There are five kinds of performance during pregnancy. Be careful that "gestational diabetes", pregnant mothers don’t take it seriously.

Song’s mother’s recent state is very bad. As a 35 -year -old elderly woman, she finally conceived her child. The two were very happy.

In fact, her symptoms of pregnancy were not very obvious at first. After 3 months, her appetite gradually increased. At the beginning, she would naturally think that the baby in the belly was absorbing nutrition, so the two had never been in mind that it was normal to be normal.The situation, after 6 months of pregnancy, accompanied by her husband to do a birth check, even found that he had suffering from gestational diabetes.CCCC ,.Lu Mao, L, L


As soon as I heard the news, Mother Song was not worried. The children were six C and have basically taken shape. Will this disease now affect the baby’s development? By then, it is still healthy.

There is also a 37 -year -old mother Wu to find diabetes during pregnancy. In the end, a cesarean section had a "sugar baby" that had almost no breathing, her skin was green, and her body was soft.

The doctor was diagnosed with mild suffocation. Fortunately, the subsequent doctors performed rescue treatment for the baby.

Simply put, there are two main cases of gestational diabetes: one is diagnosed with diabetes before pregnancy; the other is that the sugar metabolism in the mother’s body is normal or the potential sugar tolerance has been decreased, and it will only appear or diagnose until the pregnancy period.Diabetes, we call this situation as gestational diabetes.

Do n’t take it lightly. It ’s just a bit serious. Its harm cannot be underestimated.For example, pregnant women are prone to concurrent hypertension, premature birth, fetal hypoxia and other diseases during pregnancy. Do you think it is over after giving birth?Even if the child is born smoothly, there will still be risk of diseases such as jaundice, hypoglycemia and even death.

One: If the skin itchs during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes have very large demand for water. They often drink a lot of water or feel thirsty. Even the whole person has a shortage of water, and the skin is very easy to dry and itching, but this symptom is easy to be ignored.I think it may be because the weather has been too dry recently, or mosquito bites these reasons, so my mothers see this place and pay attention.

Two: The most obvious symptoms of gestational diabetes are "three more and one less", that is, eat more, drink more, and urine more, but the weight does not increase but decrease.

Generally speaking, after mid -to -late pregnancy, the rate of weight increases is faster, because you eat too much, which is a normal change.

But if you eat more and drink too much, and at the same time, you still can’t go to the toilet weight. In addition to this, if the whole person is very embarrassed, you have to be careful. It is likely that gestational diabetes is caused by gestational diabetes.

Three: Easy to tired

After pregnancy, the body feels tired, but in the middle and late pregnancy, inexplicable tiredness is generally caused by reasons.

This situation is unless diagnosis of gestational diabetes, because the sugar in this kind of pregnant women is too high, and the glucose in food cannot be converted with energy, so fat and protein will easily be converted and absorbed.Slowness will become worse and worse, and it is easy to feel tired in one day.

Four: Vomiting

Most pregnant women are rarely disgusting and nauseous after 4 months of pregnancy, and they are generally not particularly powerful.For pregnant women with gestational diabetes, their nausea and nausea will not only disappear but also become strong. In severe cases, even dehydration will occur.

Five: Abnormal sugar tolerance during pregnancy: These pregnant women do not have obvious symptoms of three more than one less.However, it is easy to find abnormalities or urine sugar when the blood glucose examination is positive. It may be that there is a history of genetic history of diabetes, or the history of adverse fertility in the individual, and abnormalities in this pregnancy.

Generally speaking, after pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body will change.It will produce some hormones and cytokines, which will prevent the normal operation of insulin and form "insulin resistance".

Therefore, the islet cells of pregnant women must be doubled, and insulin, which is usually 2 times or more, can overcome this antibody and maintain a normal metabolic process of the body.In addition, there are relatively older women, obesity before pregnancy, or excessive weight loss during pregnancy, etc. It is easy to induce "gestational diabetes".

1. Diet therapy: According to statistics, 80%of gestational diabetes can achieve the treatment purpose by diet, that is, controlling the blood sugar in pregnant women to the ideal level.The first is to eat less meals and eat more foods rich in cellulose, vitamins and various trace elements.Such as some green and fresh vegetables, soy products, lean meat, fish, egg milk, etc.

2. Insulin therapy: Strictly monitor blood sugar during the use of insulin treatment. If the more controlled control, the more prone to hypoglycemia, it is also dangerous for mothers and fetusTry to add snacks as much as possible.

3. Childbirth time and method: This depends on the blood sugar control of the pregnant woman’s body and whether there is a complication.If the condition is stable and the fetus is developing normally, it can be delivered in full month, but it is best not to exceed the due date.

4. Postpartum treatment: Pregnant mothers remember that after production, they still have to go to the hospital to test the changes in blood sugar on a regular basis, and the diet therapy cannot be interrupted at the same time.If you want to breastfeed, you need to add about 50 grams of carbohydrates every day.

5. Breastfeeding: At the same time, maternal doctors who are pregnant with diabetes also advocate breastfeeding because breastfeeding can reduce the amount of insulin.

6. Reasonable exercise: In the middle and late pregnancy period, in fact, no matter the pregnant mothers who are not sick, they should perform some appropriate exercise.Experts suggest that you can conduct about 30 minutes of exercise every day.For example: mild strength exercise such as yoga and fast walking.

We all know that during pregnancy, it can be said that a very special period of a woman, some changes in physical psychology, will also be more likely to get sick. ThereforeDo not care carefully, and be active defense of gestational diabetes during preparation and pregnancy.

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