The woman has given birth to the third son, and she shows off her pregnancy as soon as she confinement: There is no other entertainment method?

A woman was crying at the roof in the middle of the night, saying that she didn’t want to get married.However, some women were pregnant and became pregnant again, and they looked very enjoyable for marriage.It is really a world of thousands of worlds, each has its own joy and sorrow!

The woman was pregnant and pregnant, but she did not block the belly after giving birth to Sanwa, but she was proud.

The woman’s name was Xiaogui, she got married early, and she had no culture.Xiaogui’s family conditions are poor and the place of living is particularly simple.However, what makes people think is that such a woman has not yet confineed, and she is happy in her stomach.

The woman was holding a baby in her right hand, carrying a baby back with her back, and the two babies were almost one year old.The woman held her big belly with her left hand, and her pregnant belly looked like four or five months.In addition, the woman is still following a child under three years old.

The woman showed off for the fact that she had three children and pregnant.Women’s husband can endure hardships and be willing to work, but only rely on planting a few acres of land to earn small money to make small money, barely enough for the family to fill his belly.

The main theme of a woman’s life is that when a woman is a day, she should be a mother for a day. In addition to bringing a baby, she is pregnant.However, the woman did not feel hard, she felt that she had a "head".According to her, the more you have, the greater the chance of turning over herself and her husband in the future.

With so many children, there will always be children who can get out of place.

Even if there is no elderly person to help bring children, the woman is only in her twenties, and she still has the ability to "fight" to consolidate the family status.

As for women, netizens were almost collapsed.Even accusing her of: "Your family has gold mines", "Just this, the poor is still born like this, really courage, I have to run!"

Some netizens questioned her: "Life is so hobby. Is there no other way of entertainment? Do you have to spell a diarrhea, do you have several billion yuan in assets inheritance? I think your family is clearly all of the family.Who does not give your courage yet, are you waiting for all the children to drink the Northwest Wind? "

Indeed, the views of netizens are also everyone’s heart.Many people don’t understand why some poorer mothers want to have a baby.Even some Baoma ignored her own life, so she was anxious to get pregnant, which was really puzzling.

Why are the poor women who want to be more baby?

1 In order to do something, not empty

Some women have poor family members, and they are naked, and they are married to men in remote mountainous areas.Some men have the tendency of masculinity, and some traditional ideas are serious. They believe that many children are blessed, but they do not look at their own family.

If you encounter a woman who has no knowledge, it will be easily affected by the environment and others.Some women even hope that they can rely on their children to realize their own life value, make themselves not idle, busy, and do not feel empty.

2 Want to rely on the child to turn over and turn the family status quo

Some women have no ability to pin their hope on having children.Give hard, prepare for pregnancy, give birth, and give birth to baby. After completing this process, women feel that they seem to have completed the task.The rest is waiting, when the child is successful, or when you make money at a certain moment, you can help the family to turn the family.

These women want to rely on their children to turn around and change their fate of family or family, but they do not take into account the environment of education and growth, their impact on children, and their thoughts.

3 follow the flow

There is also a woman who does not have too high pursuit, so I like to follow the current.Seeing other women born with three babies and fighting for two babies, women regardless of their poor family, and follow the waves, neglecting the consideration of the economic situation.

Even some women are just like Xiaogui in the text that they are pregnant when they are confinement. There is no interval between the middle. Not only is it not responsible for their health, but also very irresponsible to their children. This behavior really criticizes.

So, women are pregnant as soon as confinement. What are the harms?

The most obvious harm is that it is easy to cause physical infection, such as infection with some gynecological inflammation.In this case of infection, even if women are conceived, accidents are extremely prone to accidents.Once Baoma’s uterine cut is not good, and pregnancy again, uterine rupture may occur.

In addition, women who have just confinement have not recovered their vitality, and they can easily have a miscarriage, which is a threat of life.If there is a miscarriage, it will also cause secondary damage to women’s uterus, which will greatly increase the chance of infection.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid pregnancy after confinement. It is more appropriate to consider pregnancy for 1 to 2 years after giving birth.If it was a cesarean section at the beginning, it is recommended to get pregnant for more than 2 years after delivery, and give the uterus a restoration period.At the same time, pay attention to at this stage, reduce staying up late, balanced nutrition, and regular women’s examinations.

In short, women’s bodies are their own. Do not do things that hurt themselves and fetuses because of their cognitive deviation.It is necessary to reasonably plan for pregnancy and avoid getting pregnant immediately after confinement.Also, according to your own conditions, you have to give a good plan to fertility. At least you must give your child a basic survival guarantee, right?

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