The woman had a birth check for 5 months of pregnancy, but she found that the fetus was gone. After a caesarean, the doctor was dumbfounded

"Doctor, how could I have no fetus in my stomach? When I came over a few times to do a B -ultrasound, I can still hear the baby’s heartbeat!"

"There is indeed no at present, the specific situation has to wait for a detailed check to know."

After communicating with the doctor, the middle -aged husband and wife’s face was sad and dense. They walked on the way home as if they lost their souls, and their hearts were full of doubts, especially the woman with a big belly Zhao Fengqin. She kept asking her husband Xue Shijia: "Isn’t we worthy of having our own biological children?"

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Xue Shijia sighed helplessly and comforted Zhao Fengqin: "Don’t worry, maybe we know again if we do it again."

However, the deterioration of the matter far exceeds the expectations of Zhao Fengqin and Xue Shijia.

Zhao Fengqin and Xue Shijia live in a small mountain village in Qinling, Shaanxi Province. Every family lives on land, and the days are very painful, especially the Xue family.reluctantly.

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One day in 2009, Zhao Fengqin, the housewife, rushed home from the field early and began to work hard for the family’s lunch.But it didn’t take long before her abdomen was unbearable, curled up on the ground and rolled straight.

At this time, her husband Xue Shijia entered the door with a hoe, and after hearing the moan from his wife, he quickly ran over and supported Zhao Fengqin on the ground to the bed.

"What’s wrong with you? Did you eat bad things?"

Xue Shijia

Hearing her husband’s inquiry, Zhao Fengqin recalled that she couldn’t digest something, and she didn’t get cold. Where can I know why she suddenly hurts her stomach, and this pain is getting heavier, the big sweat beads rolled down, she was weak and weak.The ground shouted: "I don’t know, but it is so painful. You can find the doctor in Murakami to see it."

Looking at the weak and painful wife, Xue Shijia completely changed her face and quickly invited the doctor to take the pulse.However, where the doctor had seen this strange condition, only a few days of painkillers were prescribed, and they urged Xue Shijia to take Zhao Fengqin to the large hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

Zhao Fengqin

However, Zhao Fengqin, who was waking up with medicine, insisted on objection to the hospital for examination: "Pain -relieving medicines are used. If you go to the hospital, maybe it is also prescribed this medicine, and it is expensive. Where can our family stand this kind of consumption?"

Xue Shijia saw his wife recover his face and did not insist, but no one expected that the development of the condition would become more and more serious. Even Zhao Fengqin couldn’t restrain it.No relief.

In addition, Zhao Fengqin’s appetite has also begun to decline, often nausea and vomiting, and feels that the body is getting heavier and more and more drowsiness.

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This huge physical condition made her and her husband feel very scared, and worried about whether she would have some kind of illness.The low atmosphere was full of the whole family, and Xue Shijia proposed to take his wife to the hospital for examination.

Maybe I realized that the physical condition was getting worse and worse, and Zhao Fengqin did not refuse this time.The results of this inspection not only made them unexpected, but also surprised.

"Congratulations, you have been pregnant for more than a month."

Zhao Fengqin

Zhao Fengqin and Xue Shijia’s eyes showed unbelievable eyes: "Is this true? Will you not misdiagnose?"

The doctor carefully served the B -ultrasound, nodded, and said, "There will be no wrong, you really have to be parents." The doctor also said that because Zhao Fengqin was 37 years old, he was considered a medical age.Shipping or cesarean section will face more danger than other normal women. After that, you must raise your body and have any discomfort to seek medical treatment in time.

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Although pregnancy is a pleasing thing, for Zhao Fengqin and Xue Shijia, the excitement in his heart is much higher than that of others, because 11 years ago, Zhao Fengqin was judged as "unable to get pregnant."

What about this?

In traditional families, the importance of "incense" is self -evident. Although Xue Shijia and Zhao Fengqin are not too "passed down", they also want to become a warm and complete family of three.

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However, there is no wishes. Since they get married in 1998, all aspects of their lives are harmonious, but Zhao Fengqin’s belly has never moved, which has broken the little couple.

At that time, the medical conditions in Xiaoshan Village were poor, and the financial conditions at home were not good. Every penny had to be carefully calculated, and the out -of -door expenses and effort would pay for money.Essence

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However, the quarrel between the two had not stopped, and the rumors in the village were passing everywhere. For example, "There is a problem with the Xue family’s guy", "Xue family daughter -in -law is a ‘old hen who will not get eggs.’"etc.

Seeing that he was pierced by the backbone in his back, Zhao Fengqin became extremely inferior and often wiped tears secretly. The suffering in Xue Shijia’s heart was even more unspeakable. No one for a man and half made him unable to lift his head in the village.

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In order to figure out the reason why there was no pregnancy for three years of marriage, the couple decided to go to the big hospital in the city to see.

In 2001, Xue Shijia and Zhao Fengqin ran around in the hospital. After all the examinations, they got a thick test sheet and came to the gynecological room and gave it to the doctor.But destiny gave them a fatal blow.

Xue Shijia

"Your situation should be a congenital fallopian tube, which is a relatively serious one, and the possibility of pregnancy is very small …"

The doctor’s words have not finished. Zhao Fengqin on the chair was out of control, crying and crying, choked and said, "It was really my problem. I was only 26 years old. Can I not do my mother in my life?"

Looking at his wife’s tears, Xue Shijia wiped off the tears in the corner of his eyes, cheered up, and looked at the doctor: "Can this disease be cured? We are willing to try everything."

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The doctor shook his head helplessly: "We are not a hospital specializing in gynecological diseases. You can go to a special hospital to see. Maybe there is the possibility of cure."

However, at the time, Xue Shijia and Zhao Fengqin went to the hospital for examination. It was reluctant. How could I continue to treat it again, and it was still this disease that was almost sentenced to "death penalty."They could only go home as desperately.

During that time, the life of the Xue family was regarded as the year, especially after Zhao Fengqin knew why he knew himself, he was full of guilty of Xue Shijia, and he also raised his plan to "divorce".

Zhao Fengqin

However, the incident turned around three months later.

That day, Xue Shijia went out in the morning and returned until noon.He had no time to eat, and directly pulled his wife Zhao Fengqin and sat down, saying, "Let’s raise a child! No matter whether men and women, as long as we raise well, we are the real family."

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It turned out that Xue Shijia never blamed his wife, and at the same time he was very considerate of his wife’s blame. Since he could not get pregnant and was not a fault of the two, then adopted a child and satisfied the desire to be a parent.People.

Seeing the sincerity in her husband’s eyes, Zhao Fengqin slowly relieved and agreed to the decision to support the child.

In this way, with the expectations of the two, a cute girl ushered in the family. Although it added a lot of pressure, the family of happiness was enough to resist the suffering of life.

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However, after eight years, Zhao Fengqin, who was unable to give birth, was unexpectedly pregnant, completely breaking the dull life of the family. For the desire for many years, the two were shocked and happy, especially Xue Shijia.

He returned from the hospital, and he took the initiative to bear all the housework in the family, and also found another job to make an early plan for the family of four in the future.In addition, he has always been frugal, and he has set up many years of savings and adds a lot of supplements to his wife Zhao Fengqin.

After more than 5 months of happy life, the child in Zhao Fengqin’s belly suddenly had an accident.

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On this day, Zhao Fengqin suddenly had more abdominal pain, and the situation was unbearable as if at the beginning of pregnancy. This made her a little bit confusing, because the previous birth checkup was normal, but for the sake of the fetus in the belly, she decided to go to the hospital for examination, so she appeared.At the beginning of the case.

Why can’t the heartbeat suddenly hear the heartbeat?This problem is not only Zhao Fengqin curious, the doctor is also puzzled, so he urged him to go to the large hospital for examination.

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However, this time Zhao Fengqin and Xue Shijia still did not obey the doctors’ suggestions. They discussed that after a while, they went to the hospital for examination. On the one hand, there was no extra treatment fee, and on the other hand, they were worried that they could not bear serious consequences.

However, the condition can be ignored without unwillingness to experience, and there will even be unpredictable big problems.

In the first two months, Zhao Fengqin could still feel the movement of the fetus in the abdomen. She slowly let go of her heart. However, she did not expect that she had severe abdominal pain again when she was more than eight months pregnant.

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It is not too late. Zhao Fengqin did not hesitate to take the car with her husband Xue Shijia.Unexpectedly, the accident was not alone, and the party had a car accident on the road.

At that moment, Zhao Fengqin tightly protected his abdomen due to his instinct response, but due to impact, his head and legs had a different degree of bleeding, and the ambulance that was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

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However, after checking the heartbeat of Zhao Fengqin’s stomach, the doctor present did not know where to start under the rain.At the moment of the time, the attending doctor proposed that transferring pregnant women to a better hospital may have a turnaround.

Racing the Death along the way, and finally rushed to the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital in the shortest time.After the doctor’s close examination, he finally heard the weak baby’s heartbeat in Zhao Fengqin’s belly, but he had to perform caesarean section as soon as possible, otherwise the child would suffocate and die, and even the adult may be killed.

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At about 2 pm on December 31, 2009, the top doctors of various departments in the hospital formulated a surgical plan after discussing a tense meeting and pushed Zhao Fengqin to the operating table.

Watching the lights outside the operating room lit up, Xue Shijia was paralyzed on the chair, and said in his mouth, "It’s pitiful to our family! Let my wife and children survive …"

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In the operating room, the doctor opened Zhao Fengqin’s stomach, but accidentally found that she had no uterus and the fetus didn’t know where.

This situation has never been seen before. Fortunately, there are experienced old doctors present, and put forward the assumption of "twin uterus".However, the doctor found that Zhao Fengqin had only a small uterus after the instrument test.

Doctors can only rely on the instrument to explore slowly, and finally touch the fetus’s limbs in a place with a thin film, but it is not bred in the uterus.

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This kind of discovery is ashamed of the doctor present. You know, the fetus that does not grow up in the uterus can only be an abdominal pregnancy, and the probability of this situation is only 15,000 in this case, and the survival rate is as low as 1.5 million.

However, this child not only survived, but also developed well, which is a "medical miracle."But how to take it out has become a world problem that doctors need to solve.

All the medical staff in the operating room were holding a breath, and carefully opened their mouths to explore, but Zhao Fengqin in the coma suddenly bleed suddenly, and issued a notice of illness.

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Xue Shijia signed his name tremblingly, constantly praying that he would bless his mother and son peace.The doctor also made the greatest effort to open the green blood channel for Zhao Fengqin, and urgently adjusted a lot of blood.

A few hours later, the loud crying crying in the operating room. The child in the abdomen survived with a miraculous weight of 5 pounds and 8 pounds, but the mother Zhao Fengqin had hovered on the edge of life and death.

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At about 8 pm that day, Zhao Fengqin’s bleeding had reached 2500 ml, which occupied almost three -fifths of the blood volume, but through continuous blood transfusion, she finally pulled her back from Ghost Gate.

When he saw his wife Zhao Fengqin and the newly landed son, he launched the operating room, and the big rocks in Xue Shijia’s heart finally landed, and the corner of his mouth could not suppress the rising ground.

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Today, it has been nearly 13 years since the difficult and long childbirth surgery. When the main knife doctor recalled this practical experience, it was still a surging heart and said, "If the difficulty will not die, there will be a post -blessing.","

The miraculous birth son is now in junior high school, healthy and smart, and Zhao Fengqin and Xue Shijia have also realized the wish of "having a pair of children", and they continue to work hard for a better future.

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In fact, if Zhao Fengqin can be treated as soon as possible when he noticed his physical bad condition, he would not have a crisis. I hope everyone can also take it as a precepts and get early treatment early. Do not miss the best treatment period of the disease.

In addition, the doctors who rescued the wounded were calm when facing critical patients, using rich clinical experience to save two lives, and also saved a fragmented family. Its spirit deserves respect.

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