There are more secretions after pregnancy, how to clean the private parts?

After pregnancy, due to the increased hormone and tissue blood flow during pregnancy, the body can be preparations for early childbirth for the vagina, and the vaginal secretions will increase.

In the face of this situation, pregnant mothers are very worried: Do the secretions need to be dealt with?Do you want to use medicine?Will the medication be bad for the baby?

First of all, if it is just a white secretion, although the amount is large, there is no strange smell, no itching in private parts, and no special color, it is normal, don’t worry too much.

Near the due date, the secretion may be a little different. The secretions will be egg white or snot, and even with a trace of red blood. At this time, the discharge discharge is actually the cervical secretion -mucus embolism.

In the early pregnancy, the cervical secretion was blocked in the cervical canal, and a natural protection barrier was established. The cervix prepared for childbirth, and began to become thinner or even expand.

In addition, the clear and thin secretions near production are actually a bit similar to amniotic fluid. It is difficult for pregnant mothers to determine whether vaginal secretions or amniotic fluid.

The biggest difference between vaginal secretions and amniotic fluid is that the acid -base is different. The vaginal secretion is acidic and amniotic fluid is alkaline. If the test strip is detected, the secretion will maintain yellow, and the amniotic fluid will turn the test strip into blue -green.Pregnant mothers can first use amniotic fluid test strips for a simple test to see if it is broken.

When the secretions are abnormally increased, and it is accompanied by itching, odor, or changes in types, such as the following situations:

1. The secretion is tofu -like or condensed, accompanied by itching and burning vulva, and it will be painful when urinating.

2. The secretions are green or yellow, pus type leucorrhea, with odor;

3. The secretion is gray -white, accompanied by odor, itching and pain discomfort, etc.;

4. Brown secretions, or secretions from brown to dark brown, bright red, etc.;

5. Pink secretion;

6. Red secretion.

Several abnormal secretions appear, pregnant mothers should go to the hospital for examination in time.

If the increase in secretions is not caused by infection, it is difficult to prevent the secretions from being discharged naturally. What we have to do is to keep the vulva clean and dry.

1. Use sanitary pads to absorb the discharge flowing, keep the vulva dry;

2. Wear cotton underwear, change the underwear every day, clean it as soon as possible, and dry in the sun.Avoid wearing tight pants and nylon socks, keep the private parts breathable and comfortable;

3. Avoid using bubble baths, cushions with fragrance or toilet paper, female vulva disinfection spray, soap with deodorant deodora, women, etc.

4. During pregnancy, the vaginal discharge will increase the risk of bacteria, so it is necessary to wash it with water at least twice a day with water.

*If there is inflammation, the drug needs to be used reasonably under the guidance of a doctor or doctor assistant.If there is no inflammation or other special circumstances, you can directly wash the vulva with warm water.

Many pregnant mothers use special washbasins and towels to clean the vulva, but there is actually a better way to clean the private parts -the private part was cleaned.

Washing the private parts with towels and washbasins will have potential problems of bacterial cross -infection, and the private parts can usually be disinfected with boiling water, and the operation is simple and hygienic.

Due to the pregnancy of pregnant mothers, there are many inconveniences to squat and bath, and it is even more inconvenient to clean the private parts. The rinse of the private cleaning cleaner can solve this problem well, which is safer and labor -saved.

The private part was also applied to the postpartum mothers, especially the mother who was soothing but tears.

When cleaning the vulva, pay attention to the direction and water flow of the hand should be washed from behind. If you wash from behind, you may wash the bacteria around the anus and cause infection.

*Pay attention to the private parts of the private parts only for external use, clean the vulva and anus private parts, and do not reach into the vagina or anus.

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