The woman’s prosecution of divorce in five years was rejected, and her husband threatened "divorce can be available." The fifth prosecution was due to the man who applied for an extension of the trial

Ning Shunhua, 33, never thought it was so difficult to divorce.

Five years ago, when she decided to escape from this marriage, she thought the story would soon end.At that time, Ning Shunhua was just married for five months.

After the first divorce was rejected by the court, the two began a long divorce tug -of -war.

Followed by her husband Chen Dinghua’s constant threats, intimidation, and even resorted to violence.In an interview with upstream news, Chen Dinghua threatened that once the court was sentenced, he would "retaliate" and "divorce, and set up his life."

Although there are many alarm records and multiple decisions of Chen Dinghua’s administrative punishment, when Ning Shunhua walked to the court again and again, the result was that "the relationship between the husband and wife has not completely ruptured" and is not allowed to divorce.

On March 3, Ning Shunhua filed a divorce lawsuit for the fifth time.In the past week, this Hunan girl simply stood out in real name, and "4 years of prosecution and divorce by the court were rejected by the court" quickly received a lot of attention.

The Beijing News reporter repeatedly tried to contact Chen Dinghua, and the phone was not connected.On April 17, Ning Shunhua received a notice as a family member. Chen Dinghua was detained by the police for ten days for threats and intimidation Ning Shunhua and his family.Ning Shunhua got a "safe period" for ten days.

On April 21, the People’s Court of Hengyang County issued a notification that Ning Shunhua and Chen Dinghua’s divorce dispute, which was originally scheduled to start on April 23, will be postponed due to the defendant’s application for application.

The relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of Hengyang County Party Committee also responded to the Beijing News that the relevant departments were acting to make a plan in advance for possible emergencies to protect the personal safety of the parties.

On December 18, 2019, after a dispute with Chen Dinghua, Ning Shunhua’s injury identification record was.Interviewee confession

Escape from domestic violence

In mid -April, after a hot search, Ning Shunhua suspended the work.

At first it was a link from colleagues to report, asking, "Is this the same name as you?" Later, some people kept asking, "Is this you?" "How do you see such a person?"

Ning Shunhua didn’t know how to reply.In the past few years in Shenzhen, she has lived alone. Her colleagues thought she was single. She didn’t know how to explain. She was divorced over the years, and she was "making such a big trouble."

The leader also called, hoping that she could rest for a while, because the owners came to verify, and the impact was not good.

Now, Ning Shunhua works in a community in Shenzhen, and the income is not high, but compared to the sales of sales for many years, this job does not have to show up too much and deal with people -she heard that her husband Chen Dinghua inquired about her around, I also found a private detective.To this end, she moved her home four times and lived in the lively neighborhood in the suburbs. In this way, even if Chen Dinghua was positioned to her, it was difficult to find her in a short time.

In April, Shenzhen was in summer. When she went out, she wore a short -sleeved T -shirt, and her hair was tied to a ponytail behind her head. A ray of bangs was wet by sweat, but she almost wore a mask all the way and sat on the corner of the street.On the terrace of the coffee shop, only occasionally picked it up, drank a large mouthful of tea, and quickly put it on.

Some people sent WeChat to ask her, "Where are you?" She immediately became alert and saw reports that Chen Dinghua was also in Guangdong, and she put a fruit knife beside the bed and could reach it.

Such fear stems from a husband’s beating two years ago.In the winter of 2019, she sued for a divorce for the fourth time. On the way to the high -speed rail station after the first trial, three white cars were pinched back and forth to force her taxi to stop.

The door was opened.Ning Shunhua saw Chen Dinghua’s anger’s face. He stunned her hair and dragged it outside the car. Her yellow down jacket was torn off a long mouth, and people hit the door frame and fell to the ground from the car.She shouted loudly, Chen Dinghua stuck her neck sharply, and continued to drag her hair and hit the road fiercely.

She only felt buzzing in her head, the scalp was torn, and she felt confused. Chen Dinghua and the other two raised her hands and feet respectively.She can only struggle more intensely.

The villagers who covered the house were surrounded by iron shovel, and someone reported the police.The registration form issued by the Zhangshu Police Station of the Hengyang County Public Security Bureau recorded this process: Ningshun Flower’s face, blood stains around the neck, hematoma on the back of the brain, blood stains on the face and hands of Chen Dinghua, and damage of glasses and mobile phones.Chen Dinghua was detained for five days.

Ning Shunhua took the injury identification and Chen Dinghua’s "Public Security Administrative Penalty Decision" to apply for a personal safety protection order from the Hengyang County People’s Court.She comforted herself, "Maybe it is a good thing to hit me, should I always leave this time?"

After that, she fled back to the rental house in Shenzhen and asked for leave with an excuse of a car accident. She did not dare to go out for more than a week.

The wound on the body slowly knocked down, but the impact continued.She began to suffer serious insomnia, and she had to boil until two or three o’clock every day to fall asleep.In the evening, her mobile phone was put on a video, her eyes closed, and sometimes some historical TV series. They also listened to the news. She heard the news of the beating wife fighting against her husband. She felt the same.I had to wake up several times at night, and there was the voice of a strange man in the corridor. She immediately woke up and felt that breathing suffered, curled up and waited for the sound to go away.

Fear entangled her, "I am scared when I mention this name." Walking on the road, she saw a back from a distance, like Chen Dinghua."It seems that wherever someone may catch you and beat you." She couldn’t stop trembling. "I’m afraid it is him, I’m afraid of him, this is a demon."

At noon one day in August 2020, Ning Shunhua’s younger brother received her fourth prosecution judgment and called, "still rejected."Emotions quickly devoured her, and she shook her hand almost unable to hold her mobile phone.

Before marriage, Ning Shunhua took a corner of the village shot from the house.Interviewee confession

Hasty marriage

In the year of getting married, Ning Shunhua was 28 years old.

The closer to 30 years old, the more she was anxious.Almost all friends around are married and have children. She is worried that she has had the best age of childbirth. She will also feel that "people like us are not very high in culture. After 30 years of age, they will be single.","

At first, some matchmakers introduced it with a high tone that that person was rich at home, and that person was a college student.She refused directly, "It seems that I think I will climb high."

She also met a few times, some yellow hair, wearing fancy, like a playboy, and some of them were not good.She once doubted whether she was suitable for such a person in the eyes of the matchmaker.

Ning Shunhua has a goose egg face, big eyes, slender body, fair skin, and many people praise her like a Korean star Cai Lin.After graduating from junior high school, she followed her sister to Guangdong, worked at an electronic factory, and later sold sales.She doesn’t have much time in her hometown, and only a few days when the New Year is celebrated every year.

After the two sisters were married in foreign provinces one after another, the father did not want the younger daughter to marry again, and began to promote her. She urged her.

At the end of 2015, Chen Dinghua led the matchmaker to go to Ning’s family.The two houses were separated by a large area of farmland. Ning Shunhua had no impression of him. I just remember that when he met, he wore a black cotton jacket.Internal person.This is not her favorite type. She likes "looks very decent, has a warm -tempered, wise, and calm person."

But in the words of the matchmaker, the age, appearance, and conditions of the two are very good.Chen Dinghua was three years older than her. She drove a white Land Rover. The car was not yet listed and carried smoke and alcohol.The matchmaker said that he invested some money in the plastic factory opened by his relatives, poured a good job, and just bought a house in the city.

Ning Shunhua asked him, what did you control in the factory?What is the benefit of the factory?He moved the topic and only said that he took her to the factory to see after marriage.

On the same day, Chen Dinghua proposed that he hoped that the relationship between the two would be "settled". Ning Shunhua felt too fast and did not agree.After the New Year, she returned to work in Guangdong, and Chen Dinghua stayed in her hometown.In the daily contact between the two, Chen Dinghua always urged to get married early.

Chen Dinghua’s cousin Liao Qionghua remembered that in April of that year, Chen Dinghua bought a diamond ring on a pawn shop, and claimed to spend 120,000 yuan, and planned to go to Guangdong to propose to Ningshunhua.

When Ning Shunhua received a picture of the ring, she stated on the phone that don’t buy it, she doesn’t like this style.But Chen Dinghua still bought, "He said he likes it."

It was the first time Ning Shunhua felt that he had not been respected. "Isn’t the wedding ring going to the store to choose together? He didn’t." Chen Dinghua’s ring was packed in a small sealing bag.Yellow.Ning Shunhua ran to the streets to find a gold shop. After testing, the clerk said that it was a very inferior diamond.Instead, she was relieved, "As long as he doesn’t have a fake confusion."

In June 2016, Chen Dinghua went to Guangdong again, and wrote a "Final (Compliance) Marriage Law" in person to ensure that "the yellow gambling poison is forbidden after marriage", so that Ning Shunhua can rest assured.The matchmaker also called, "Don’t pick it up, you are so old, it’s almost fine."

A few days later, Ning Shunhua resigned, and followed Chen Dinghua back to his hometown to receive a certificate.

For Ning Shunhua, this "hasty" decision is more like a compromise."Fate, age is already here, find someone to live with him." She said that others were also like this and married, and it passed.

On July 15, 2017, Chen Dinghua conflicts with Ning Shunhua’s father, causing Ning Shunhua’s father to injury with his left eye and fracture nasal bone.The picture shows Ning Shunhua’s father.Interviewee confession

"Strange" husband

After marriage, Ning Shunhua quickly discovered that Chen Dinghua was very different from the "introverted person" in her impression.

He is very public.After receiving the certificate, the villagers told Ning Shunhua that before they got married, Chen Dinghua threatened, "Who helped him make a media success, he gave 50,000 money red envelopes." Previously, relative Liao Qionghua also heard him many times.

He always wears clothes with a type of horror pattern printed with a large lion face, a small finger gold necklace on his neck, and the car key on his waist. When driving, he likes to step on the accelerator with one foot.Stepping on the foot brakes, it is very eye -catching on the road.Ning Shunhua called him to be stable, and he didn’t speak with a smile, and continued to open like this.

They don’t have the same hobbies.Ning Shunhua likes to listen to Faye Wong’s song, but her husband loves to listen to Hua Drum.She used to go to bed early and get up early, but he had to sleep until noon every day, went out for a meal, and went home late at night.When meeting with friends, they were always playing cards. Ning Shunhua couldn’t play. Sitting on the side was noisy and had a headache.

Husband’s emotions are also undulating.When she is used to cook, she is used to putting peppers. When she served, Chen Dinghua would pick up the dish and pour it directly into the trash. Then she knew, "He can’t eat spicy, just don’t eat it." Sometimes they go out and go out and go out out.He came back at night, he was in a good mood, hit a pot of hot water and washed her feet.

More unexpected problems appeared.One day, Ning Shunhua asked about the work of her husband’s plastic factory. He suddenly yelled and fucking an authentic dialect.

She said that her husband was gambling after marriage.I heard that her husband and friend Zhang Juncheng (pseudonym) talked about it.

In fact, Zhang Juncheng said that in Hengyang County, almost all of them who played cards knew that Chen Dinghua had a nickname "Gambling God". He played a lot on the card table and affordable, and even opened a casino.After Chen Dinghua dropped out of school, he mixed casinos in Guangdong. For more than ten years, his net worth won from the card."Tens of thousands of thousands of or losing or losing a night is common."

Chen Dinghua was also detained and punished many times for gambling.Zhang Juncheng said, "His personality is very extreme. It is okay to gamble. He lost his temper and he was particularly irritable. Whoever said, he fucking the stool at hand and smashed it on your head."

After discovering her husband’s unemployed and gambling, Ning Shunhua ran to his sister’s house in Guangdong. A few days later, Chen Dinghua came to pick up people, cried and kneeled in front of her, wrote a guarantee, promised to find a job, and never gamble again.It’s right.

Ning Shun was softened and gave her husband a chance to change it.Back to Hengyang, Chen Dinghua took out 300,000 yuan to make her responsible for the renovation of the new house.He went to go out at noon as usual, and returned home in the middle of the night. The fierce quarrel gradually turned into helplessness. Ning Shunhua did not remove him again.

Gambling is obviously a thing that cannot be held.At least Zhang Juncheng did not believe that Chen Dinghua could quit gambling. After marriage, Chen Dinghua took a little bit, but he was still active in the casino. "He has gambled for more than ten years."

Chen Dinghua had a wedding photo of the two in his house.Interviewee confession


On November 13, 2016, in the early morning when a husband returned home, Ning Shunhua decided to escape from the marriage.

She didn’t take anything away. She went to the station alone and bought a train ticket to Guangdong.For seven or eight hours of drive, she kept looking at her short marriage life. "There is no feeling of new wedding Yaner, only constant quarrels and cold war."

There is the idea of divorce in his mind."The gambling person has today, no tomorrow." Now divorced, the damage to the two parties can be minimized. The two have not had a banquet and have no children. "Just return the gift to him."

On the phone number of divorce, Chen Dinghua was playing "Fried Golden Flowers". In the noisy card, he returned impatiently. "After making a marriage certificate, the initiative is in me, not you, I do not agree to leave.Marriage is impossible to leave. "

On December 1, 2016, Ning Shunhua prosecuted for the first time, and she didn’t even know how to write a complaint.At the entrance of the People’s Court of Hengyang County, she spent 300 yuan to find someone to write. There was only one reason for divorce: the other party was obsessed with gambling.

But she has no evidence at hand.I never thought that after four days of prosecution, she received a notice as a family member. Chen Dinghua was fined for two gambling and was detained for twelve days of administrative detention.However, this evidence failed to be accepted by the court and determined that "the defendant cannot prove that the defendant has a gambling habit and repeatedly teach."

After the first prosecution court trial, Chen Dinghua asked Zhang Juncheng to persuade Ning Shunhua not to divorce. "He guarantees that he will chop his hand again many times."

The chat record showed that the persuasion was unsuccessful, Chen Dinghua sent an intimidation message, "I am going to make your eyes" and "a woman with sulfuric acid."Ning Shunhua pulled his number, he played with other numbers, and Ning Shunhua pulled black again. Later, when she saw Hunan’s number, she pulled black.

Chen Dinghua has also done something to try to restore this marriage.Chen Dinghua’s sister told reporters that he wrote a hundred commitments and sent it to the villagers to admit that he would be willful, cares, and gambled. He was determined to change his mind.In the past few years, Chen Dinghua still visited Ning Shunhua’s grandmother. She also gave her a hot water bag and electric fan in winter. He said that his grandmother had never interfered with their marriage, and he filial piety to her.

Zhang Juncheng said that in the past two years, Chen Dinghua’s money basically lost. He sold the car, but the money of the decoration house moved."In his heart, the house was renovated, and Ning Shunhua could come back."

But these did not work.On July 14, 2017, Ning Shunhua returned to his hometown for the second time to divorce.Chen Dinghua blocked, grabbed the material in her bag, and in the process of grabbing, Ning Shun spent his two slaps.Chen Dinghua grabbed her without letting go, and in the end she could only call the police.After finishing the transcript, when she saw Chen Dinghua guarding at the door of the police station, she picked up the water pipe on the second floor and escaped from the back door.

This move angered Chen Dinghua.Ning Shunhua told that after asking her whereabouts were unsuccessful, Chen Dinghua first slapped his father, and chopped her brother with a kitchen knife. He found that he couldn’t contact Ning Shunhua. His fist fell on the face of Ning’s father.As a result, Ning Father was injured in his left eye and fractures of the nasal bone.

On July 24, 2017, the "Registration Form" of the Jingtou Police Station of Hengyang County Public Security Bureau recorded that two conflicts occurred on the two sides on July 14 and July 15, causing Ning’s father to be injured.Chen Dinghua was detained for five days by administration, and Ning Shunhua was detained for three days because of his two slaps.He told Zhang Juncheng that he did this, but just wanted to talk to Ning Shunhua, and she didn’t give him a chance.

Another "Public Security Administrative Punishment Decision" shows that on November 28, 2017, after the second prosecution court trial, Chen Dinghua drove the car of Ningshunhua’s acting lawyer at the time and crushed the window glass.SMS records show that Ning Shunhua cannot be contacted. He constantly sends intimidating information to Ning Shunhua’s family. Most of them are news links such as "revenge and killing" and "destroying the door" searched online.

Chen Dinghua’s sister believes that Ning Shunhua sent the conflict of her hands on this time to the Internet, saying that Chen Dinghua had a tendency to violence, which was "the wicked first sued, which caused everyone to be pitiful."

She said that her brother also wanted to do his best to restore his threatening letter. "We advise him to let go. Others are not scared, and they will only lose all of them. I can’t persuade her.Things. "

During the trial of the case, Chen Dinghua decorated the house. He snatched Ning Shunhua’s ID card at the door of the court and said that he would take her to take a look at a new house. After reading it, he agreed to divorce.After arriving at the new house, he asked his friends to locked the door and started talking to his wife.

Ning Shunhua felt tormented, and he was a little dark, and he refused to open the door to let her go.When she remembered a trial, Chen Dinghua said, "Fighting with you is endless."She got up and fell the vases and water cups, and the door was still not open. It was not until late at night that after Sister Ning Shunhua called the police, the police came to the door.

For the third prosecution to divorce, Chen Dinghua was detained for five days because he took several people to Changsha to threaten Ning Shunhua’s younger brother.

But what made Ning Shunhua feel the most really fear was that after the fourth prosecution of divorce, Chen Dinghua beaten her.Chen Dinghua explained in an interview with the Jiupai news that this was the only time he started to Ning Shunhua."I want to pull her down from the car, say it clearly, and then leave. She can’t move, I can’t hold her, and pull her out her hair."

Chen Dinghua attributed his extreme behavior to Ning Shunhua’s "cruelty".In an interview with the Jiupai news, he mentioned that in 2018, when his father died, he hoped that Ning Shunhua would wait for a few months, but she still sued as soon as possible.

In addition to the intimidation and violence, Chen Dinghua also pressured Ning Shunhua in other ways.Chen Dinghua Zhang Juncheng told reporters for many years that he had received several records of opening a house from Chen Dinghua with photos of Ning Shunhua.He sent it to all the people who knew, saying that Ning Shunhua was raised by a rich man who was older than Ning’s father, and called everyone to call to laugh at her.

On April 15th, Chen Dinghua said in an interview with Peng Mei News that he gave Ning Shunhua more than 300,000 yuan to decorate the house, 380,000 to do business, and spent more than 100,000 yuan to buy a diamond ring."" ".

However, the fourth judgment showed that in December 2016, Ning Shunhua settled Chen Dinghua to his decoration house model for settlement, and 120,000 yuan of 310,000 yuan was used for renovation houses, and the remaining decoration was 190,000 yuan to refund Chen Dinghua.Chen Dinghua’s debit provided by 380,000 yuan has not been determined by the court.

Nevertheless, in the local area, Zhang Juncheng, Liao Qionghua and many people believed this statement, and the village began to spread. The young daughter of the Ning family was not famous outside, did she cheat marriage.Chen Dinghua’s sister told reporters that when Chen Dinghua got married, she gave the woman a gift for 66,000 yuan. After marriage, she also gave the woman money. Every time she had thousands of, "She was so good to her, she had been divorced."

In this regard, Ning Shunhua said that in addition to living expenses, she confiscated Chen Dinghua’s money. As for the 66,000 yuan colorful gifts and diamond ring, she could return it after waiting for divorce.

Zhang Juncheng persuaded Chen Dinghua, "You do this, how can she raise her head in the future, she will not follow you." At that time, Chen Dinghua replied to him, "She wants to divorce, and I will destroy her."

On April 18, after learning that his son was detained by administrative detention, Chen Dinghua’s mother was too sad. She did not eat one day. Chen Dinghua’s sister sighed, "Because the divorce was full of storms, it would be difficult for him to look up in the future." In the past two years, Chen DinghuaThe mother’s body is getting worse. The sister returned to Hengyang to take care of her mother. They lived in Chen Dinghua’s new house, and their brothers’ wedding photos were hung on the wall.

On April 10, 2018, at the entrance of the Hengyang Intermediate People’s Court, Chen Dinghua snatched Ningshunhua’s bag and monitored the man in the surveillance video as Chen Dinghua.Interviewee confession

Unable to get married

In July 2020, Ning Shunhua was married a little bit.

At that time, Chen Dinghua proposed the conditions to agree to divorce to sign a divorce agreement with Ning Shunhua.The agreement stipulates that the woman promises not to fall in love or get married within two years. The two sides keep in touch. The man does not threaten, intimidation, family violence, and relatives, and changes bad habits.

In the end neither of them signed.Ning Shunhua said that Chen Dinghua asked to add a sentence, "If you are not remarried, you will inevitably retaliate", she did not agree.In an interview, Chen Dinghua said that at that time, the Women’s Federation suggested that she add one. After the woman re -emotional to the man, she considers remarried with the man. He felt that there was no bottom in his heart and wanted her to change to "100 %".

In August 2020, Ning Shunhua’s fourth divorce prosecution was rejected.At that time, she and Chen Dinghua lived in the past four years and twice to the court’s application for personal protection order. Chen Dinghua was detained four times for threats, intimidation and violence.suitable."

The evidence she provided as the breakdown of the couple, including multiple reporting forms, injury appraisal and other materials. The court believes that these evidence "lacks correlation and does not accept letters."Chen Dinghua sent to her and her family threatening SMS screenshots. The court determined that the evidence was truly legal and related, "but it cannot fully achieve its proof."

And part of the evidence provided by Chen Dinghua, including Chen Dinghua, pays the phone fee for Ningshunhua; two text messages sent by Ning Shunhua, "I haven’t moved today … you miss me" "Wait for the house to decorate, we don’t need to needSeparate, I will go with you next year, where are you and where are you? "And in August 2017, the two in a hotel in Shenzhen, the court determined that it can prove that the relationship between the two couples has not completely ruptured.

Ning Shunhua said that she had repeatedly proposed to the court and the Women’s Federation. Chen Dinghua made a SMS record, set the username of others as her phone number, and took her ID card to make a fake house opening record.I hope they will investigate the authenticity of these two evidence.Relevant staff of the Propaganda Department of Hengyang County Party Committee responded to the reporter that the relevant situation is still unclear in the trial.

In March of this year, after the fifth divorce litigation, Ning Shunhua had no grasp at all. She failed to provide more evidence. She had already broken contact with her husband Chen Dinghua in the legal sense.They have "broken emotion".

"The statutory conditions based on the divorce litigation judgment are the breakdown of emotion, and it does not have a very quantitative indicator." In the view of Li Ying, a senior marriage and family lawyer in China, in this case, the man has domestic violence, gambling, etc.Prosecution of divorce can indicate that the relationship between husband and wife is broken, and there is no possibility of reconciliation.By the fourth prosecution, the court still did not leave, and the result was relatively conservative.

On April 19, the relevant staff of the Propaganda Department of the Hengyang Municipal Party Committee explained to the reporter of the Beijing News that in this case, the starting point of the judge is good.The judge should take responsibility and choose not to temporarily not judge the divorce. The two sides can ease the situation first.For the judgment of this divorce case, it must be the result of the comprehensive consideration of law, reason, and affection.

This view is also recognized by He Xin, a professor at the University of Hong Kong. He has conducted an empirical study of the divorce cases in China in the past ten years and found that up to 62%of household violence divorce lawsuits were formed by mediation or active withdrawal."If you forcibly lift your marriage, not only will the woman be threatened, but sometimes it will threaten the judge. Therefore, the judge will be very cautious. Choose a relatively safe method.

Professor He Xin believes that when dealing with a divorce lawsuit involved in family violence, the judge was quite institutional constraints. In addition to maintaining social stability considerations, the court’s own management and evaluation system of judges also had problems.

On April 17, Ning Shunhua received a notice as a family member. Chen Dinghua was detained for ten days for threats and intimidation Ning Shunhua and his family.Interviewee confession

Waiting days

On the afternoon of April 20, Ning Shunhua was notified that her fifth divorce lawsuit will be tried three days later.This was the first time she felt relaxed before the trial. She decided to return to Hengyang and went to the park for a while.

In the four and a half years of the divorce, she did not know when the divorce road was the end.After each prosecution, she saw the end point, turned around, and the reality gave her a good stick.

She even thought about the most extreme possibility: she sued in her twenties to forty years old and could not be separated from marriage. She pretended to reconcile with him, bought a bottle of grass, and ended up with him.She doesn’t want to have such a day.

This is already a well -known marriage, just like a timing bomb beside Ning Shunhua, and her life may be blown at any time.She shrank into her shell, and it was difficult to believe others again.Her temper becomes impatient; she has almost no life. Except for busy work and litigation, she is living at home, no longer traveling, and rarely listening to music.

What makes her guilty more guilty is that the personal safety of her family is also threatened.Several sisters and brothers rarely returned to their hometown, and they packed the camera for their lonely father’s yard.

Someone around him persuaded her, don’t sue, just after a lifetime.Some colleagues even introduced her to her, and she refused, "Why do people live with you and hiding in Tibet?"

She said that she should not marry in the future.She even inquired about Shenzhen’s nursing homes.

Reality has forced Ning Shunhua into half of the "divorce expert".Since the second prosecution, the complaint was written by herself.I heard that my sister’s friends were violently domesticated for a long time, and Ning Shunhua’s tone was firm. "I must call her to divorce immediately.

She also told young friends that not every marriage was so bad, "I just met a bad person."

On April 21, Ning Shunhua, who was waiting for the trial, received a call from the court, "the trial was postponed, and the time was not determined."

She was insomnia again.This paper divorce judgment, she has been waiting for four and a half years.

When I used to brush the short video, I saw the divorced person pulling the banner to celebrate, and she finally could understand their mood now.When she divorced, she was also drunk, and she would cheer on the road and shouted, "I finally recovered freedom."

Text | Beijing News reporter Xiao Weiwei intern Shang Qianyu

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