These 5 categories of pregnancy are easily entangled with diabetes during pregnancy. How to effectively reduce risk?

During pregnancy, many pregnant women have high calories and less exercise, resulting in increased blood sugar. In fact, this lifestyle is not only not good for the fetus, but the chance of triggering gestational diabetes is greatly increased.Therefore, moderate exercise is the most basic way to improve the nutritional diet.If it is not controlled, it will cause a series of problems such as premature birth, huge child, and difficulty.If there is abnormal sugar tolerance during pregnancy, you should first consider controlling diet and increase exercise.

What is gestational diabetes?

Pregnancy diabetes refers to the phenomenon of high blood sugar after pregnancy without diabetes before pregnancy, and the incidence is about 5%to 10%.The main reason for the occurrence of gestational diabetes is that with the growth and development of fetal baby, the material demand for the mother’s body is increasing, resulting in a series of physiological changes in the mother’s body, of which the changes in sugar metabolism are more prominent.

What is the harm of gestational diabetes?

1. Pregnant women with premature birth and death in pregnant women with gestational diabetes are higher than normal pregnant women.

2. The chance of excessive amniotic fluid in patients with gestational diabetes is 10%-30%. The reason may be that the blood glucose level of the fetus increases, which leads to an osmotic diuretic, which causes too much amniotic fluid in pregnant women.The sudden increase in amniotic fluid can cause the cardiopulmonary function of pregnant women.

3. Patients with gestational diabetes are mostly accompanied by thickening of blood vessel walls and narrowing of uterine cavity. Therefore, the chance of such patients with pregnancy syndrome is 4-8 times that of normal pregnant women.

4. The resistance of patients with diabetes during gestational diabetes will decrease significantly, and it is prone to merging infections. Common infections include urinary system infection and mold.

Who is prone to gestational diabetes?

1. Mother who is obese before pregnancy

2. Pregnant mothers who used to be pregnant and had pregnant diabetes during pregnancy.

3. A first -level relatives in the family suffer from diabetes.

4, have given birth to a huge child, in the past, there were unknown reasons, and the phenomenon in the palace was born.

5. Pregnant mothers with polycystic ovary syndrome.

How should I deal with diabetes during pregnancy?

1. Don’t panic

Don’t have psychological burden at the beginning, afraid of diabetes.In fact, if the prevention measures are better, you may not have diabetes in this life.

2. Appropriate exercise

It is best to do some exercise appropriately after three meals of pregnant mothers, such as walking. The blood sugar 6.7 ~ 7.0 ml/liter 2 hours after meals is the level of satisfaction.

3. Strictly control the postprandial blood sugar

Diabetes is caused by high blood sugar for pregnant mothers and fetal treasures, so the Accord should control blood glucose, especially the blood sugar level after meals.

4. Eat less meals

Pregnant mothers eat 5 ~ 8 meals a day, eat 670 % of each time, and eat a little after two or three hours after two or three hours.In this way, the daily staple food is 250 grams, of which the proportion of fine grains and coarse grains is 4: 1, that is, 200 grams of fine grains, and 50 grams of coarse grains.

5. Insulin therapy

Moms necessary for pregnancy can choose insulin treatment, which is safe for the fetus and mother.

The gestational diabetes is light and heavy, and the impact on pregnant mothers and fetuses can also be large or small, so pregnant mothers must be treated carefully.The most important thing is that when symptoms occur early in the early pregnancy, you must be vigilant. Don’t be too big, so as not to cause more serious harm to yourself and the fetus.

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