These three diseases are the key to conceiving. How many do you know?If you have it, you should actively treat

If the husband and wife lasted for a year of pregnancy, if there was still no results, the couple would go to the hospital for examination to find out the cause and treat them with symptomatic treatment.In addition, women also increase their difficulty when they have gynecological inflammation.

1. Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors. Some women are difficult to conceive due to uterine fibroids.In addition, uterine fibroids are also accompanied by ovarian dysfunction, affecting sperm and egg binding.The uterus is the main place for breeding fetuses, so the uterus must be maintained to improve fertility.Do not wear tight pants or underwear, which can affect blood circulation and is not conducive to toxin excretion.Eat more iron -containing animal viscera and spinach during menstruation to prevent iron deficiency anemia.Actively treat gynecological inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease or vaginitis to prevent inflammation from spreading and affecting uterine health.Pay more attention to rest, arrange work and work and rest reasonably, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, avoid smoking and drinking from staying up late.Eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits and beans, and eat less spicy and irritating food.Do not blindly supplement estrogen to avoid inducing or aggravating uterine fibroids.Maintain positive and optimistic emotions and timely alleviate negative psychology.

2. vaginitis

The incidence of vaginitis is high, and it is sufficient for self -regulation, and it must be treated with drugs.In unclean life, multiple personality partners, and not paying attention to local hygiene can break the vaginal acid and alkali balance, which causes vaginitis.Vaginitis generally occurs with increased leucorrhea, stench, and itching. If severe, it needs to be treated in time.When suffering from mold or trichomonas, vaginal acid and alkali can be changed, and a large amount of viscosity substances are secreted, which is not conducive to sperm penetration and affecting conception.I usually participate in physical exercise to enhance physical fitness and actively regulate endocrine disorders.Do not abuse antibiotics, hormones, and cytotoxic drugs, otherwise it will disturb the vaginal acid and alkali balance.Wash the vulva with water every night without abuse of cleaning liquid.Be sure to clean and love, avoid multiple personality partners, and carefully clean the reproductive parts before and after sex to prevent bacteria from bringing in the body.During the infection of vaginitis, you cannot live in sex.

3. Ovarian cyst

Ovarian cysts can cause endocrine disorders and menstrual disorders, affecting the normal ovulation mechanism, and is not conducive to egg excretion.Therefore, to maintain the ovaries, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, do not eat too cold and overheated foods, maintain a happy mood, participate in outdoor activities, and actively control weight.

Kind tips

When women suffer from the above diseases, they must be actively treated to avoid affecting conception.Correct the problem of endocrine disorders in time, condition the menstrual cycle, and promote the discharge of high -quality eggs.

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