Things that cannot be exposed during pregnancy, Qingdao Xiyuehui will take you to understand

Not only to consider their health during pregnancy, the baby’s health is also important, so the mother needs to pay attention to the matters of the two people.Bao Ma often contacts her life during pregnancy, but what are the things that cannot be exposed during pregnancy?In the long and difficult process of conceiving in October, Baoma must always be vigilant to avoid some things that endanger themselves and fetuses in life.

1. Chemical supplies

In life, many chemicals are not good for the fetus, and not only rely on contact, but also spread through odor.For example, paint, pesticides, etc., such toxic substances, Baoma’s long -term inhalation directly affects the healthy development of the fetus.There are also some dusty chemicals, as well as the detergent often exposed in life.

Therefore, Baoma must pay attention to cleaning and cleaning.Stay away from some places with chemicals, pungent, irritating smells, and breathe more fresh air outdoors outdoors and discharge the harmful gases accumulated in the respiratory tract.

2. Don’t contact the drug

Many pregnant women feel that they are missing this and then buy some health medicines online. This approach is very wrong.Pregnant mothers must obey the doctor’s advice and do not take the medicine by themselves. Most drugs taking medicines are prohibited from taking it during pregnancy.

3. Pay attention to those unhealthy foods

For example, shrimp, crabs, etc. are actually a lot of dirty, especially many shrimp grew up in sewage. Its intestine contains a variety of heavy metals.Not only is it unhealthy for yourself, but also affects the fetal intelligence.Especially crabs are cold foods, and eat less. Even if you want to eat crabs, you must clean it.In addition, seafood should not be eaten more, there is potential risks of industrial pollution.

4. Alcohol drinks

Many Baoma loves drinking. In fact, alcohol is also affected by fetal development, especially in terms of neurological development, indirectly affecting intelligence.Qingdao Xiyuehui reminded Baoma to pay special attention during pregnancy, do not drink alcohol.

5. Cigarettes and oil fume

Cigarettes contain substances that are harmful to the human body. While affecting fetal development and intelligence, it is also easy to cause fetal hypoxia.Because the oxygen content in smoke is lower.The same is true for oil fume, and more harmful substances in the oil fume will also affect the physiological health of Baoma.

It is not easy for each woman to be pregnant, and there are many things that cannot be exposed, but sometimes it is really difficult for Baoma to find it. Therefore, in this case, it is not a matter of Baoma alone. It must be taken care of.Of course, Bao Ma’s mentality should not be affected because of these, but in life, Baoma should take more defense and do not lose enough hate!

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