There are "little tadpoles" in the pool. Will girls swimming will become pregnant?

As the saying go, it is good,

Three people become tigers, everyone is Shuo Jin!

There are no rumors in this world,

It seems that it is true …

No, recently I have brushed one on the Internet:

Will swimming in the public swimming pool cause girls to get pregnant?

Knowing that there is 1.6K!

The interaction rate of second and third -tier stars is higher!

It’s not over yet!

There are butt big underwear to pinch the buttocks

Love with shoulder straps is small chest

I really give me no longer,

I almost got around, and believed it!

Today I will come to you,

的 生 生 cold knowledge related to girls,

Look at the behind these high praises,

What is the truth!IntersectionIntersection

I believe that every girl is scared by adults!

"Oh, the outside pool outside is dirty,

If you can’t get better, you will get pregnant!"


I used to be scared and dare not go to the water park,

I knew it later,

These are all ghosts!IntersectionIntersection

Then, then

Then, then

Then, then

The possibility of pregnancy in the pool is 0.000!

after all,

Disinfection of water in the pool is like an extinct master!

How many men can kill you!

Take a step back 10,000 steps, even if the disinfection water is not killed,

The water temperature of the swimming pool,

It is also far lower than the sperm’s 32 ° C!

(The pool is generally around 27 ° C)

Not to mention, girls also have layers of protection!

Wear a close -fitting swimsuit,

The vaginal opening under the swimsuit is also closed

In this case of strict preservation of death,

Also saying that the sperm in the swimming pool will cause the swimming girl to conceive,

That’s really:

White Bone Essence speaks dreams -the demon words are confused!

This action, girls should be familiar!

Yes, that is -pull the shoulder strap!

Then do you think about your underwear belt, do you always love the decline?

In fact, there are 3 reasons for summary

Underwear is not appropriate to understand!

Whether the underwear is big or small, it is not close to it,

So you can shift your lazy waist underwear!

The shoulder strap is naturally declining after shift ~

The second type: there are problems with underwear shoulder straps,

To put it plainly, it looks good but not practical!

Special name criticize this fine and smooth one,

There is no friction with the shoulders!

PS: Especially to boast the invisible transparent model,

Put on it and sweat again, the shoulder strap can slide you 108 tricks!

In the end, the underwear was worn too long, and there was no elasticity!

The underwear is from A cup → D cup, but I have been staying in A,

I don’t want to slip on this shoulder strap

so!If you don’t want to decline often,

Usually buy underwear sizes, you must choose the right!

(For specific data, you can see the figure below)

In addition, remember to change the new in time,

Although it is not necessary to change March,

But as long as the elasticity is not good, you must pass!

In addition to the decline in underwear,

Will everyone walk on the road, and suddenly my crotch is tight!

Why is the underwear?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

This is the loss of morality,

Or is there a problem with the quality of the underwear?Intersection

In fact, it is very simple, that is—-

Then, then

Then, then

Then, then

The size of your underwear and buttocks does not match!

Too small:

Can’t be stuck in the middle,

Can’t hold the complete buttocks


Underwear can’t stick the butt tightly,

The step is a little bigger,

The blockbuster fabric will be torn onto the ditch


If you want to enjoy the pleasure of the panties without the ditch,

Buy the right underwear when you are urgent!


It’s not big or small, just right ~

The aunt’s blood collapsed, I called it:

The embarrassing experience TOP1 that girls do not want to have!

Behind a warm current,

I don’t know how many pants are crying behind their back ~

At that time, I thought I was abnormal,

Tell me the facts

Then, then

Then, then

Then, then

This is the natural physiological phenomenon of the human body!

Consider your fate!

Because human uterine mouth+vagina is naturally down,

When sitting, the vagina is curved,

(Similar to the feeling of switch off)

Aunt can’t discharge in the vagina

Suddenly stand up in time,

The vagina is of course like opening the gate,

Reflective will eliminate the hoarded aunt blood!

Coupled with my aunt,

The endometrium is another fall off,

Suddenly standing the body and shaking,

It will also shock the endometrium that has not been completely falling off!

If you are afraid of this sudden blood collapse,

It will make my aunt towel too late to absorb a clean and sideways.

The best way is:

Go to the toilet every 1 to 2 hours!

Don’t keep it in the vagina!

I believe the sisters of the chasing women’s group,

There are strange phenomena, right?

Why do these PLMMs like to tie straps on their legs?

In addition to sexy, is there any special intention?

Of course there is!After all, this strap,

But artifacts that make people cheat and become beautiful!

Even Ultraman can’t escape its damn charm!

Don’t believe you to see it yourself,

The same dress,

There are straps, which is obviously more eye -catching than no tie

That’s right ~

This is the magic of straps: comes with the focus of focusing on the view!

Can also add a sense of detail to the leg

Different styles, you can also get different wear styles!~

CR@Ananas eats half

Of course!

The function of practical points is not without!

Tied to the calf, you can fix and knee socks ~

The fixed shirt is OK,

It’s so good that even boys can love love and love!

Ask the sisters of this question,

Do you want to know what the model of the hotel’s small card is like?


Isn’t this a call!

just kidding!As a good citizen who abides by the law,

The phone on the small card cannot be called!

Even if it really hit,

You will be disappointed when you see a real person!


The PLMM on the small card is all P!

Search for high -definition art photo,

There is no sample of resources at all!

Otherwise it is the online stolen map,

One -click cutting, batch extraction,

It is convenient to even cost 9.8 dollars!

This is no better than looking for a photographer by yourself,

Save money and time to arrange scenes and put on POSE?

Direct empty glove white wolf!

Even if I finally met the real -life goods, the panel is not the right board,

So what?

The strong man stays at the door, and you dare not return the goods!

(Usually there are strong men staring outside)

Maybe some sisters still have a doubt,

That’s the truth!

after all,

If it is so spicy and beautiful, the body is so good,

Why can’t you think of doing this?

Just make a monthly salary of Taobao models, you can spend W!

It’s so annoying ~ Today’s popular science class,

That’s it ~

Did you know a lot of strange little knowledge again?

I also have more understanding of my body ~

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