These 4 abnormalities occur during pregnancy, or gestational diabetes during pregnancy

As we all know, pregnancy is a matter of joy and celebration.Many women will be very careful during pregnancy, pay attention to schedules and diet, for fear of certain adverse symptoms or diseases on the fetus.Indeed, if you do n’t pay too much attention to your diet and take too much nutrients, pregnant women may induce gestational diabetes due to metabolic or endocrine problems.Therefore, women should pay close attention to dietary problems during pregnancy.Of course, during pregnancy, a signal of gestational diabetes is found to be processed in time.

What are the symptoms of gestational diabetes?

1. If women always dizzy during pregnancy, it is best to check blood sugar, which may be gestational diabetes.Dizziness is the symptoms of many diseases. Sometimes hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, or lack of sleep, and are prone to dizziness symptoms.Dizziness is a common symptom of gestational diabetes. At this time, patients have hypoglycemia, so they feel that their heads are dizzy and their limbs are weak.If you feel dizzy after eating food, you must be alert to gestational diabetes.

2. Women are often thirsty during pregnancy, which may be gestational diabetes.Because the common symptoms of gestational diabetes are thirst, in the case of no shortage of water, patients still feel thirsty and need to drink water frequently.The emergence of this situation is mainly due to the problems in the body’s metabolism and need to be dealt with in time.

3. If a woman always feels hungry during pregnancy, she feels hungry for a while after eating. It may be a signal of gestational diabetes.Although pregnant women need to provide nutrition to the fetus after pregnancy, consume more energy and increase the amount of food.However, as long as the nutritional balance is guaranteed and the regular diet, it is generally not hungry.If hunger appears frequently or hungry after eating, it may be caused by rising blood sugar, you need to be alert to gestational diabetes.

4. Women have symptoms of skin itching during pregnancy, which may be caused by gestational diabetes.Because gestational diabetes often affects skin function, itching causes skin itching, and some patients will also have symptoms of vulvar itching.If the pregnant woman itself is not allergic, or itching for skin is not in autumn and winter seasons, it needs to be paid attention to avoid gestational diabetes to come to the door.

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