There is always insomnia during pregnancy, you can do this

Some expectant mothers have been sleeping before pregnancy, but most people have insomnia after pregnancy.During pregnancy, it is a special physiological period for a young woman.During this period, insomnia may occur due to changes in the internal environment and psychological regulation.During this period, insomnia was because the hormones of expectant mothers changed, emotional fluctuations and fluctuations became large, and naturally it was prone to insomnia.

So do you know the cause of insomnia during pregnancy?There are mainly the following points:

1. The spirit is too nervous

In addition to the significant changes in the physiological change after pregnancy, the impact of hormone levels in the body during pregnancy will also become more sensitive. For example, concerns about pregnancy tests, fear of childbirth, etc.Changes lead to depression and insomnia.

2. Frequent urine at night

The most common cause of frequent urination during pregnancy is that the increased uterus is oppressed to the bladder, especially in the early and in the early pregnancy and the third trimester of pregnant mothers. Some pregnant women always have "urine" at night.It is difficult to fall asleep again, which seriously affects the quality of sleep.

3. Excessive emphasis on "sleeping position"

For the first time, my mother is always very careful. I am worried that her casual sleeping position will be pressed to the baby. The pregnant mothers deliberately correct their sleeping posture and let themselves fall into the dilemma of insomnia.

4. Call cramps

It may be affected by the cold limbs, insufficient activity, and insufficient calcium supplement after pregnancy. After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are prone to have cramps in the middle of the night.Essence

5. Poor sleep environment

Many pregnant mothers have habits such as playing mobile phones in bed, reading e -books or office. In addition to being disturbed by the information of the surrounding electronic equipment, the highlights of bedroom lights are high, and light source pollution is also a major problem that affects sleep.

After understanding the cause of insomnia, how can we take targeted methods to improve insomnia and promote the happiness of mothers to fall asleep?The following points need to be paid attention to.


Pay attention to diet adjustment

The lack of vitamin B can cause insomnia, so it should increase the intake of food rich in vitamin B, such as milk, animal liver, fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables, peanuts, etc.Whether it is in the morning, noon, or at night, try to drink less coffee, cola and the like with caffeine, and do not drink too much tea.


Develop good sleep habits

In addition to maintaining the correct and comfortable sleeping posture, it is best to go to bed on time every night, wake up and get up on time in the morning, so that your sleep quality will definitely improve.Don’t put too many debris on the bed, don’t take the bedroom and bed as a place of work, otherwise you will give you a psychological suggestion that makes you difficult to sleep. The bed is a place to sleep and rest. You can also read books and listen


Do not do strenuous exercise before going to bed

Take a warm bath 1 hour before going to bed to relieve muscles and nerves and eliminate fatigue, especially in winter, warm body is more likely to produce drowsiness.Drink a glass of milk half an hour before going to bed. Milk can not only supplement calcium supplement, but also help sleep. A cup of warm milk makes it easier for pregnant women to enter the dreamland.If you hurt your legs at night or even cramps, you can stretch your legs straight, kick your heel back, lift your toes up, or stand up and walk for a while. These methods can relieve cramps.

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