There is always a reason for pregnant mothers to have a cold but always cough. Try these dietary recipes.

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The beauty of spring lies in the germination of all things, and everything reveals vibrant beauty.But spring also means that the unpredictable weather, the cold and hotness test everyone’s physique.As a result, as a weak elderly and children, they have recruited, causing a cold, fever, and cough. Pregnant mothers who are special groups need to be careful to prevent problems before they occur.

During this time, I was busy with my feet and turned around. The children were sick. Children were sick.The axis run, no one is negligent, and the sick child can’t afford to hurt.Until yesterday, I had a sudden gastroenteritis, and I vomited and diarrhea … Life may be a test.

The cousin who was 8 months pregnant also called me, saying that she had a sad cough, but the medicine did not dare to take it. What should I do?I suggest that she go to the hospital quickly to let professional doctors take a look and give the best and fastest solution.But the little cousin feels a little taboo and do not want to see a doctor, let alone take medicine.According to her original words, it is: "There are three points of poison for the medicine. My baby is too easy. I dare not have a little negligence. Besides, there are no other symptoms except for cough, so I should not have beenCold, but cough caused by weather changes, the best food therapy. "

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It is true that during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, the pregnant mother’s coughing is simply a disaster.While holding the stomach, it is difficult to cough while coughing, fearing that the baby will report early; if you accidentally cough to urinary incontinence, it is even more embarrassed.In addition, there is still a strange phenomenon for cough. The more you want to hold back the cough, the more you can’t help but cough.Therefore, pregnancy cough is the symptoms of distressing pregnant women and obstetricians. If you cough too much or too intense, increase the abdominal pressure and cause miscarriage or premature birth.

However, there are indeed some pregnant women cough are not caused by a cold.According to traditional Chinese medicine, some expectant mothers were originally inferior. As long as they were pregnant, they could easily cause cough, and sometimes they could cough until the fetus was born.At this time, the treatment method is different from the cough caused by a cold. It must focus on stopping cough and nourishing yin and lungs.

Hurry up and sort out a small cough caused by cough caused by cold cough for the little cousin.

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1. Stewed pear: Peel the fresh pear, cut off the nucleus, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and steam it in the pot to steam and soften it.

2. Bake oranges: Use chopsticks to hit a hole in the center of the orange bottom, stuff some salt, wrap it in aluminum and platinum paper for 15-20 minutes in the oven. After taking it out, peel the orange skin and eat it.Or drill the orange peel into cinnamon peel, add water to fried tea, and drink a large mouth, which is quite effective.

3. Chuanbei stewed pear: Use peeled and nuclear fresh pears, Kawa Kawaiba pink, 2 money, steam the water in the pot, and eat it while it is hot.

4. White radish 饴: Cut the white radish into a small diced 1 cm large, put it in a dry and clean container, fill the honey and cover it tightly.Drink a little warm water at a time, and the cough effect is very good.If you want to drink temporarily, you do n’t have time to dip, you can wear white radish, add 1/3 amount of honey to mix well, and drink water.

5. Radish pear water: Wash the white radish and pears into small pieces, and cook together to drink together.It can be used as daily drinking water.

6, sugar boiled kumquat: wash the kumquat, poke two or three holes with a toothpick, add water and boil, add rock sugar, boil it with low heat, and eat it while hot.If you don’t drink it, let it cool, save it in the refrigerator, and eat some warm food each time.

7. Do not eat sweets such as candy biscuits: those cold, dry, and easy to get angry, such as peanuts, melon seeds, fried materials, etc. should also be prohibited.

8. Drink plenty of warm water: It also has a good cough effect to put warm water in your mouth.

The above cough food therapy is effective for pregnant women, ordinary people (including the elderly, children), and cannot afford to be painful. There is no pharmaceutical component, and some are very sweet.

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The little cousin nodded with a smile and said that this was what she wanted!I can’t help telling her again that if it is cough caused by a cold, you must find a doctor to see it on the basis of these dietary therapy. You should take medicine and medicine.EssenceUnder normal circumstances, when the doctor sees a pregnant mother, it will be extra cautious and think twice in terms of medication.

Finally, I suddenly remembered that in my pregnancy, I had been dry and itching in my throat because of the haze. Later, I kept eating pear, drinking pear water, and slowly coughing.However, the most sad thing is the second day after the Caesarean section surgery, the knife mouth is hot and hot. The nurse presses the uterus and it is spicy, and then I start coughing. The feeling of sourness can be described in words.The knife is painful, stomach pain, and feels the whole body. Even if it is a gently cough, it hurts all over the body … Later, the doctor also advocated that it should be with radish pear water, smooth qi, cough, and the effect is not bad.

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