These four flavors will appear after pregnancy. Which one do you think is the most bad and make you crazy?

Yesterday, I saw a pregnant mother asking for help on the forum. This pregnant mother said that from 4 months of pregnancy, there was a milk fragrance. After changing clothes, I also felt that I became a’s say that there is a post, some say no.In fact, many pregnant mothers will face the problem of "taste" during pregnancy, but because of their different physique, the taste of each pregnant mother is not the same.To sum up, these four flavors of pregnant mothers generally appear after pregnancy.

1. Sweat

After pregnancy, the body burden of pregnant mothers is worse, and the speed of metabolism will become faster, and it is easier to sweat.Especially now in summer, the temperature of the weather is high, and it is sweaty again.Many pregnant mothers cannot take a bath frequently due to inconvenience, and sometimes have sweat.Pregnant mothers should not feel embarrassing. This is normal. For the part with a lot of sweats in the body, it can be scrubbed with wet towels often.It is best to wear cotton, loose, and sweat absorption. If you have a good effect, you must change it diligently and keep your own hygiene.In addition, pregnant mothers should not drink water in order to avoid sweating, and drink plenty of water during pregnancy, so that their skin can be more shiny, and baby can develop better.

Second, urine flavor

Most pregnant mothers have begun to occur in frequent urination when they are pregnant for more than two months. As the pregnancy time increases, frequent urination is more serious.This is because the baby’s baby grows up, compressing the bladder of the pregnant mother, and the capacity of the bladder is smaller, so the pregnant mother will have frequent urination.If the frequent urination alone, many pregnant mothers will also have urgency and leakage. If they are not cleaned in time, there will be a urine smell on her body.In fact, this situation can be avoided. Pregnant mothers can use adult diaper, so that there will be no urine pants, and naturally can avoid urine smell.

3. Milk flavor

Many pregnant mothers did not start milk after giving birth, but when they were pregnant, there was milk overflowing from the nipples. Of course, this milk was small, but if the pregnant mother heard it carefully, she would smell it on her body.To milk fragrance.Usually, milk during pregnancy starts from mid -to -late pregnancy, which shows that the pregnant mother’s body has been prepared for milk. If the pregnant mother often overflows milk, it means that the milk will be rich in the future.

Fourth, unspeakable taste

After pregnancy, the vagina of pregnant mothers sometimes secrete some foreign bodies. Some of these things are colorless and tasteless, some are flavored, and there is no way to describe it in language, but it is generally not good.Sometimes the pregnant mother can smell her head down. In order to avoid the smell of others, the pregnant mother should often change the underwear and keep the lower body dry.

During the pregnancy, the taste of mothers often appear these four types. What kind of most appears?

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