There are 4 discomforts in pregnant women, which may be calcium deficiency, and timely calcium supplementation is the best policy

The cousin was pregnant, and she said that everything was normal at the beginning.It’s been four months pregnant now. Recently, the calf cramps, often waking up in the middle of the night.Her husband hurried over to help with rubbing, she said that cramps were really uncomfortable.This phenomenon is caused by calcium deficiency. The cousin needs to supplement calcium in time. Many experienced Baoma knows the taste of calcium deficiency and uncomfortable.

We all know that milk is the main source of calcium. Pregnant women can drink some milk every day, and eat more calcium -rich foods in daily ingredients, and eat some calcium tablets in moderation.

The cousin was sufficient in early pregnancy and there was no performance of calcium deficiency. Many expectant mothers were the case.With the growth and development of fetal treasure, more nutrition is needed slowly, and nutrition is derived from pregnant women.The fetus is still very small in the early stages of pregnancy, and there are not many nutritional needs.If the expectant mother is in good physical condition, the nutrition stored in the body can meet the needs of the fetal treasure.There is no need to supplement a large amount of calcium in the early pregnancy, and the balanced diet is basically enough.

After the middle of pregnancy, the development of the fetus has accelerated rapidly.The baby’s teeth and bones have begun to develop slowly, and the demand for calcium has also increased.Nutrition needs to grow a lot, and expectant mothers should consume sufficient nutrition.

If pregnant women are severely deficient in calcium and do not supplement calcium in time, the normal growth and development of fetal treasures will be affected.Pregnant women lack calcium. If they do not pay attention to it, the baby may have low immunity and easy to catch cold after birth, because the child’s body is deficient in calcium.

In the case of severe calcium deficiency in pregnant women, the calf cramps will be produced.So, what are the main performances of calcium deficiency in pregnant women?

1. Loose teeth

Calcium is the main component of human teeth and bone hard tissues.There are many people who do not pay attention to calcium supplement when they are young. After they get older, the gap between teeth will become bigger and bigger, because at this time, it is seriously deficient in calcium.In the same reason, if pregnant women are deficient in calcium during pregnancy.

On weekdays, calcium deficiency will appear in the body for calcium ingredients, and the tooth tissue of expectant mothers becomes loose.If pregnant women find that their teeth are loose, they must pay attention. This is the phenomenon of calcium deficiency.

2. Call cramps

Many pregnant women are like my cousin in the middle of pregnancy. When I fall asleep at night, they will have leg cramps, and they wake up in pain.

After four or five months of pregnancy, this phenomenon will be more and more, which means that pregnant women lack calcium.You can also carefully observe whether it is too thin and cold at night.

3. Pain of the waist and leg joint and pelvic pain

Some pregnant women have waist and leg pain and pelvic pain in the middle and late pregnancy.At this time, it is not necessarily a problem with fetal compression, most of which are calcium -deficient signals.

Because the calcium intake daily is insufficient, there is no timely calcium supplement, not only the teeth are loose, the calf cramps, but also the manifestation of waist and legs, joint pain, and pelvic pain.

TIPS: Pregnant women are affected by hormones, and calcium in the bones will be released in large quantities, so it causes joint pain. This is the phenomenon of severe calcium deficiency.

4. Pregnancy hypertension

Many girls with normal blood pressure used to have high blood pressure after pregnancy. Specific mothers should not panic. This is also inseparable from calcium deficiency.If the hypertension of pregnant women during pregnancy is serious, it should be checked, which may be caused by calcium deficiency.

There are many pregnant women who deficiency in calcium, which will cause nausea, pregnancy, loss of appetite, because gastrointestinal function is not good.Specific mothers eat less, and there are very few absorption and intake of calcium.

Other pregnant women are calcium deficiency because of hormone changes, because the increase in estrogen after pregnancy will inhibit the mother’s absorption of calcium, which will cause calcium deficiency.

The "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2016) Edition" recommends that the recommended daily intake of calcium in pregnant women is: 800 mg in early pregnancy, and 1000 mg in the middle and late pregnancy.

At the beginning of pregnancy, you don’t need to deliberately supplement calcium, but after entering the middle of pregnancy, the fetus develops quickly, and the demand for calcium is gradually increasing.Pregnant women should pay attention to calcium as soon as possible according to their physical condition.

On the one hand, food supplements are critical.

The older generation thinks that the calcium supplementation of large bone soup is very good, because they feel that they can boil a lot of calcium from the bones when boiling soup.Whether it is for pregnant women or a long -growing child, some bone soup will be stewed to supplement calcium. In fact, this statement is not scientific.

The method of calcium supplementation should be correct. After pregnancy, pregnant women can drink about two glasses of milk every day, as well as eating yogurt and cheese.In addition to dairy products, the calcium content of soy products is also very high. You can also eat dark green vegetables, shrimp skin, etc. These foods can be eaten frequently.In daily life, choose fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as dry fruits and other ingredients.

Pregnant women can expose the sun more on weekdays, and exercise moderately when the sun is exposed.Choose the time and place of the sun to choose according to the situation of the pregnant woman themselves.Pregnant women can expose the sun more, which can also make fetal bones more strong and reduce the occurrence of many diseases.

Tips: While sunbathing, you can eat more ingredients containing vitamin D, such as animal liver, deep sea fish, cod liver oil, orange, kiwi, strawberry, etc.

On the other hand, eat calcium tablets.

Taking calcium tablets is suitable for pregnant women with very serious calcium deficiency. It is best to do a test and supplement calcium tablets in an appropriate amount according to the doctor’s suggestion.Choose calcium tablets dedicated to pregnant women, or take calcium in the guidance of a doctor.Calcium supplementation is also scientific. Pregnant women should not blindly supplement calcium supplementation.

If you make too much, it may cause the placenta aging, which will cause the fetal head to be strong, and it will have a poor effect on the baby’s health.

Broken thoughts:

Calcium supplementation is very important for expectant mothers and fetal baby, especially when entering the second trimester, more and more fetal treasures for calcium.Pregnant women should pay attention to a balanced diet and eat more ingredients containing calcium.Fully supplement calcium, maintain a happy mood, and regularly work, pay attention to keep warm, do not be cold, and regularly perform production inspections, so that the fetal treasure can grow up healthily.

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