There will be various stomach pain during pregnancy. If you understand the cause of pain at each stage, the expectant mother does not panic.

Introduction: Various discomfort will occur during the birth of October. Pregnant mothers such as rehabilitation, vomiting, back pain and back pain can still endure. If there is stomach pain, I am afraid that the whole family will panic.

Most of the novice mothers encounter stomach pain during pregnancy, and most of them will be disturbed, and their families will inevitably worry. Is abdominal pain a normal physiological phenomenon or unstable fetus?During different stages of pregnancy, the causes of pain are different. There are normal physiological factors and pathological factors. Pregnant mothers know more. You can distinguish it by yourself without panic when you encounter abdominal pain.

During pregnancy, not all stomach pains are because the fetus is unstable, and there are normal physiological factors. Therefore, pregnant mothers do not have to encounter stomach pain.Panic caused by emotional tension can affect the fetus, understand the cause of pain, and calm response is the best protection for the baby.

1. Normal physiological pain

The fetus grew up day by day in the mother’s belly, and the physiological changes in the physiology of the body. The expectant mothers would have sickness such as nausea and vomiting.

2. Caused by threatening abortion

If the abdominal pain occurs during pregnancy and a while, you will feel that the abdomen falls with bleeding. Most of them are signs of abortion. You need to go to the hospital for examination in time to obey the doctor’s guidance.

You cannot take it lightly throughout your pregnancy. Pregnant mothers need to pay attention not to act on strenuous activities, check on time, avoid some risks in advance.

3. Tzuya causes abdominal pain

Many expectant mothers during pregnancy will experience abdominal pain caused by contractions, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.As the baby’s baby grows up, the expectant mothers in the middle of pregnancy are inconvenient to move. They are slightly tired and walking more, or when the weather is cold, the abdomen is tight and hard with mild pain. This is a contraction caused by tiredness or cold.Essence

This short contraction pain does not have to worry too much. Moms should pay attention to rest, not overwhelming, and keep warm measures.

4. Cold food causes the stomach to cool down and cause pain

Many expectant mothers prefer cold drinks and certain foods during pregnancy. Although there are many diet taboos, sometimes it is inevitable to satisfy their desire for food.

If you eat cold foods, such as ice cream, cold drinks, spicy foods, etc., it will inevitably cause spasm and abdominal pain when the stomach is cold.This requires pregnant mothers to control her mouth and pay attention to the baby’s healthy diet for the baby’s health.

5. Abdominal pain before giving birth

Abdominal pain before the due date requires prospective mothers and families to be vigilant, which may be a signal of labor.In the third trimester, the abdomen has a regular rigidity, tightness, pain, and the secretion or the intention of the abdomen. Then you need to go to the hospital for examination and consider preparing for delivery.

6. Back abdomen caused pain

During pregnancy, accidental mother’s abdomen will be affected by foreign objects.No matter which stage of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to protect themselves. It is best to have family members to avoid accidents.

The fetus is gradually developing in the uterus, and pregnant women will have physical discomfort and stomach pain. The causes of pain during all stages during pregnancy are different.

The first stage: early pregnancy

About a week of pregnancy is the stage of fertilized eggs. After the fertilized egg landing in the endometrium, the inner wall of the uterus is contracted and moved by this affected. The expectant mothers will feel abdominal pain and spasm.The prepared women can detect pregnancy with a pregnancy test stick test.

If the soreness or faint pain on the lower abdomen on the abdomen in the early pregnancy, it is also accompanied by vaginal bleeding. It is likely that the fertilized eggs are wrong in bed, and the chance of ectopic pregnancy is very high.

If the pregnant mother is in the early pregnancy, the pain in the lower abdomen is unbearable, accompanied by vomiting, accelerated heartbeat, pale complexion, unstable blood pressure, or even syncope.Just seek medical treatment immediately.Pass the B -ultrasound in time from 7 to 8 weeks in the early pregnancy to determine whether the position of the pregnancy sac is normal.

In the early pregnancy, there is continuous pain in the lower abdomen and a feeling of falling. At the same time, it is accompanied by waist pain and a small amount of vaginal bleeding.

The second stage: mid -pregnancy

The pregnant woman’s pregnant belly in the middle of pregnancy is gradually obvious, and the fetus is relatively stable. Due to the continuous development of the fetus, the uterus is gradually enlarged.Feeling, pregnant women will feel slightly painful on the entire abdomen or side.

As the age of fetal age increases, the pain will be more obvious. This pain is normal physiological pain in the fetus. There is no need to panic or special treatment. Try to rest on the left side and rest.

The growth rate of the fetus in the middle of pregnancy is relatively fast, and the elasticity of the skin is far from keeping up with the growth of the fetus. At this time, it will feel tight and pain around the navel.ease.

Third stage: early pregnancy

In the third trimester, when pregnant mothers have a stiff belly, they usually have a short duration and a long interval, which is a pseudo contraction.

After hearing a lot of pregnant mothers, they usually have stomachache when they get up in the morning, after exercise or stroking their stomachs for a long time.At this time, you must rest in full and avoid strenuous activities. Generally, rest will improve.If you frequently appear tight, abdominal pain, or bleeding, you must go to the hospital immediately to prevent premature birth.

Obstetricians and gynecologists remind: abdominal pain in the third trimester is accompanied by a large amount of bleeding in Y Road, and you must also be alert to the placenta early peeling, especially for pregnant women with pregnancy syndrome.Avoid accidents.


Every new life comes to the world, expectant mothers have to go through various tests. Most of the expectant mothers have to undergo uncomfortable stage during pregnancy. This is a normal process during pregnancy.Specific mothers can relieve the diet by relaxing, resting more, and reasonably adjusting their diet.Family people should also give more care and care, learn more about pregnancy, do not panic when they encounter problems, deal with them calmly, and smoothly overwhelm healthy babies during pregnancy.

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