These foods that quietly make you acne, you may eat every day

Do you have such an experience? When you wake up in the morning, you find that there are a few acne on your face, and it is red and swollen, but what you don’t know is that some foods are quietly affecting your acne, and you are youMaybe you eat every day!So which foods can induce and aggravate acne?

What is acne

We usually talk about acne, medicine is called acne, and acne is a skin disease. When the skin secretion is blocked, acne can be induced.It often appears on the face, back and chest.

Acne is often mistakenly considered to affect the group of adolescents, but in fact, many adults are also troubled by acne. Studies have shown that 73.3%of adults still suffer from acne after the age of 20.

Causes of acne formation

1. Excessive sebum secretion of sebaceous glands and changes in endocrine and hormone levels

2. Related inflammation reactions caused by excessive appreciation of certain bacteria

3. Too high GI food

4. Genetic factors

Acne has a great relationship with personal genes.Studies have found that the genetic rate of acne is as high as 88%. This is why some people do not have acne to eat the sea and drink, and some people eat well because they eat well and sleep well.

5. Environment, drug, workshop, emotional pressure and other factors

What kind of food will induce and aggravate acne

1. Sweet and highly carbohydrate diet

Eating a high -sugar -containing diet can lead to increased blood sugar, promote insulin secretion, cause insulin resistance, stimulate androgen secretion, which may cause excessive keratosis of the epidermis, increased sebum secretion, and cause pores to block and cause acne production.

In addition, the tyrosinase in the body encounters sugar to generate melanin, which is not conducive to acne mark repair.A large amount of sugar will also consume vitamin B in the body, affect collagen synthesis, make acne worse, and speed up the aging of skin aging.

2. greasy, fried food

First of all, trans fatty acids in fried foods can cause endocrine disorders, stimulate the release of skin secretion of fat and inflammatory factors, thereby aggravating acne.

Secondly, when taking too much high -fat food, the triglyceride content in the skin will increase, and a large amount of free fatty acids will be generated under the action of acne propadic acid, which will induce acne.

3. Dairy products

Many ingredients in milk will increase the content of insulin -like growth factors in the body, increased activity androgen synthesis, and increase the secretion of sebaceous glandular lipids, thereby blocking pores and aggravating acne.

In particular, low -fat and dehydrated milk has a greater promotion effect on acne. Many people do not know that skimmed milk is higher than the sugar content of whole milk milk, and the dehydrated milk will take away unsaturated fatty acids in milk during the abandonment process.It is easier to make people grow acne.Studies have found that people who often drink milk or eat ice cream have a chance of acne 4 times the chance of acne!

4. Spicy food

Although there is no study that peppers can induce acne, it does not mean that spicy food can be used, because peppers are often related to high -sugar and high -fat foods, such as spicy strips, hot pots, etc. These foods will promote male male and male.The synthesis of hormones and inflammatory factor causes acne, and capsules can speed up blood flow, promote metabolism, and accelerate the growth of acne in itself.


Milk tea and so on.

But not to solve the problem of everyone, because there are many factors that cause acne, and some people with healthy diets still have the possibility of acne, so it is only recommended to eat less GI food during the acne period.

How to prevent acne

1. Dietary

1. Adjust the diet structure

Patients with acne should pay attention to eating less GI foods, especially to control the intake of refined sugar, and try to stay away from high -sugar and high -fat foods such as milk tea, cakes, skimmed milk.Drit, reasonable intake of dietary fiber, is conducive to reducing the inflammatory response of acne.Use brown rice or oats to replace rice or bread, replace milk with soy milk, and try to choose low sugar fruits, such as grapefruit, apple and kiwi.

2. Supplement vitamin AB

Vitamin A can help maintain normal keratin metabolism, inhibit sebaceous gland secretion, and reduce skin oil.Vitamin B can regulate skin secretion and allows the skin to oil normally. Generally, vitamin B can be obtained in whole wheat food and various miscellaneous grains.

3. Supplement zinc

When zinc deficiency in the body may cause sebum metabolic disorders, leading to oil from the skin, and zinc can be obtained from foods such as beef, fish, pork liver, egg yolk, beans, etc., thereby reducing sebum secretion.

4. Supplement unsaturated fatty acids

Inflammation is an important cause of acne. Eat more foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids, such as linenseed, deep -sea fish and walnuts have good anti -inflammatory effects.

2. Other aspects

1. Do facial management

The characteristics of acne are strong secretion of oil and fat, so you need to clean the skin sooner or later, but do not exceed twice a day, otherwise it will cause excessive cleaning.We must do sun protection in daily life.

2. Don’t stay up late

Staying up late may cause endocrine disorders. Going up early and getting up early can regulate endocrine and effectively control acne.

3. Don’t squeeze acne at will

Because there is bacteria in the hand, the acne marks are left lightly.In particular, it is important to note that the "triangle area" of the face must not squeeze acne. These areas are rich in vascular vascular, and they are close to the eyes and brain blood vessels. If the pustules are ruptured inside the skin, it will easily lead to intracranial secondary infection.

4. Keep a relaxed and happy mood

When the pressure is too strong or the mood is irritable, the plant nerves can be disordered, causing the endocrine to be seriously imbalanced, so you need to adjust your mentality.

5. See the doctor in time

Do not seek various recipes on the Internet when the acne is serious. Please go to the dermatologist at the regular three -level hospital in time to see a doctor.

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