There are many precautions to go to the toilet after pregnancy. How to do it will not hurt the baby in the belly.

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We often see the appearance of pregnant women, and we are basically a pregnant belly. Pregnant mothers often touch or protect their stomachs with their hands. No matter what they do, they are very careful, for fear of hurting the baby in the belly.

A few days ago, I took my child to play in the mall. He wanted to hush and took him to find the bathroom. When he came to the bathroom, he saw a few people around the door, as if something happened.

Take a closer look, it turned out that a pregnant mother fell, and her stomach looked very big. It may be like eight or nine months. Because she was dragged, she was anxious to go to the toilet, but did not go steadily to slip down.It’s right.Although she did not see red, she said that her stomach was a bit painful, and the staff of the mall quickly hit 120, waiting for the ambulance.

After pregnancy, because there are babies in the stomach, different from ordinary people, they really have to be careful about everything, including small things like going to the toilet.

Next, Jingma came to tell the pregnant mothers: How to go to the toilet during pregnancy will not hurt the fetus.

When going to the toilet, if the posture is incorrect or not noticed, it may hurt the baby in the stomach.

Therefore, in order not to hurt the babies in the stomach, for pregnant mothers, there are also many "particular" to the toilet.

1. Method: Try to choose a seat tos as possible

Most of the pregnant mothers who live in the building are mostly installed in the family. For pregnant mothers, they are much more friendly than squatting.

If the home is an old -fashioned building and the toilet is squatting, you can also buy a folding stool chair after pregnancy, which can help reduce the pressure on the stomach when going to the toilet.

PS: Tips for pregnant women use seats

If you are pregnant, it is just autumn and winter, you can buy a toilet pad;

Putting a small bench in the bathroom and putting on the toilet at the foot will make the pregnant mother comfortable and save a lot of effort.

However, it may not be as convenient to go to the toilet in the unit or outside, and there is no toilet. Only the squatting type, then you can squat half, and the legs are separated to avoid squeezing to the belly.

If the unit has a toilet in the bathroom, but there is no disposable toilet pad, you can also buy some of the units by yourself. Each time you go to the toilet, you can bring one yourself to ensure hygiene during pregnancy.

2. Pose: Pay attention to safety

When pregnant mothers go to the toilet, they try to choose the toilet as much as possible, but they must sit firmly and pay attention to safety when they sit down.

If there is no toilet, you must adjust your posture yourself to ensure comfortable and not compress the fetus.

And note that if you squat and stand up slowly, you can support the wall. Especially the pregnant mothers with pubic pain, back pain, and often cramps with legs and feet should pay attention to safety. It is best to support it to avoid falling.

3. Time: It should not be too long

Many people are used to watching their mobile phones when they go to the toilet. It may be ten minutes, or even half an hour at first glance.

For pregnant mothers, because there is a big belly in front, not only is it inconvenient to squat, but the squatting time is long. The pregnant mother may have a numb legs, and the baby in the stomach may move.Dizziness and physical strength may also occur.

Therefore, when pregnant mothers go to the toilet, it is best not to look at the mobile phone, let alone too long.If there is constipation during pregnancy, it should be relieved through the correct method.

4. Safety: Slowly squatting slowly, pay attention to non -slip

No matter at home or outside, safety issues need to be paid most important. When going to the toilet, you must move slowly to avoid falling.

If the bathroom is just dragged down, pay attention to avoid slipping, walk slowly, and the shoes during pregnancy should also wear good non -slip effects.

You must also wear non -slip at home slippers. You can also put a anti -slip pad. Wipe dry it in time when there is water on the ground to avoid slipping.

After pregnancy, due to the compression of the bladder and intestine, the pregnant mother will have frequent urination and constipation. If there is a pregnant mother who has a constipation before, the constipation will increase after pregnancy.

However, this is normal performance during pregnancy, and pregnant mothers do not have to have psychological pressure, but to correctly relieve and reduce trouble.

▲ For example, frequent urination, you need to avoid these pits:

Don’t worry about going to the toilet without drinking water, not eating fruit, etc.;

When there is urine, you are holding a busy or other reasons;

Because frequent urination affects life and sleep, it has a psychological burden or shadow.

[Correct practice]:

① Be sure to go to the toilet in time when you have urine;

② In addition to eating fruits and fruits appropriately every day, you must also ensure the amount of water drinking;

③ Avoid drinking water half an hour before going to bed to avoid affecting sleep due to frequent urination;

④ Try to ask where the bathroom is in advance when you are outside to avoid the embarrassment that is anxious to go to the toilet but cannot find it.

▲ The same is true of constipation, don’t be too anxious, to correctly relieve:

① If the diet appropriately increases coarse grains, foods, vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber, eat enough every day, etc.;

② In the case of physical permission, adhering to the appropriate amount of exercise every day will help promote intestinal peristalsis and alleviate constipation;

③ Develop the habit of regular bowel movements, go to the toilet in time when you are interested;

④ serious constipation, tell the doctor to ask the doctor to prescribe some of the drugs.

In short, pregnancy is very hard and needs to be very careful. The physical discomfort appears. Pregnant mothers must also know and face correctly to protect the fetus in the belly and ensure the healthy development of the baby.

Do you have frequent urination and constipation during pregnancy? Let’s share your pregnancy experience and alleviate suggestions.

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