The woman was unfortunately aborted, and she came up with a ridiculous way to give birth to a child


One afternoon in June, a county hospital in the north suddenly received a call for help. A woman shouted in a panting: "Doctor, I want to have a child, come and help me."

After saying the name and my own address, I hurriedly hung up the phone.The hospital felt an urgent situation and immediately sent an emergency car.What surprised the doctor was that when they arrived, the woman had given birth to a child safely.

The woman was in a coma at the time, lying on the bed without moving, there was a pool of blood at the lower body, and a placenta that was cut off the umbilical cord. An aunt who claimed to be a woman’s mother was holding a baby in her arms and explained to the doctor.The baby was just born by her daughter. In the afternoon, her daughter suddenly had abdominal pain. After calling the hospital, she quickly produced her child. She was born for her daughter.

The doctor then brought the woman and baby back to the hospital for further examination.After checking the doctor, the physiological indicators of the woman were no different from normal people, not like mothers, and the ingredients of sleeping pills were detected in the blood. Is it necessary for pregnant women to have sleeping pills?In addition, the women’s uterus and the birth canal did not have obvious expansion and bleeding, unlike those who had just given birth to a child.No children, where did the blood and placenta on the bed come from?Where did the child come from?Facing all kinds of unusual doctors, doctors are puzzled.

The woman’s mother found a doctor and asked the doctor to issue a birth certificate for the child.The doctor was very embarrassed, so he told the woman’s mother’s unusual place.

The woman’s mother insisted that the child was born by her daughter. After speaking, she also took out a few daughter’s pregnancy test sheet to show the doctor.The doctor took the inspection sheet to see that the woman was really pregnant on the inspection list, and the due date was also in these days.

The doctor rejected the woman’s mother’s request with a cautious attitude.But the woman’s mother was so noisy in the hospital, and in the end, the doctor could not report to the police.

After the police came to the scene, they learned that the best way to determine that the child is the best way for women to be born is parent -child identification.But the woman’s mother was unwilling to say that it was more.

The woman also woke up. When she heard that the police suggested that she had to do a parent -child identification, she immediately became nervous.The hospital insists on the results of parent -child appraisal to determine the certificate of birth.The woman reluctantly agreed.

The identification results came out, and the results showed that the woman had no blood with her child.The police told the woman that the woman teared her hair annoyedly, and she didn’t say a word, but she burst into tears.

The woman told the child’s origin to the police.This also has to start with a woman’s marriage.The woman is Zhang Xueli, a salesman of an insurance company in the county.At the age of 27, he introduced his current husband Wu Qiang 4 years ago.

Wu Qiang is 8 years older than Zhang Xueli. He is a project manager of a local construction company. There are houses and cars. Wu Qiangcheng is well -known, humorous, talkative. It is the type that Zhang Xueli likes. Zhang Xueli is beautiful and the two quickly get married.

Soon, the marriage of the two lit a red light, and her husband divorced Zhang Xueli.The reason is that Zhang Xueli has never been pregnant for more than three years.Begging her husband’s husband has repeatedly persuaded Zhang Xueli to go to the hospital to check her body, but the wife refused for various reasons.

When her husband was looking for things, he accidentally turned out a box of contraceptives. Then he understood what was going on. It turned out that his wife had been secretly contraceptive.The husband asked Zhang Xueli at the geology, and Zhang Xueli had to tell the truth.

It turned out that Zhang Xueli took care of someone to take care of the child, and her mother -in -law was weak, and her mother brought her children to her brother in the field.Once the child is born, he has to leave as a full -time mother. After the husband repeatedly said that after the child was born, Zhang Xueli was a full -time mother at home to bring the child, because the hiring nanny not only cost high, but Guan Jian was uneasy.

Zhang Xueli has always been strong. When she thinks of a penny in the future, she has to ask her husband.I usually listen to the story of more full -time housewives being disliked by her husband, and Zhang Xueli is worried that she will also fall to that point.At that time, Zhang Xueli thought that she was still young, her career was rising, and she soon had the opportunity to promote salary and increased their jobs. She didn’t want to give up her work easily.

In fact, I also communicated with my husband before marriage, hoping to have children for two years.But Wu Qiang, who was a boyfriend at the time, showed the meaning of breaking up.Zhang Xueli was reluctant to give up the marriage objects with good conditions in all aspects, and agreed to her husband’s request to be naturally pregnant after marriage.After the husband wanted to want a child, Zhang Xueli secretly took the contraceptive pill.

There was a dispute between the two, and neither did not give up. They did not speak for a few days.What Zhang Xueli never expected was that she suddenly received a subpoena from the court a few days later. The husband had went to the court to sue to divorce because Zhang Xueli did not want to have children.Zhang Xueli did not expect that her husband wanted the child to be so anxious, and he did not hesitate to divorce herself.At this time, Zhang Xueli was afraid that after divorce, it was impossible to find a person who had a good condition like a husband and had a good treat to her.

Zhang Xueli, who was in the dilemma, turned to her mother. The mother’s words asked Zhang Xueli to make a decision. To Wu Qiang, she was willing to have children and was willing to have children as soon as possible.A few months later, Zhang Xueli was pregnant smoothly. Her husband was happy like a child. Not only did she immediately report good news to her parents, but also bought a lot of nutrients for Zhang Xueli.

When Zhang Xueli was pregnant for 5 months, her husband was sent to the country to take charge of the construction project by the company.In order to not worry about her husband, Zhang Xueli took her mother to her house in advance to take care of herself.Although her husband is in a foreign country, she is always not assured of Zhang Xueli, and often calls her to be careful.

Unexpected things happened.One day, she took a bath, and when she got up, her legs fell to the ground just when she spanned the bathtub. She felt a severe pain in her stomach, and blood flowed out.The mother then called the first aid call, and then Zhang Xueli was taken to the hospital. In the end, the child did not keep it.

After losing her child, Zhang Xueli was in pain. She wanted to call her husband to seek comfort, but she thought about it. She had previously stole contraception. Now the child has miscarriage. Will her husband think that she has deliberately disappeared the child?What is important is what to do if the husband knows that the child is not divorced with himself?

What makes Zhang Xueli even more sad is that her uterus was infected after miscarriage, causing fallopian tubes to block, and she may be difficult to get pregnant in the future.When she learned the news, Zhang Xueli felt that Wu Lei bumpedly.

Zhang Xueli’s mother looked at her daughter’s increasingly sorrow, very distressed.In order to save her daughter’s marriage, her daughter was given an idea.Zhang Xueli’s mother’s aunt cousin’s child, Xiaolian Gang, graduated, and was pregnant with her boyfriend’s child.

The boyfriend thinks that he is too young and does not want a child, and wants Xiaolian to kill the child.The doctor said that the month can only induce labor, but it hurts too much.

Zhang Xueli’s mother discussed with Xiaolian that she asked Xiaolian to give birth to her child, and her child’s due date was very close to Zhang Xueli’s due date.Xiaolian is not willing to fight the child. It is useless to be a serious job when he is born at a young age. How to raise a child in the future, he agreed to Zhang Xueli’s mother’s request. As soon as Xiaolian did not need to induce labor, the damage to the body was minimized.Come to Zhang Xueli is also considered to be Xiaolian’s distant cousin, which can help Zhang Xueli through the current difficulty, and Zhang Xueli’s family conditions are very good, which is also very beneficial to the child’s growth.

In order to hide the truth of miscarriage, Zhang Xueli eats a lot of things every day, and deliberately put on clothes on the stomach, and then fix it with a cloth bag to put on a large clothes to cover it. It looks like a real pregnant woman.

Xiaolian’s child was finally born.Zhang Xueli and her mother bought a lot of fresh pig blood from the vegetable market. In order to prevent bleeding from solidifying, a lot of salt was added.

As soon as Xiaolian gave birth to her child, Zhang Xueli’s mother was free from the doctor’s placenta from the doctor to freeze in the refrigerator.

Zhang Xueli was worried that she was not pretending to be. She took two slices of sleeping pills, and then Zhang Xueli lay on the bed with her lower body, and her mother began to put pig blood on her lower body.The placenta was poured on the pig blood on the bed. After finishing these Zhang Xueli, she started to be a little sleepy. She pretended to make a emergency phone call for the hospital, lied that she was going to have children, and then hurriedly hung up. Finally, she did not forget to give it.The husband also called, the children of the two were about to give birth, and they had already called for a emergency call to let the husband wait patiently for the good news.

The truth was white, but Zhang Xueli was upset all the time. She was afraid that her husband would be able to get pregnant again in the future, so she was anxious to divorce herself, but Zhang Xueli didn’t want to divorce. Can her husband sue for divorce with Zhang Xueli without having a child?

This involves our legal points today: the fertility of both husband and wife.The right to fertility refers to the number of men and women with a legal marriage relationship in accordance with the law, when to have the number of children and children.How can men and women be solved if men and women want to have children or when it is difficult to reach an agreement?my country’s Women’s Rights Protection Law stipulates that women have the right to fertility children and the freedom of fertility, but this does not indicate that the law deprives men’s fertility, but because women bear more than men in the process of pregnancy production and raising their children. There are more risks and difficult problems, so more give women free of freedom, which reflects the artificial care and special protection of women’s groups.The man can choose again to remarry with other opposite sex who are willing to have children.

After understanding the issue of the maternity rights of the husband and wife, Zhang Xueli was very desperate. Considering that the child had been brought back to the biological mother Xiaolian by the police, no children could perfunctory her husband, and could only call the truth to tell her husband.

After the husband learned that he immediately asked for leave to rush back to the family. After a detailed understanding of the situation, the husband forgive Zhang Xueli.Abortion is an accident. It is not that his wife does not want a child, so he did not blame his wife. As for his wife wanted to support others, the husband considered his wife’s original intention to maintain the marriage of the two and did not investigate.As for his wife’s tubal clogging, it is difficult to get pregnant again. He believes that there is always a solution for development of medicine. It is really not possible to be a test tube baby.Zhang Xueli was greatly moved by her husband’s tolerance, and vowed to actively treat her body and strive to get pregnant again as soon as possible.

As the rhythm of social life accelerates the increase in life pressure, some people are unwilling to ask for children, and there are often disputes between husband and wife.Both men and women have the right to fertility. Which party is unilaterally determined by the birth of a child will have an adverse effect on the relationship between the husband and wife of the family relationship. Therefore, both the husband and wife should try to communicate as much as possible to reach an agreement on the issue of children.The foundation of a happy family.

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