There are many farts after pregnancy?Or related to these factors, don’t misunderstand

After pregnancy, women are prone to symptoms of physical discomfort, such as the common is the pregnancy reaction.After the female ovulation, successful beds will bring a lot of physical changes. Sometimes they feel nipple tenderness, sometimes they feel weak, and sometimes they will increase the amount of farting.Therefore, some people think that the successful sign of fertilized eggs is to increase the amount of farting.So why do you often fart during the fertilized eggs?

Why do you often fart when you get the fertilized egg in bed?

In fact, female fertilized eggs are mostly normal.Because the increase in farting after pregnancy is the same as that of prone to pregnancy. These are often normal reactions when pregnancy, and you don’t need to worry too much.Just pay attention to nutritional intake during pregnancy, and pay attention to rest at the same time to allow your baby to develop normally.Most of the pregnant women farted because the uterus was oppressed, and similar situations would happen. There is no need to be too worried. Just pay attention to rest during pregnancy.Usually pay attention, do not do too much physical work, just check regularly.

After the fertilized eggs, the amount of fart increased, which was mainly caused by changes in hormones in the body.After pregnancy, the level of pregnancy hormones and other hormones in pregnant women will increase, so it is easy to lead to an increase in farting.You can usually eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not overwork and ensure the correct schedule and diet. Generally, it will not have much impact.

In addition, there are other abnormal situations that will also lead to an increase in the amount of fart in pregnant women.For example, improper diet, after eating a large amount of gas -producing food, it will cause increased gastrointestinal motility, so the amount of fart will increase, and sometimes it will continue to stink farts when eating.Therefore, pregnant women need to correctly distinguish the fart in bed and fart caused by gastrointestinal diseases.

Of course, for women, in the early pregnancy, it is a dangerous stage, especially in the first three months, it is prone to signs of miscarriage.It is best to take preventive measures in the early stages of pregnancy and maintain a good mentality. Pay attention to the supplementary rest of nutrition, and safely spend the dangerous period of early pregnancy.

For every woman, pregnancy is a very happy thing.However, in the past few months of pregnancy, it is also a difficult stage for many women.Therefore, at any stage of pregnancy, you should pay attention to it, and you must understand the baby’s development at any time. It is best to conduct regular production inspections.

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