There are 9 production inspection projects for pregnant women. Are the test results qualified?Please read the detailed report

The pregnancy test during pregnancy is an important part of pregnant women and fetuses. It is particularly heavy without pregnant mothers. If there is a small indicator of wind blowing, they will be soldiers and are worried.

No, a friend asked curiously:

"Which pregnant women do all the indicators when they do the first birth checkup? What are the problems needing to pay attention to for pregnant women?"

In the first two cases of birth checkups, it can be confirmed to confirm the birth checkup at 7-8 weeks, or it can also refer to the construction inspection of about 12 weeks.I think she should refer to the production inspection when the file was built in about 12 weeks, because that time to go through the most comprehensive production inspection.

I also had the most birth checkups during the construction of the file at 13 weeks, but not all passed.Because there is no special problem in my body, the doctor did not let me do any treatment.Only when anemia symptoms occur at 5 months, Iron supplement iron and eat a variety of vitamins.Take a look at the results of my production inspection at the time, satisfy everyone’s curiosity, and make accurate judgments for my results!

The B -ultrasound measured the length of the fetus’s head and hip, which is 6.3 cm, which meets the 13 weeks of pregnancy weeks.The heart rate is 158 times/min, which meets the standards of 120-160 times/min.The maximum depth of amniotic fluid is 2.7 cm, which is slightly lower than the standard 3-7 cm. The doctor said it was normal.NT is 1mm and less than 3mm is normal.There is a tumor in the palace, but it is not found in the later period. It may be caused by the rise in hormone levels.Therefore, if the tumor in the palace is encountered, don’t be nervous first.

8 items of blood transfusion

8 blood transfusion includes: hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B surface antibody, hepatitis B antigen, hepatitis B antibody, hepatitis B core antibody, AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis C, these indicators are normal, I have hepatitis B antibody because of injection 12 years agoPassive hepatitis B vaccine is still effective until now.

29 biochemical

The 29 indicators of biochemicals are all difficult.Looking at my situation, 5 indicators, including sodium, total protein, alkaline phosphatase, urea, low density lipoprotein cholesterol, are slightly lower than the lower limit of standard, and do not affect physical health.

The remaining 24 biochemical indicators are standard. There is no impact in this situation. Don’t be windy!

Thyroid 3 items

Anecaphindin, free T3, and free T4 are all within the standard range. Monitoring this indicator is to determine whether there is hypotoniasis and hyperthyroidism. If the result is abnormal, it may affect the development of the fetal nervous system.Pay attention to eating iodized salt and iodine -rich foods, which are generally fully passed.


The percentage of lymphocytes has been reduced, and the percentage of neutral granulocytes has increased, and the deviation is not very large.

The doctor said that it mainly depends on the concentration of hemoglobin. If it is lower than 115g/L, it is anemia.I was still okay at the time. At this time, there were not many iron elements needed by the fetus, and my body could still bear it. In the later period, there were more anemia.

Trace element

The content of calcium and iron was slightly low. At that time, I didn’t feel that my body was uncomfortable, so I didn’t intervene for the time being.It will be better to add early prevention.Iron supplementation is particularly important. It will start headaches by 5 months. If you supplement it in advance, you will not have a headache.

blood type

I am not O -type blood, don’t worry about hemolysis.If it is type O blood, a hemolytic experiment should be performed to prevent fetal anemia and intrauterine distress.

Urine routine

Both urinary sediment white blood cells and bacteria have exceeded standards. The doctor said that there is no problem with dysuria, and sample pollution is suspected.Analysis has something to do with urine that day. I found that the color of the urine at that time was particularly yellow, so do not hold urine during routine urine examination.


ECG is roughly in the normal range and has no heart rate abnormalities.

Precautions for inspection:

This time the B -ultrasound does not need to urinate. It is more appropriate to wear loose split clothes to prevent embarrassment.

Because you need to test a lot of biochemical indicators, diet and drinking water can cause blood sugar, triglyceride and other indicators, so pay attention to blood collection of blood, do not eat water and water after 10 o’clock the night before the night.With some snacks, the energy is replenished immediately after the blood is completed.

In general, the result is good. The abnormal indicators of B -ultrasound, biochemical, blood routine, trace elements, and urine routines did not have a great impact at the time.Are there any special results when you did these projects at the time?Have you been nervous?Welcome to leave a message to share!

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