The woman who has been "beaten", these three traces can’t hide, and can’t hide the people around them.

Many women do not take relevant contraceptive measures, and do not want to have children after accidents. They may terminate pregnancy through artificial abortion. They have not experienced tires. Most women will be nervous. They are afraid that the body will suffer in pain during the fetal process.I think there will be many traces after the fetus, and let others know about it in the future.And it is impossible to conceal it, but you have to understand.

There is no fertility plan to properly contraception, but do not cause bad consequences for a moment.And many traces of women who have experienced tires cannot be wiped out, such as fertility ability.

Some women have high frequency of fetal fetus, not only one or twice, but may be pregnant many times, but they do not want children. Therefore, they end their pregnancy through artificial abortion.After some people have a high frequency of fetal fetus, the thickness of the uterine endometrium does not meet the standards, and the subsequent fertility is reduced. When going to the hospital for examination, the doctor usually told patients that the patient was affected by the fetal.

Women who have experienced tires will leave an indelible psychological trauma, and this psychological trace stays for a long time.Because women who are preparing for normal pregnancy, women who are conceived, and fertility, this process will make themselves happy, because children are what they want, and most of them will care carefully.

However, women who have no control and ignore the importance of self -cleaning self -consciousness, if the protection measures are not in place and their consciousness is weak, they may not want their children after multiple pregnancy.Shadow, this kind of psychological and emotional changes cannot be recovered for a long time.

The hospital will establish a file of each patient. Even if it is a minor illness and a small pain to go to the hospital, it is usually recorded in the case. Many information can be read to the hospital for a long time.

Of course, many software can also be bound to personal data, and you can check the medical records on your mobile phone. These materials cannot be wiped. If you go to the hospital for fetal, you will go through the process of treatment, treatment, etc.Therefore, the relevant records are clear. How much is every item and the specific items can be known through data inspection.If you are afraid of others to know, you should take contraceptive measures, otherwise these records are easy to find.

It can be found through the above content that many traces will be left when women have been tires, and many aspects cannot be concealed. It is not that it does not happen to kill the child.And the hospital is stored reasonably for each patient’s diagnosis information, which is convenient for subsequent inspection. These traces will not disappear over time, completely erase, and contraceptive measures in life will be in place.

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