These pictures tell you that the entire development process of the fetus from 2 to 16 weeks of pregnancy makes people cry

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Looking at this big world, you will lament the miracles of life. Everyone slowly develops from a small fertilized egg into a fetus. What does the baby experience in the mother’s belly?In fact, every expectant mother is full of expectations and curiosity about the little guy in the stomach when she is pregnant. Many pregnant mothers are very concerned about the development of the fetus. Through this article, let each pregnant mother look at the fetus 2-16.Zhou’s development status.

the first week

Fertilized eggs flow with blood in the fallopian tube. It takes about 4 days to flow to the uterus. After everything is ready, the fertilized eggs find a suitable place to bed in the uterus.Essence

the second week

Small lives grow very quickly at this stage. They will grow their own small spine, spinal cord and preliminary nervous system.There are small tails!

Third to six weeks

The fetus appeared in the heart in the fourth week. In the fifth week, the limbs sprouted, and some organs such as ears, eyes, liver, and lungs also started to grow, especially the human brain part, which grew higher than any creature.


By the seventh week, the baby’s small hands and small feet began to differentiate, and the small eyes also had a outline. The small tail at the tail of the spine had gradually degraded, disappearing, and the overall appearance had the prototype of young children.


The embryo in the eighth week of pregnancy looks similar to a grape, about 2 cm long, and all organs have already formed. From now on, the baby must take a lot of nutrients from the mother to improve the various of them on their own body.Organ and nervous system!


At this time, the careful pregnant mothers will find that the lower abdomen begins to bulge slightly, the waist is getting thicker, and the breasts will have a certain degree of swelling.


At this time, the fetus body is about 4 cm and only 10 grams weighs. The entire embryo looks like a lentils. At this time, the fetal and feet of the fetus have been developed, and the placenta is constantly delivering nutrition to the baby.


The fetus in the eleventh week can already do sucking, swallowing and kicking movements!Is it cute?The fetus’s nails and fluff also appear, and the important life organs of life, such as liver, kidney, heart, can already work normally.

Twelve weeks

The fetus is about 7 cm. At this time, the baby basically has a human form, but the head is very large, almost half of the body. At this time, the fetal bones have gradually become tough.The probability has also dropped.

13th, 14th, fifteen weeks

The fetus will gradually be 16 cm and the weight is 120 grams. From the appearance, the baby’s head is not so obtrusive, the legs have become longer, the bones have been ossified, the baby’s stomach, intestine, and liver function have played a role.It ’s a baby began to form a young tire, and it has to wait until it is born!


After sixteen weeks, mothers can already feel the fetal movement. Dad can hear the fetal heartbeat in the abdomen. The heartbeat of the small family is particularly high. The two babies of our adults have a certain hearing. Moms can start to give the baby for the baby.For prenatal education, dad should talk to the baby more!

40 weeks say that it is not long, and it is not short. Mom must take good care of themselves and the baby in the belly!

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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