There are two bars on the pregnancy test stick. Why did you go to the hospital for examination, but he was not pregnant?

I believe that when many pregnant mothers are just pregnant, they will choose to test with a pregnancy test stick. If there are two bars, it means that pregnancy is pregnant, but if it is a bar, it means that there is no pregnancy., But 80%will be more accurate.However, some pregnant women have found two bars with pregnancy test sticks, but when they went to the hospital, they found that they were not pregnant. Is this something going on?

Although most of the pregnancy test sticks will be more accurate, some pregnancy test sticks will also have error information, such as the problem of the quality of the pregnancy test paper or the problem of operation errors.

1. It is not recommended to use the test strip with a long period of expiration or opening time. This is because the chemical reagent time will be invalid after a long time, so you must look at the production date.

2. When the urine itself is accompanied by some impurities, it will also occur.

3. As a result, try to look at it 5-10 minutes after urination, which will be more accurate.

First, the pregnancy test method must be correct

1. Use morning urine (the first urination in the morning) as much as possible for testing. This detected feminine hormone level is more accurate.

2. Maintain normal drinking water. Do not drink more water to promote urination. This will dilute hormone levels and easily cause detection errors.

3. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and carefully complete each step according to the standard operation specifications.

4. Pay attention to certain drugs that may affect the test results, such as taking tone agents and ovulation drugs in the near future, which may cause the results to be accurate.

Second, choose the right time

Due to the cycle of HCG level growth, it is recommended to test the pregnancy test stick after two weeks late, and the results may be more accurate.

In clinical practice, there are many cases of false negative or positive cases of pregnancy test sticks. Therefore, no matter what the self -test results, you must go to the hospital for further examination.

1. Blood HCG

In addition to urine HCG, blood HCG is actually a method of pregnancy test that uses the body’s HCG composition to specify whether it is pregnant.The difference is that it is not to check the HCG in the urine, but directly check the HCG in the blood. Most of the HCG in the blood exists in a complete form, so the test results are more sensitive and more accurate.

In addition, the blood HCG test time is earlier than urine HCG.Whether you are pregnant and want to know whether you are pregnant as soon as possible are more suitable for blood tests.

2. B -ultrasound

Pregnancy tests, especially qualitative tests, can only determine whether pregnancy, but it is not determined whether pregnancy is normal.Therefore, once the pregnancy is determined through the blood HCG, whether it is decided to leave the child, you need to continue the B -ultrasound.

B -ultrasound tests can generally be checked after menstruation. The longer menstrual period, the better the detection effect will be better.

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