The woman said that she had a twins and was pregnant with her twins. The latest response: Considering the health of the mother, the pregnancy has been terminated

Recently, a woman in Zhejiang claimed that she had a twins and had a farther twins that attracted attention.On May 9th, the woman in the case of Ms. Li (pseudonym) told the Beijing Youth Daily that she gave birth to a twins on June 26 last year.Continue pregnancy will have the risk of uterine rupture and major bleeding. In the end, she decided to terminate pregnancy and had abortion surgery after May 1st."We originally planned to have one, and there were four abnormalities. The children were already full. We had no intention of having a second child, and there were four accidents.But considering the health of the mother’s body, I can only make this decision (termination of pregnancy). "

Ms. Li told Beiqing Daily that when she and her lover began to plan for children the year before, she originally wanted only one, whether boys and girls.During a physical examination, she found that she was pregnant. "At first, she checked that there were three pregnancy sacs, but later they checked that they were twins."

During a pregnancy, Ms. Li’s checkup was smooth. The doctor evaluated that she could be pregnant for eight months. In the end, she gave birth to four twins when she was seven months pregnant and 28 days."It is a dragon and phoenix, the boss is the daughter, the other three are sons, the second child is three pounds, and the other three are four pounds. The four children are born 15 pounds.Once, my weight throughout pregnancy also grows from 110 pounds to 186 pounds. "

Ms. Li said that she was a sales, starting a business, making a mother and baby -related product. After a month of production, she returned to work.The four children are currently eating milk powder for a can, and diapers also need to use a pack a day. She borrowed her work advantages and pulled some sponsorship for the children.

Ms. Li, who had just returned to work, did not plan to have a second child, but in April this year, she found that she was pregnant again."My children are all in full, and they have just been born nine months after the cesarean section. I don’t want a second child at all. My lover and I have always had (contraceptive) measures, but they failed. I was pregnant by accident."

Ms. Li lived in Taizhou, Zhejiang, but she was produced in Wuhan. She found that she had a second child. She contacted the doctor who was a cesarean section for herself."The doctor asked me to go to the hospital for inspection and evaluation, and let me send the inspection report to see it. The palms and the back of the hand are all meat. I actually know that there is risks in such a short time again, but I still hope that there is a miracleI hope to stay. In order not to leave regrets, we saw doctors from many hospitals for evaluation, but the results were the same. It is not recommended to continue pregnancy, because there will be risk of uterine rupture and big bleeding. "

Ms. Li said that she is not only a mother of the second child and four twins, but also the mother of the first and four twins. Considering the health of the mother, she can only make a decision to terminate the pregnancy.Abortion surgery has just been discharged.

Some people feel magical and blessing for Ms. Li’s twice twins, and some people question the authenticity. Some people even say that she speculates and others scold her.Ms. Li told Beiqing Daily reporters that her grandfather, uncle, and uncle’s son were twins, and the genes of many twins may come from her."I was naturally conceived. I did n’t take ovulation medicine. I did n’t plan to take the second child, and it was impossible to take medicine. Some people said that my husband and I resigned.. Except for a part of the government’s subsidy, I have not initiated fundraising. I did not ask for help for the previous birth insulation box, and I didn’t. "

Source: Beijing Youth Daily · Beiqing News

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