These symptoms appear "popular science", you need to be admitted to the hospital immediately!Attach "Preparation for admission delivery"

Preparation of maternal and family members:




Be involved together

Maternal preparation



Empty rectal and bladder

Three signals of property:

When you have the following symptoms, you need to be admitted immediately!

Abdominal pain: The contraction between pain and contraction will become shorter and shorter, and the pain will become more and more intense. Once the pain will indicate that it is about to enter the birth process.When the pain is every 10 minutes, the pregnant mommy can be admitted to the hospital for delivery.If the interval between the pain suddenly becomes shorter, you must contact the hospital immediately.

Vaginal bleeding: If it is only a faint bloodshot, the amount is not large, the pregnant mommy can stay at home to observe. Usually, be careful not to work too much and avoid strenuous exercise.If blood flows out, exceeds the amount of bleeding in the physiological period, or is accompanied by abdominal pain, you must be admitted to the hospital immediately.

Early broken amniotic fluid

• If it is leaking urine, basically you can control the flow of urine. The amniotic fluid is unconscious, cannot be controlled, and is persistent.

• Avoid walking flat, let your family hold you on the car or call the ambulance.

• People with unexplained fetal position, do not walk around when breaking water, you need to lie down in the hospital.

Preparation after admission:


Are you still worried that your pants are not stable?Please see the figure below:


Learn delivery knowledge

☑ Wear non -slip slippers

☑ cutting nails

☑ Learn childbirth knowledge

Practice free position:

Digital movement

For the safety of the baby before production, the mother must count the fetal movement. We recommend that the early, middle and middle and after dinner start for several hours. The fetal movement is abnormal to tell the medical staff!

Preparation for admission

Maternal pad

Nursing pad

Baby diapers

Preparation of information for admission:

☑ Production information

复 Copy of couple ID cards (two copies in one form)

☑ Family planning service certificate

(Two parts of one type)

Remarks: Pregnant women with maternity insurance need to pay two copies of maternity insurance vouchers, copy the production inspection (page recorded by a doctor), and reimburse for maternity insurance.

Reserve supplies when entering the delivery room:

Category of data: One copy of the identity card of both husband and wife (for the birth certificate), 1 copy of the permit certificate, and inspection information.

Use items: 1 production bag, 1 sweat towel, 1 volume of toilet paper, 1 with a straw cup, you can bring your mobile phone.

Food: Chocolate, pure milk, red cattle (straws can only be eaten when needed).

Family members must cooperate:

1. The first maternal process is 12-16 hours, and the mother is 6-8 hours. Please ask the family to wait patiently or return to the bed to rest. If there are abnormal conditions, the doctor will notify you in time!

2. Please send three meals a day to digest a staple food (ginseng taboo) on time.

3. After the baby is born, he needs to observe two hours with his mother in the delivery room. At this time, the family members need to prepare warm food to the maternal.

Happiness will give birth to happiness!

No fear of childbirth, no pain, no pain

Rebirth of no violence and childbirth in childbirth


Baby Scale-(24inch)