The woman was ruthlessly kicked out of the house by her husband for three months of pregnancy!#Hot short drama recommendation

The woman was more than three months pregnant, but was kicked out of the house by a vicious husband.No matter how a woman kneels to ask for mercy, her husband must insist on driving her away.What makes men so cruel?It turned out that just half an hour ago, people accidentally discovered the precepts in her husband’s clothes pocket.The woman thought it was bought by her husband, so she brought it to her hands.Unexpectedly, when her husband returned, he immediately accused the woman of saying why he turned his own things.The woman was a little surprised in an instant. She quickly returned the ring to the man, but she was hit to the ground by her. She also disgusted the ring and was soiled by the woman.

At this time, the woman understood that this ring was actually given to her girlfriend.The doubt of a woman’s face, obviously she is the man’s wife, and I am your wife.Unexpectedly, the man held the woman’s neck, and the man always thought it was her to give the man.Due to the pressure of public opinion, he had to marry a woman.In the eyes of men, this is a bad woman who is playing with the heart.The woman wanted to make it clear, but the man did not give her a chance.Then the man threw the woman out of the house and attacked the woman in the most vicious language.The woman kneeled in the rain desperately, and let her desperately explain, but the man couldn’t hear it at all.Women begged hard, and men closed the door without returning.His girlfriend came over, and he came up to humiliate the woman, saying that he was a bereavement dog, and he also lied that he had a man who had a man, so that the woman quickly left the house.Women looked at their girlfriends incredible.

But the girlfriend smiled suddenly at this time, and immediately sat on the ground with a buttocks. Why did the woman a woman pushing her to harm her child? Before he reacted, the man pushed the door and rushed out, and abusive his wife.

Seeing this, my girlfriend stole the hidden blood bags, and let’s take a fake truth.Seeing this situation, men attacking their wives regardless of blue and red soap, each word deeply stimulated women’s hearts.The man was even more cruel, and once again pushed the woman to the ground.But her heart girl showed an ugly face.But the woman has been pregnant for three months, and her stomach is painful. The woman begged the man to take himself to the hospital, but the man smiled disdainfully, thinking that this was just a woman’s heart.Then the man picked up Primary Three to the hospital.At this time, how desperate the woman’s heart was, at which time a blood flowed out of the thigh.Lao Tie click to see the wonderful follow -up in the lower left corner!

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