The woman and her husband were married for 7 days, but they were found to be pregnant. My husband: When I am a big grievance?

Marriage refers to the voluntary long -term combination of marriage, psychiatric and material in the name of couples in the name of husbands and wives.

After marriage, the two will operate family life together to welcome all possible problems in the future.

Facing the marriage of strangers, most people are blessings.

But the actual situation, as Tolstoy said: The happy family is the same, but the unfortunate family has its own misfortunes.

It’s like finding his wife’s pregnancy for seven days. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

The others were puzzled, but the husband’s husband collapsed quite well. Under the circumstances, the "happy dad" was too wrong.

Let’s take a look at the next thing, what happened between the parties Xiao Zhou (pseudonym) and Cheng Cheng (pseudonym)?What kind of revelation is given?

● – ● Each word ≺ — ●

Things must start with the contact to the mediators. At that time, Cheng Cheng hoped that in the case of his incompetence, the mediation staff could help mediate the relationship between him and Xiao Zhou and let Xiao Zhou return to the family.

In the process of seeking help, Chengcheng introduced the relevant situation to the mediators, saying that after the woman (Xiao Zhou) married him, all behavior was like deceiving marriage.

Take out a huge amount of colorful gifts and spend a lot of money to hold a wedding. You can’t even have a bride in the end.

In this regard, the mediator is very puzzled. What is the matter of cheating in the mouth?

It turned out that before Xiao Zhou and Cheng Cheng got married, in addition to the colorful gifts that required a certain amount, they also asked the wedding to be very grand. It is best to spend money to invite celebrities singers to sing songs.

Although Xiao Zhou’s request, although the family is quite pressured, in order to become a successful marriage, it still meets the requirements of Xiao Zhou.

But no one expected that it was more than a week after getting married, and Xiao Zhou was going back to her mother’s house, and couldn’t be willing to go back?

I couldn’t figure out why my wife was angry, and ran to my mother -in -law’s house again and again to "see" her wife.Even the successful parents, sisters, etc. went one after another, but in the end they did not work.

Cheng Cheng was very helpless to the mediator:

If I or my family has something wrong, you say that I can change it, and the life of harmony is not good.No face, what is the difference between this marriage and children’s drama.

What’s more important is that before marriage, he did a marriage inspection early, and Xiao Zhou had been speculating for various reasons.Just a week after marriage, the news of Xiao Zhou’s pregnancy came. What is going on?

Marriage spare tires are not so fun.

There is both resentment and unwillingness between successful words.

However, when the mediatner finally found Xiao Zhou, the situation from Xiao Zhoukou was completely different from Cheng Cheng’s saying.

Xiao Zhou said that the relevant requirements of the wedding did have done a family.

But perhaps it was the "giving" at the wedding. After the family got married, the family did not give her a good look.

Not only that, even her husband’s success has been cold violence.When she couldn’t stand it, she chose to return to her mother’s house.

As for getting pregnant a week after getting married, Xiao Zhou insisted that this was a child of her husband.

However, after the attitude of her in -laws and after going to the hospital for examination, the doctor told that she had no fetal heart, she fell off her abdomen alone.

How can the mood of both men and women not be mentioned for the time being, but after Xiao Zhou’s surgery was completed, no one couldn’t get evidence.

● — The importance of 检 Marriage checks ≻ —— ●

After understanding the back and forth of the whole thing, many people can’t help but question the real purpose of Xiao Zhou’s marriage.

Just as Cheng Cheng said, something between the husband and wife is just fine.

How can I communicate with my mother’s house without saying a word?

In addition, pregnancy was found a week after marriage, which also made Cheng Cheng’s incident that Xiao Zhou did not choose a marriage inspection.

After all, the two were not married, and there was not much communication before.When you are so easily pregnant, you are obviously the "receiver" in people’s mouths.

Or aggrieved or unwilling, it is not very important.

But after getting married for a week, I did n’t see my daughter -in -law. Is n’t this a joke in the population?

Successful anger, affectionate.

As for the attitude of the in -laws mentioned by Xiao Zhou, Cheng Cheng said that this is completely a crime.

The family broke the heart because of marriage, and even carried out a certain debt for this, which showed that the family valued marriage very much.

If you really want to give your face, you can refuse before getting married, so why not wait for this step.

In addition, from the "evidence" provided by the two parties alone, Xiao Zhou could not prove whether the attitude of her in -laws was bad.

However, in the camera installed in front of the maiden family, there has always been a record of successful coming to find his wife.

Of course, things have developed to this point, leaving the ending between Cheng and Xiaowou, and can only be gathered and returned to good.

As for some people ridiculed, "It is so hard to have children, don’t ask who it is."The suggestion is very good, don’t mention it next time.

So what kind of inspiration is given to the case of success and Xiao Zhou?

In fact, it is only two points to Cheng Cheng, one is that his wife speaks goodbye; the other is that his wife is happy in a week.These two points point to one thing -the importance of marriage inspection.

In modern medicine, pre -marital examination refers to a regular physical examination and genital examination of both men and women before marriage to facilitate timely discovering diseases and ensure the happiness of marriage after marriage.

When Xiao Zhou always refused to marry, his achievements should be vigilant.

For newcomers who really want to live a happy life, a marriage check is a normal thing.

If this incident is pushed up, the newcomer should consider how the authenticity of the other party and himself.

It is worth mentioning that the relationship between Cheng Cheng and Xiao Zhou is determined too fast, which is one of the same contradictions.Marriage has never been a child’s play. It is easy to meet the right person, but the person who can be sure is very cautious.

Cheng Cheng hopes to have your own marriage as soon as possible, and choose to compromise with Xiao Zhou in the marriage check.

However, the real contradictions faced after marriage, but they will not easily compromise to Chengcheng.The choice of Tang Tu will eventually only get rid of the absurd ending.

● 姻 Marriage fraud≻ —— ●

In fact, a marriage tragedy similar to Cheng Cheng and Xiao Zhou is not uncommon in real life.

But the current regulations on marriage fraud are not yet mature, which is also a point that people need to pay attention to.

Article 102 of the "People’s Republic of China" only stipulates one situation for a withdrawal of marriage: that is, those who are married due to coercion can request the marriage agency or the people’s court to cancel the marriage from the marriage registration agency or the people’s court.

For legal cases caused by the contradiction between marriage, the current treatment methods in similar cases in my country are mainly based on judgments.

It is not just that the Qing official is difficult to break the housework.

The difference between judgment and mediation also warns that people should pay attention to marriage.

Of course, in the marriage fraud, if you use false information (false identity cards, fake household registration books) to apply for marriage registration and cheating money, once the amount involved is reached, criminal responsibility may be investigated.

There is no need to wait for the marriage ending of Chengcheng and Xiao Zhou, and whether to solve it through court judgment in the end.

But when you encounter similar incidents in the future, you should take your heart.

Do you really do n’t want to pay a marriage inspection or do n’t have too much emotional foundation. Can you really accompany yourself to walk through your life?

The mediation staff may be able to persuade the two parties through correct and reasonable methods, and as much as possible to return to both parties.But the feelings of each other have cracks. Once the old things are re -raised in the future life, wouldn’t it be worse.

It can be seen that whether Xiao Zhou got pregnant seven days after getting married, it was premeditated.

When choosing to treat the marriage reality of both parties in a way of escaping, they are doomed to the marriage ending between her and Cheng Cheng.

Some people commented that if they encounter such a situation, the best way is to leave as soon as possible.

The losses that have been suffered can be applied to the court in a reasonable way.The importance of real interests is always more important than the so -called face.

Some people also put forward different views, tolerate and deal with issues rationally.

The road is still long. As long as you become accompanied by together with Xiao Zhou, what kind of difficulties cannot be spent?

The way to think about the problem is different, and the final method given is different. This is reasonable.

However, it should be noted that the four words "Bing Shi Due" should be used in what kind of place should be used.

Do you still need to show the suspicion between Cheng and Xiaowou?

Confucius once said: "Why do you report virtue with virtue?" The man chose to accept all the ridiculous encounters. Where is the reason?

Leshan Great Buddha has been in Leshan for more than a thousand years.

Although "the ten temples will be demolished, and one marriage is not destroyed", it can be successful and Xiao Zhou.

It is really not necessary to force the marriage that has a complaint with complaints.

● ● Emotional disputes should be biased towards men or women ≻ ≻ ●

In fact, in terms of emotional disputes in modern society, no matter whether they are biased towards men or bias, there are always objections.

There seems to be a ruler in this world, always measuring men and women, but unfortunately the scale on the ruler is always blurred.

From a successful perspective, he never thought of such a bad thing.

Only one week after marriage, his wife said goodbye, and even killed the child without authorization.

There is no silver here, even if the child really has no fetal heart. As a husband, he does not even have the right to know.

It is ridiculous to play with others like this, even thinking about taking Cai Li away.

From the perspective of Xiao Zhou, assuming that, as she said, her in -laws had a very small word for herself, and even after marriage, she kept shaking her face and left directly.

Isn’t the grand wedding and bleak reality made people joke?

It is innocent about children and not talking about children. In the case of highly developed modern medicine, the fetus can also do parent-child identification at 9-16 weeks.

Now that the child is the other party, why bother to kill alone, there is no testimony.

But this is the end, it is not good.Only when others encounter similar situations, understand how to deal with it.

Rather than constantly entanglement with each other, it is better to leave generously.

At that time, after Zhao Qingge and Mr. Lao She fell together and lived together, they found that Lao She had a wife, and she decisively left a letter to the other party: "According to one city, you will never see each other."

The mistakes that once made, don’t know what ways to make up for, it is better to leave calmly.

People who are unwilling to be a marriage inspection or have not too much emotional foundation before marriage, there is really no need to walk into the marriage hall with each other.

At a glance, it is possible to happen at a glance, but for the guarantee of future marriage, the corresponding preparation should not be casual.

This is the case for men, and women do so.After the rain, why bother to break the umbrella of others.

Xiao Zhou gave a lesson to Cheng Cheng, but it was really impossible to say thank you to her.

Regardless of what happened before, you should also understand that you do n’t want to do n’t do it.

And if you really walk into the family of others with some unknown purpose, the law will not be allowed.

Judgment may not be the best solution, but it will never be suspicious to solve the problem.

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