There are many reasons for female nipple swelling and pain, especially these 6, hurry up to check for self -examination

Breast pain causes great distress to women, and many women will have breast pain in daily life.If the symptoms are not very obvious, it will not pay too much attention.For patients with severe pain, they need to go to the hospital to find out the cause in time to avoid further development of the disease.

There are many reasons for female breast tenderness, such as:

1. Pain in nipples during adolescence, because girls will slowly develop during the development stage.Generally, the earliest nipple pain appears between 9 and 13 years old. At this time, the girl’s breasts begin to develop slowly, and there will be a slight pain.After the first tide, as the adolescent breasts are slowly developing, the nipple swelling and pain will gradually disappear.

2. Before menstruation, breast pain will also occur. Many women are full of breasts before menstruation.In severe, the breasts have a slight swelling after the breast vibration or touches. The original granular and nodule will be more obvious.This is because the level of estrogen in women during menstruation increases, breast hyperplasia, and pain caused by tissue edema between mammary glands.Generally speaking, these symptoms will disappear after menstruation.

3. During pregnancy, the nipples will be swollen and painful, and some women will be pregnant for more than a month.Because the placenta and fluff are secreted in large quantities of progesterone and estrogen, prolactin causes the breast to increase, which occurs when nipple and pain.Severe women will continue to tender pain throughout pregnancy, but this situation does not need to be treated.

4. After the production of pregnant women, breast pain may also occur.Generally, it is prone to breast fullness, hardships, and pain in three to seven days after production. It is mainly caused by breast lymphadenopathy, venous filling, intermediary edema, or poor breast ducts.In this case, you can consult your doctor’s opinion. If it is not particularly serious, there is no need to treat.

5. After abortion, it may also cause pain in nipples and breasts.Because after abortion, pregnancy was suddenly interrupted, resulting in the rapid decline in hormone levels in the body.The ripe breasts that have just developed suddenly stopped growing, causing the rapid production of breasts and breast swelling and pain.

6. After sexual life, nipple pain may also occur.For those with cold sexual desire and disharmony of sexual life, because sexual life is not satisfied, breast congestion and swelling are not easy to subscribe or insufficiently, and persistent congestion can cause nipple pain.

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