The woman was completely unknown for the women’s 8 months of pregnancy. During the banquet, she suddenly had a stomach pain, and an accident caused a baby.

Recently, a 23 -year -old woman gave birth to a baby "bizarily" after attending the banquet.

The woman is Raaviania Steston, from Harry Fax, Westyakshire.On the night of the incident, Lavania was attending the cocktail banquet in a restaurant. At that time, she and her two friends were drinking Martini. Suddenly she felt a bit of spasm.At around 10 o’clock, Raaviania left the restaurant and went to her mother’s residence nearby.But her stomach was still painful like a spasm. Her mother began to think that her daughter didn’t care too much about drinking too much. Until an hour later, she found something wrong. Her daughter didn’t seem to have the pain of eating bad stomach. As a mother, she seemed to capture what she had capturedThe information was a little panicked, so she called the emergency phone call, saying that her daughter seemed to have a contraction. Because the worker could not confirm the diagnosis, she suggested that she say that if her daughter’s pain continues to deteriorate, she quickly goes to the hospital for emergency treatment.

At 2 o’clock in the morning, Lavania had to follow her mother to the local emergency department.After arriving at the hospital, Lavania still knew nothing about the fact that she was pregnant for eight and a half months. She thought that the doctor would say that she had appendicitis or some infection.But when the doctors saw her pain, they seemed to know that Lavania was about to give birth, so they asked her to do a urine test.After a few minutes, the doctor came back and told her that she was pregnant and confirmed that she was giving birth, and she was sent to the delivery room.

Lavania was stunned at the time and thought they were joking, because she really didn’t expect that she would be told that she was not only pregnant, but her child was almost born!A few hours later, she gave birth to a baby weighing 6 pounds and 1 ounce (about 5.5 catties) by caesarean section.

Lavania said she had not experienced any symptoms of pregnancy, no morning vomiting, no stomach, and nothing.She even had menstruation during the whole pregnancy, and just a few weeks before she was about to have this baby, she took two pregnancy tests, and the results were negative.During that time, she didn’t do anything crazy, such as Jump jumping down the cliff, but she had been working for a long time throughout the process.And just a few hours before, she was still drinking cocktails.Lavania said this was the "most shocking" in her life.

Lavania said that she still can’t believe it. Although she has increased some weight recently, she thought it was just a few pounds of weight that grew up because of the blockade at home.After Zhou, she slowly returned to God, and she and her husband were also trying to adapt to the first parents.

(Source: British "Daily Star")

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