Before copying the mode, you must be symmetrical.


One person’s deposit at night, it happened to be a failure of the ATM machine, and 10,000 yuan was swallowed. When he immediately contacted the bank, he was told to wait until dawn.

His racking thoughts, suddenly the clever machine moved, using a public phone to call the customer service, saying that the ATM machine spit 3,000 yuan more, and the maintenance staff arrived in 5 minutes.


Others do not help you because they did not touch his interests.Find a way to connect your questions (products) with his interests in order to attract the attention of the other party

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