The woman received a cosmetic surgery of the bureau, and only found 6 weeks after surgery?Women: The hospital must apologize to me

A woman in Changsha accepted local anesthesia and made full face fat filling at the plastic surgery hospital, but found that she was 6 weeks of pregnancy after surgery. So who should this matter be responsible?Let’s take a look at things together.

After performing plastic surgery, I found that I was pregnant

Ms. Zhang lived in Changsha. In early April, she underwent the full face fat filling surgery in a family named Meimei Feis Medical Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Hospital.Ms. Zhang was introduced by others, and the entire surgery spent tens of thousands of dollars.At that time, after Ms. Zhang came to this hospital, someone took her to draw blood and did a urine test. Ms. Zhang also asked the nurse to help look at it. The nurse said that Ms. Zhang was not pregnant.Plastic surgery was accepted.

However, during the recovery of the postoperative surgery, Ms. Zhang felt uncomfortable. She went to the hospital for a check and found that she was 6 weeks pregnant. That is to say, Ms. Zhang was pregnant during plastic surgery.In addition to local anesthesia during surgery, Ms. Zhang also took some antibiotic drugs after surgery, which would also have an impact on the baby.

Ms. Zhang has consulted the doctor to see if the child can ask. The doctor said that all the drugs used must be written to judge.

Ms. Zhang had a series of inspections before surgery, and various indicators met the requirements of plastic surgery, but they did not expect that something happened.Ms. Zhang found the reporter for help. She and the reporter came to this plastic surgery hospital.

Both parties have certain responsibilities, and they will further negotiate

The person in charge said that before the plastic surgery, the consultant would ask the customer’s physical condition, such as whether the physiological period is normal, whether there are signs of pregnancy, and whether it is during pregnancy.The person in charge came up with a related record and voucher. In addition, he also said that the process of detection before surgery and the drug used during the anesthesia were in compliance with the country’s regulations.

The reason for not detecting pregnancy may be because the pregnancy time is relatively short, the progesterone does not reach the level of testing, and it may also be the reason for the test strip to cause the wrong judgment. The test strips used are regular manufacturers.

In response to this, Ms. Zhang said that she also has certain responsibilities and does not pay attention to her physical condition, and plastic surgery hospitals should also bear certain responsibilities for this.The person in charge said that economic compensation can be negotiated.

Doctors suggested that it is best not to undergo plastic surgery during pregnancy and during pregnancy, so as not to affect physical health or fetal baby. If you find that you are pregnant after surgery, you should ask professional doctors in time to check your physical condition in detail.Many beautiful women are willing to undergo plastic surgery to make themselves more perfect, but there are risks in cosmetic surgery, so don’t be too blind, especially during pregnancy, do not undergo plastic surgery.What do you think of plastic surgery?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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