The woman concealed the fact that pregnancy was married and asked for 170,000 gifts.

Peng Bin (a pseudonym), who has been over 30 years old, has no girlfriend, and his relatives and friends around him have already set up a business, but he is still alone, which makes his parents a headache, and broke his heart for his marriage.So Peng Bin’s parents decided to let his aunt introduce him to the object. Soon after, Peng Bin’s aunt really helped him find a blind date.

The two sides got married soon after meeting. The wife Tao Wei (pseudonym) was very indifferent shortly after the marriage.Neither of them knew each other, so his wife Tao Wei would be so indifferent to him. Maybe after a while, his wife would definitely not be so indifferent to himself. Peng Bin didn’t care about it.

Shortly after marriage, Peng Bin went to work in Jiangsu, because there were two projects in Jiangsu and Jiangxi. He needed to run to these two places often, and his wife ceramics were at home.One day Tao Wei told Peng Bin that he was pregnant. Peng Bin was very happy when he heard it. He vowed to make money to make his wife and children live a good life.

Soon after, the ceramics gave birth to a son in his hometown. At first Peng Bin didn’t think much at first, but over time, he felt more and more wrong.Because he went to work in Jiangsu shortly after he got married, his wife Tao Wei himself was in his hometown. There were not much time in the two places. I think that the child’s birth seems to be sorry for the time at home.Some doubts.

In order to confirm his guess, he secretly took his child to the hospital for a parent -child identification. After a few days, the results of the parent -child identification came out and gave him a great day. It turned out that his loved son was not his own.After learning about this result, he was angry, so he took the parent -child identification home to the theory of Tao Wei.

Tao Wei knew that she had a loss, but insisted that the child was Peng Bin, and then packed the child back to her mother’s house without any solution.A few days later, Peng Bin called the reporter and asked the reporter to accompany him and his family to go to the mother -in -law’s house. He was eager to know what the truth of the matter was, because he spent nearly 30 in order to marry Tao Wei.10,000 yuan.

In Peng Bin’s eyes, his wife Tao Wei is obviously deceiving marriage. The reporter puzzled him. He bluntly said that Peng Bin and Tao Wei were separated for a long time before they got married. This kind of parent -child identification should know that the child is not his own.Then asked Peng Bin if he had some doubts about his child’s life from the beginning, and Peng Bin denied it.

Peng Bin explained to reporters that he did not doubt that the child was not his own in advance, because when he was a child, watching TV and hearing that the old man said that women were pregnant in October, so Tao Wei told him that he did not do much when he was pregnantthink.The latter is because Tao Wei has always been indifferent to him, not like a newlywed couple at all, but more like a stranger.

The more he thought about this behavior of Tao Wei, so he decided to take his child to do parent -child identification. The final result made him feel painful.Later, the reporter and Peng Bin went to his aunt’s house, because Tao Wei gave him aunt.At the aunt’s house, she and Tao Wei were in the same village. When Peng Bin’s mother told her to help introduce the object to her nephew, she immediately agreed.

So she introduced Tao Wei in the village to her nephew. She did not expect that the nephew and Tao Wei felt good after meeting with each other. She quickly determined the relationship and married.But before getting married, Auntie told Peng Bin and his parents that although Tao Wei has a beautiful personality, she is a person who has played madly.good.

The most important thing is that the Tao Wei family is very greedy for money. It is estimated that Caiging will have more money than others. For example, the meeting gift from other people is up to 20,000 yuan, and the Tao family will cost 50,000 yuan.After retreating, what made her unexpected was Peng Bin’s mother Li Caiye (pseudonym) actually in Tao Wei.Later, Li Caiye admitted that his son was 30 years old and belonged to the young man.

Because the son is loyal and honest, he has not found the object, so his son’s marriage has always been a top priority at home.When her son and Tao Wei dated, she was very satisfied with Tao Wei. Although Tao Wei usually played a little crazy in her eyes, she was also old.Will change, so she wants to bet, she thinks that she may gamble.

But what made her dream was that Tao Wei would deceive herself, conceived others’ children and then concealed it deliberately, and then married her honest son.Li Caiye also told reporters that didn’t long after her son and Tao Wei met, the Tao family began to urge marriage. In order to get married, Tao Wei also called her twice. As soon as Tao Wei was connected to Tao Wei, she asked if she wanted to get married.The answer was, but she didn’t return for the first time.

After a few days, Tao Wei called Li Caiye again. Tao Wei directly asked Li Caiye’s marriage. Li Caiye answered her to end. After Tao Wei called Li Caiye for the second time, they returned.EssenceIn the end, the Li family spent 170,000 gift money and bought a mobility of about 100,000, so she married Tao Wei back home.

Later, the talents of the Peng family later knew that the Tao family forced marriage was purposeful. It may be that Tao Wei was pregnant at that time.The reporter was puzzled, so he asked Peng Bin why he was going to get married. When Tao Wei did not tell him but told his mother, Peng Bin told herself that Tao Wei would never tell him.And every time Tao Wei called him ten times, he basically asked him for money, and there was no topic except for money.

This also made him feel that Tao Wei’s purpose of marrying him was for money.Later, the reporter accompanied Peng and his family to Tao Wei’s mother’s house. When he saw the arrival of Peng Bin and his party, Tao Wei’s parents’ attitude was arrogant and guilty.They have accused Peng Bin of being a responsible man, and left their wives and children no matter how they argued the two.

Tao Wei bluntly stated that when she gave birth to her son, it was obviously that the child’s birth month was not right when she was with Peng Bin. She thought that the Peng family knew that the child in her belly was not Peng Bin, and she was willing to raise it.This child, so she gave birth to the child, and Peng Bin and his family directly denied it.

Tao Wei complained that Peng Bin was not kind, because she was pregnant before her marriage, and spread the rumors everywhere, making her unable to raise her head in front of relatives and friends, so she was willing to divorce.The reporter then suggested that they mediate the department to mediate, and at the mediation site, Tao Wei made Peng Bin and his family popular.

Tao Wei said that she didn’t want to make it like this. If she knew who the child was, she would definitely call the child’s biological father, and then let him take out money to solve the matter, instead of noisy like now.But it would be impossible to let her pay for money, because Peng Bin destroyed her reputation first.

At this time, the mediator persuaded Tao Wei to ask her for her parents and Peng Bin’s parents. The parents of the two sides broke their hearts for this matter, but Tao Wei was still unmoved. She insisted that she refused to say her child.Who is the biological father, and is unwilling to return Cai Li to the Peng family, and then the judicial institute knows that it is also involved in the investigation afterwards.Since then, Peng Bin said that he only wanted to get back the gift money and then divorced.

Finally, under the intervention of the judicial institute and the mediation department, Tao Wei promised to return 150,000 of the 170,000 gift money to the Peng family. In addition, she insisted on not being willing to return it. The child was raised by herself.The Peng family just wanted to end the dispute earlier, and accepted this plan proposed by Tao Wei, and then Tao Wei and Peng Bin left married.

PS Xiaoguai said: When I watched this video, I felt very angry. From the end of it, I felt that the Tao Wei family’s approach was too much. Obviously, I lost my responsibility and pushed all the responsibilities to the other party.What does it mean that the man’s family knows the fact that he is pregnant, and then is willing to raise this child with her?It’s funny, don’t you say how do you know?

And Tao Wei’s parents knew that her daughter deceived her son -in -law like this. Not only did she not persuade her daughter, but also complained about the man’s family.The lion’s opening is also a lion, and the fact that he deliberately concealed the pregnancy married the man and deceived the man. It can be said that the character of the Tao Wei family has a problem.They can also be at ease of such a lot of gift money, and the attitude is so arrogant after the incident is exposed, which is really sighing.

And Tao Wei insisted on the child’s biological father who didn’t know who it was. I didn’t know if she wanted to protect it, or I really didn’t know.There are too many men who have dating. I do n’t know who the child is.It can be seen from this matter that Tao Wei is a woman with a problem with her style of life. She is too casual. In the end, she was found by everyone’s discarding. She couldn’t blame others.

Through this incident, some warnings, no matter how old you are, no matter how the people in the house urge marriage, you must not be sloppy for your marriage, because there is a saying that Ning Ning is missing.Before you get married, you still have to know the other party. You must not listen to everything the other party said, and then walk into the palace of marriage with the other party, otherwise it will definitely be yourself.

Text/Huang Xiaoguai

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