There is no cave room after the wedding couple gets married, but I accidentally discovered pregnancy. After the examination, her husband was paralyzed on the ground.

I am a rural girl. I only met my husband after I came to work in the city.Husband is from the city, and the family conditions are pretty good.When my husband began to pursue me, I dare not agree, because I was afraid that I would not be worthy of him.But my husband did not give up, and finally moved me.

The in -laws began to oppose it, but they also agreed with her husband’s insistence.I also bought a wedding room for me and my husband. The decoration of the wedding room was all about the workers’ costumes. He said that he wanted to give me a happy home. I listened to the sweetness in my heart.

Soon we got married, because my husband was too careful before, and the progress of the decoration of the house slowed a lot.When the divorce period was getting closer, her husband fell off the scaffold. Although he was not dangerous, he fell a fracture.

The third day is the day when we get married. The days are selected by the in -laws. I heard that the marriage of this day is great to us, and the days cannot be changed.So my husband and I held a wedding as scheduled, but because of the fracture of my husband, we did not have a cave room, and I hugged and slept every day.

I was worried that my husband’s hand was not recovering well, so I took care of my husband day and night, so as not to let my husband’s hands stick to the water, wait for him to live and turn over, and so on.My husband has a height of one meter and he weighing 150 pounds.

In this way, a month later, I suddenly discovered that I didn’t come, and vomited, my stomach felt bigger than before, and looked like pregnant.But we have no cave room, I am a little worried about dare not tell my husband.After another month, the one was still not here, but the stomach became bigger and bigger.

I couldn’t hide it now, I told my husband that I might be pregnant.Husband laughed and said: Wife, what are you talking about?I don’t know if you are not pregnant?I know my husband trusts me, but I really look like pregnant.I told my husband for two months. When my husband listened, he didn’t dare to laugh, and looked at my belly.

Immediately took me to the hospital for examination, the results of the examination came out. The doctor said that my stomach was edema. It was because I did n’t eat well, did n’t sleep well, and was too tired to cause edema. Now it has developed into nephritis.Husband listened to the ground!

Looking at my husband, I thought he had abandoned me!I didn’t expect my husband to get up very blame and say: Wife, you must have taken care of my illness. Now it is my turn to take good care of you. Nepheth is not a big deal. I will always accompany you until the old land!

After listening to my husband, I was moved!Although I am sick, I feel very happy, I think I marry love!Do you say, right?

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