There are two lines of pregnancy test sticks, not necessarily pregnant. In these two cases, it may be "empty joy"

"How about, how, a few bars?"

"Two! But one color is shallow"

"It’s okay, as long as there are two, it should be there! I will call now to tell my parents this good news"

"Wait for a while, let’s check it first. In case it is not, it’s not a joy …"

The Xiao Chen was married for a year and a half. Both were ready to have a baby. They were very happy to see the pregnancy test stick.However, Ms. Chen wanted to wait until the inspection was sure that the good news told her family, so they went to check.However, after coming out of the hospital, the two faces were obviously not happy, and the facts were not as they thought.

Whether it is a TV series or in real life, many women want to know if they are pregnant. The first thing is usually not to check. It is to buy a pregnancy test stick.Check, because many people think that this means that they are pregnant.

After going to the hospital for examination, some people are indeed, but some people are told that it is not. What is going on?Is the pregnancy test not accurate?

In general, its accuracy is relatively high, and the two lines may be pregnant.But it is just possible, not necessarily that the two colors that some people see are different. In fact, it is not completely certain whether it is different. After all, its accuracy is not 100%.Whether it is a pregnancy test or test paper, it is not 100 % accurate.

In fact, if you are pregnant, women’s bodies will have some different feelings, such as the following are more common: the following are more common:

The first feeling: the menstruation of this month did not come this month

This is the most typical manifestation. If menstruation has always been more regular, even if it is delayed or advanced, there are certain rules, but this month has changed, and it may be pregnant.However, the two are not related to each other, and pregnancy will not come to menstruation, but it does not mean that it must be pregnant, or it may be irregular menstruation.

The second feeling: I always feel tired and my body is weak recently

In the early stages of pregnancy, hormones in the body will change, but many women may just think that this is busy recently, tired, and did not think about it.Finally, I went to check. The doctor asked himself some questions. It was recommended to exclude early pregnancy. It may not be discovered in the end.

The third feeling: body temperature is higher than usual, but not much higher

For women who are pregnant for the first time, they may not know much about these knowledge and feel uncomfortable. After the measurement, they do have a little slightly increased, so they feel that they have a low fever, and they may even relieve medicine by themselves.If there is no contraception for the time being, it is recommended not to rush to take medicine first. The initial body temperature of women in pregnancy will easily rise slightly. At about 37 degrees, it may be determined if it is not taken.

It may represent a biochemical pregnancy. Although it is also two bars, it is not sustainable. It may be detected if it may be drawn, but if you check the B -ultrasound, you can’t see the pregnancy sac.In this case, there is generally no special treatment, and there are no obvious complications. Some people will also call it "invisible abortion."

It may also be an ectopic pregnancy, and if this is the case, it needs to be paid attention, because it is not good for the mother and the fetus.Generally speaking, Xiao Yan will swim in the palace cavity, but it may also get lost. In the end, he did not swim in the palace, but "settled" outside.

In fact, there are not only lost, but also poor physical strength and poor quality. They may leave in different ways. After all, in so many, only one will meet the egg successfully in the end.

Therefore, from this point of view, whether the two lines measured by the pregnancy test stick are the same as deep or a shallow ratio. If you want to determine whether it is really pregnant, a normal internal pregnancy, or check it at the right time, check it.Down.

Now that technology has improved, the pregnancy test stick has been invented, and it is convenient for testing. Even if it is uncertain, it can be checked to get the determined result.But in ancient times without pregnancy test sticks, how did people test pregnancy?I believe many people are more curious. Let ’s take a look at it. After reading it, many people may lament how lucky they were born in modern times.

Ancient Greece:

People will put onions and garlic in their bodies. If there is no irritating taste in their mouths after waking up, it means that they are pregnant.

Ancient Egypt:

They will allow women to pour urine on the wheat. If germination is germinated, it means that when you are pregnant, there is no germination, but there is no.

In ancient my country:

The traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis method determines whether women are pregnant. This method believes that everyone often has seen in film and television dramas.

"Suwen · Yin and Yang different" said: "Yin Boyang is different, it means that there are sons." Later, there was also a saying that you can know the pulse of women for a few months of pregnancy.

Compared with the first two, this method seems to look reliable, but it may also be misdiagnosed.

In summary, the pregnancy test stick shows two bars, which may not be really pregnant, and it may not be in the uterus. If you want to determine, you still have to pass a medical test.Several feelings appear, you can determine, prevent pregnancy, but you don’t know.After reading the ancient trick testing method, do you think it is more strange?

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