The women in Dongguan took the nursery ring, and found the ring in the palace after pregnancy!The hospital admits that there is a mistake in surgery

In July last year, because of her second child, Ms. Wang, who lived in Wanjiang, Dongguan, performed an operation at the Wancheng Hospital.In May this year, Ms. Wang found that she was pregnant.But she couldn’t get up.It turned out that the B -ultrasound showed that there was residual in the palace, and the fetus in the abdomen could not be retained.The Wancheng Hospital acknowledged that there were mistakes in the previous circulation surgery and were willing to bear all responsibilities.However, the hospital’s compensation criteria were more than 23,000, which was rejected by the victims.

There is no review B -ultrasound after finishing the ring surgery

Ms. Wang, 36, is from Shandong. She is currently working on a headhunting company on Wuan Tai Road, Dongguan.According to her husband, Mr. Wang, the couple already have a 6 -year -old son.After the state liberalized the second child policy, the couple decided to regenerate a child.Since the first child was born before, his wife had underwent surgery. If you want to have a second child, you must take the ring first."This is a very simple operation. We don’t know that it will be so serious."

Because Ms. Wang’s social security relationship was in Guancheng, she chose to perform a ring surgery at Wancheng Hospital.According to Mr. Wang, on July 14, 2018, his wife first came to the Wancheng Hospital for various inspections before the ring surgery, and the surgical indicators were normal.Two days later, on July 16th, a female doctor named Li at Wancheng Hospital performed a ring surgery for his wife."At that time, the doctor said that the surgery was smooth, and the birth ring was completely taken out." Mr. Wang said that after the operation, the doctor only prescribed some medicines and took it back to take it, but did not have a B -ultrasound."We also asked the doctor if you wanted to review it, and she said it was unnecessary."

Mr. Wang provided a record of taking the ring surgery with the official seal of the Wancheng Hospital to the reporter of Nandu.The above shows that "the surgery is smooth, and the types of metal rings are taken out of the type of hedging device, and the heterochroma is normal."Later, the list of doctors did only have a few anti -inflammatory drugs, and did not review the B -ultrasound list and the doctor’s order similar to the B -ultrasound."It is precisely because of this mistake that the harm in the future."

There is a residue in the gestational sac in the palace

After taking the ring surgery, Ms. Wang went home to raise her body, and had not done relevant examinations in the middle."In the middle, I took a blood and performed a gynecological inflammation examination at the Guancheng Hospital in October last year.I have been pregnant with children, but because I am busy at work, I have not had time to go to the hospital for examination.During the May Day holiday of this year, Ms. Wang suddenly became red, and then went to the hospital.

On the morning of May 4th, Ms. Wang first came to Dongguan People’s Hospital for inspection. The B -ultrasound showed that Ms. Wang was indeed pregnant. It had been 9 weeks, but "there is a strong echo in the uterine cavity, considering the possibility of the birth ring."According to Mr. Wang, the doctors of the People’s Hospital at that time suggested that they go to the hospital for the ring surgery to do another examination."And the doctor of the People’s Hospital said that if it is determined to be residual, the fetus cannot be required. There is a risk of premature birth, pregnant women’s bleeding, and damage to the child."

On the afternoon of the same day, Ms. Wang came to Wancheng Hospital again to do a B -ultrasound, and the results showed the "Internal Palace".For the sake of insurance, on May 5th, Ms. Wang went to Dongguan Maternal and Child Health Hospital for a B -ultrasound. The result was also "the sound of a scholarship beside the internal gestational sac" and asked Ms. Wang to consider the fetus to stay."Since there is such a big risk, we must not dare to ask." In the interview on May 14th, Ms. Wang was hospitalizing the hospitalization formalities at the Dongguan Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

According to Mr. Wang, this is entirely caused by the mistake of the hospital. Afterwards, he also found the Wancheng Hospital and made two requirements to the hospital."One is the apology of Dr. Li in person, and the second is to compensate the corresponding economic losses." Mr. Wang said, but so far, Dr. Li has not been humble in person."For compensation, under the intervention of the Dongguan Medical Regulatory Commission, the hospital only said that compensation was 23,800."All costs are obviously unreasonable and have been rejected by their couple.

Hospital saying:

On the afternoon of May 14, a reporter from Nandu came to Wancheng Hospital.The person in charge of the hospital’s medical stocks responsible for dealing with medical disputes said that in this incident, it was indeed because the hospital doctors had caused the incident that the hospital did not escape."During the negotiation, I also represented the hospital and the doctor to apologize to the victims." The person in charge said that because the doctors were worried that the doctor’s participation in coordination would intensify the contradiction.Let the doctor intervene.

The person in charge of the medical stocks of the Wancheng Hospital said that afterwards, they also learned from the doctor named Li. Ms. Wang ’s birthday has been in the body for 5 years, and the uterine wall has been implanted, which is a difficult ring."It cannot be completely taken out, it can only be cut, and then it can be pulled out. In the process, the port may be residial." The person in charge said that according to the diagnosis and treatment specifications, after completing the circular surgery, no must be reviewed B.Super requirement."Dr. Li was in his 70s at that time, and he was experienced. At that time, she judged according to experience that the ring had all been taken out, and there was no request to review the B -ultrasound."

As for the issue of compensation, the person in charge of the medical stocks of the Wancheng Hospital said that the compensation of 23,800 was not said to the hospital out of thin air. Instead, it was calculated based on the medical loss standards of the Medical Development Commission, or it was implemented according to the highest standards."Because the medical loss standard has not been introduced in detail, it is calculated by reference to road traffic damage."

At present, the two parties are still compensating for compensation.

Writing: Nandu reporter He Yonghua

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