These 5 gynecological inflammation will kill the fetus and be cured before pregnancy!Don’t take it seriously

When you prepare for pregnancy, have you considered the treatment of gynecological inflammation in advance?

Do you want to say: But it is gynecological inflammation. Which woman does not?What does pregnancy have to do with it?

The relationship is too big!IntersectionGynecological inflammation will kill the fetus!

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For example, endometritis, it is equivalent to smashing the bed of the uterus.Either abortion or ectopic pregnancy.When your husband and wife are always unable to conceive, it is likely that gynecological diseases are in trouble!

It is even worse to suffer from vaginitis during pregnancy. Not only is you suffering from your physical and mental, but also great harm to the fetus.for example:

▶ Abortion, premature birth, and premature fetal membrane premature breakthrough breakthrough

▶ Fetal growth is limited, fetal distress, mother and baby infection, low weight, etc.

▶ L amnnomosuctal infection, puerperidal infection

▶ Postpartum bleeding

Look, gynecological inflammation is not only that you can’t be pregnant. If you are pregnant, you may also have a miscarriage and premature birth. It may also allow the baby to infect various germs in life and let TA’s constitution directly lose on the starting line.

Prepare pregnant sisters, treat gynecological diseases in advance!It is much more important than doing folic acid strategy!

Try not to wait until you are pregnant and cure!IntersectionBecause, taking medicine during pregnancy requires caution:

① Some drugs do cause serious consequences such as malformations and deaths in the fetus.

② The harm of some drugs to the fetus is not clear.Even doctors don’t know, do you dare to eat?

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70%of women will have a vaginitis [1]. If you are not sure if you have any, you can check the following table for self -test.

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Gynecological inflammation is tens of millions, I pick a few common "Voldemort" to talk about their harm and treatment strategies ~

Chlamydia infection

Risk Warning

Long -term continuous infection can lead to infertility, premature birth, and even transmitted to newborns, causing newborn ophthalmitis and pneumonia.

What are the symptoms

This disease is very cunning. 70%to 90%of girls are asymptomatic after infection and can last for several months to several years, but it may also:

A. Non -menstrual period or bleeding after popping

B. After urethritis, difficulty in urination, frequent urination, urgency, etc.

C. After pelvic inflammatory disease, lower abdominal pain, sexual intercourse pain, etc.

Treatful before pregnancy

A. Eat tetracycline, erythromycin, Azithromycin, craticin and so on.

B. Avoid sexual life, otherwise you will repeatedly cross infections.

C. Do personal hygiene, including strict disinfection of clothing, hands, and sheets.Avoid contact with the diagnostic, because the chlamydia of the locho can be directly exposed to spread.

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Vaginal mycoplasma infection

Risk Warning

After pregnancy, it is easy to cause embryo death, fetal death, natural abortion, low weight, etc.

What performance

A. The vagina has a feeling of falling.

B. Infection is limited to the cervix, manifested as an increase in leucorrhea and turbidity.

C. Infection and urethra, frequent urination and urgency.

D. Merge prostate infection, there will also be pussy pain and backache. When doing anal lift, the perineum in the middle of the chrysanthemum and the younger sister will have a tingling sensation.

Ammeter vaginitis

Risk Warning

Trichomonas vaginitis can cause premature fetal membrane, premature birth, and low weight.

What are the symptoms

A. The vulva: itching, burning, pain when popping, if the infection affects the urethral opening, there may be urinary pain, urgency, and hematuria.

B, leucorrhea: increase, thin, gray yellow or yellow -green, sometimes mixed with blood, 20%leucorrhea with foam.

C. Causes secondary bacterial infections. The leucorrhea becomes grass green and has odor.

But all this symptoms will seem to be "cured" because of the aunt or pregnancy, so it is cunning. When we are not pregnant, we will "kill it and then"!

Treatful before pregnancy


▶ Skin medicinal metronidazole vaginal bubble tablets

Don’t buy blindly by yourself, go to the hospital for diagnosis first, and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

In terms of life, the towel for underwear and bath can be boiled with boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes to eliminate the pathogen.Remember to call her husband for treatment together, and it should be prohibited when treating.

PS: 82%to 89%of female patients’ oral cure rate, and the cure rate of sexual partners at the same time is 95%.So be sure to call my husband together!

Bacterial vaginitis

Risk Warning

Bacterial vaginal disease may cause chorionic amniocenteitis, premature fetal membrane, premature contraction, premature birth, postpartum uterine endometritis, etc.

What are the symptoms

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