The Yantai woman was born in the middle of the night for 9 months, and the sea was born in the middle of the night.

Source: Yantai Daily-News

Small News Client October 18th (YMG All -Media Reporter He Xiaobo Correspondent Hua Zehong Photography Report) On the morning of the 18th, Liu Lin (pseudonym), a pregnant woman in her 30s, was still observingEssenceTwo days ago, Liu Lin took a taxi to the sea near the Hama Island of Muping District to vice the sea. After being alerted by the alert taxi driver, the police from the Pacific Malaysia Coast Police Station in Muping District went to the incident area in a timely manner to Liu Lin.He rescued from Ghost Gate.

At about 12:37 at night on the 16th, the telephone police bell on duty at the Ruima Island Police Station in Muping District, a police sentiment from the 110 Command Center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau: A pregnant woman equipped with a taxi got off near the Hama Island.According to the taxi driver alarm, suspecting the woman had a tendency to suicide.

Putting down the phone, the Royn Malaysia Coast Police Station immediately took the police to the scene near the Houhai. After full search, the pregnant woman in pajamas was found in the water of 3 meters away from the beach.Faced with the call from the police who went to the rescue to stop, the pregnant woman turned a deaf ear to continue to move to the Shenshui District.

It is not too late. The police quickly stopped and rushed into the beach and jumped into the sea. She dragged the pregnant woman and dragged her uphill from the cold seawater.The woman struggled while crying, and after some busyness, she finally appeased her.The rescue police said that thanks to the taxi driver highly vigilant and reported the police in a timely manner, otherwise to go one step later. Once Liu Lin entered the deep water area, the consequences of the waves were unimaginable.

The cold wind was cold at night in the late autumn, and the cold seawater was soaked. The pregnant woman shivered. The policeman quickly took off the police to put her on the cold, and brought her back to the police station, and brought hot water for her to drink it.Heating.

After her emotional stability, she heard the news that the woman was called Liu Lin. She was in her 30s and was pregnant for more than 9 months. She lived in a residential area in Muping District.Lou walking, Liu Lin, who wanted to be wronged in the process, stopped a taxi and went to Royn Malaysia.

Considering that Liu Linhuai was pregnant and was stimulated by cold seawater, the police then contacted 120 emergency medical staff.Soon, the emergency medical staff of the Affiliated Hospital of Binhai Medical College came to the police station to conduct a preliminary examination of Liu Lin. Due to the safety of pregnant women and fetuses, the emergency doctor brought Liu Lin back to the hospital for further observation and treatment.

At present, Liu Lin is still observing and treating.

Police from the Royal Island Coast Police Station reminded that women will become "fragile" because of their special physiological conditions after pregnancy. As relatives, they must pay more attention to the body and psychological conditions of pregnant women and avoid similar things.

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