The wife’s five -month -old husband proposed a divorce and asked to kill the child, but a year later the husband regretted it

There is no regret medicine in the world. Everyone must think twice and do things. Don’t do things that regret themselves.The husband was derailed during his wife’s pregnancy. When the wife was five months pregnant, the husband suddenly proposed a divorce and asked his wife to kill the child and married the primary three. One year later, the husband regretted that his ex -wife wanted to remarry.

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Jiajia is 26 years old and has a cheerful personality and beautiful. Three years ago, Jiajia met her ex -husband at a friend’s party. The ex -husband is a man with a windy and funny man.After Jiajia’s gaze, the party also took good care of Jiajia. The two had a good opinion of the other party, so they added WeChat.

After a period of understanding, Jiajia and the ex -husband established a relationship of love. In less than a year, they saw the parents marry quickly.After getting married for half a year, Jiajia was pregnant.

Since Jiajia’s pregnancy, her personality has become irritable. I want to eat this for a while, I want to eat that, and I will lose my temper. At first, my ex -husband is still full of goodness to Jiajia.Patiently, I started to go home with the company’s busy excuses.

In the beginning, Jiajia didn’t think much, because the ex -husband was really busy at work, but slowly realized that Jiajia also noticed the wrongdoing of the ex -husband. During this time, there was always a faint woman’s perfume on the ex -husband’s clothes.At first, Jiajia didn’t care about it, thinking that it was the ex -husband who accidentally put it on, but one day, the ex -husband did not go home to work overtime. The next day, he came back to the neckline of the shirt.

Only then did Jiajia understand at this time. The ex -husband was derailed with her. At this time, Jiajia was almost five months pregnant. When Jiajia didn’t think about what to do, Jiajia received the ex -husband’s derailment object and sent it.For the provocative information, Jiajia couldn’t help it anymore. The ex -husband was about to question the ex -husband when he came home from work. I did not expect that the ex -husband suddenly proposed a divorce.

Jiajia did not expect that the ex -husband would propose a divorce and stunned, looked at the indifferent husband, and thought of the provocative information from Xiao San, suddenly felt that there was no persistence, and agreed to the divorce.At that time, the ex -husband did not want the child in her belly, and went to Jiajia to do it.

Jiajia disagrees, because the doctor told Jiajia when Jiajia was pregnant when she was pregnant at the hospital for examination. She was really lucky to be pregnant. Because of Jiajia’s physical reasons, it was difficult to get pregnant.I can’t conceive.Therefore, Jiajia desperately gave birth to the child regardless of the request of the husband, but the ex -husband said, "The child is going to be born by yourself. I don’t agree. You have to have a child, but I will not give you one of the children.Divide the support fee. "

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Jiajia watched her husband who had loved her love and loved her, and became what she did not know now. Jiajia divorced her ex -husband happy. After the divorce, Jiajia moved back to her mother’s house.Distressed Jiajia. Under the care of the mother’s family, Jiajia gave birth to a boy, and he was very cute.

The ex -husband married Xiao San in less than half a year with Jiajia divorced. Primary three was a secretary of the ex -husband’s company. I heard that the woman was very beautiful. She dressed herself brightly every day and her body was good.Yueyue hooked the heart of Jiajia’s ex -husband.

After the child was born, Jiajia felt that his life was also expected. Because there was no job during pregnancy, and the birth of various types of expenses after birth and child, soon Jiajia was shy. FortunatelyJia took the child to the mother to take care of her, and went out to find a job. The salary was not high, but the time was free, and the monthly salary was barely enough to maintain her life.

Jiajia’s friends knew Jiajia’s situation and persuaded Jiajia to find her ex -husband to ask for support, but no matter how difficult it is, no more than a penny will have a penny.Alas, I can speak, and I will walk. Jiajia has been promoted, and the salary is much higher. Jiajia thinks that the life is getting more and more hopeful.

Just a few days ago, the ex -husband suddenly called Jiajia and said that he would see the child. Jiajia refused without hesitation. She and the ex -husband said, "You want to see the child now?I am not qualified to see my children. "But the ex -husband has never been reluctant, and he continues to call Jiajia, saying that he just looked at the child, but was rejected by Jiajia.

Since then, the ex -husband has always sent a message to Jiajia, saying that they owe their mother -in -law, hoping that Jiajianeng will give him another chance to make up for the two years of owing Jiajia and children. No matter what the ex -husband said, Jiajia has no.agree.But two days ago, when Jiajia went to work, she received a phone call from her mother that her ex -husband suddenly ran home to ask for love.Mom told Jiajia that let Jiajia look at the child’s share, and let Jiajia give him another chance. In the future, he will definitely treat Jiajia, good for the child, and will take care of Jiajia and children.

At the beginning, Jiajia’s mother did not agree, but her ex -husband went to the house every day, and asked Jiajia’s mother to ask Jiajia’s mother to plead hard. Every time she arrived at home, she would buy a child’s things.I will also play with my children. After a long time, Jiajia’s mother is also soft -hearted. Jiajia’s mother advised Jiajia: "This time he seems to really know that it is wrong.Give your child a complete home. "

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The ex -husband sent a message every day and said that he had divorced from Primary Three. In the future, he would definitely be good to Jiajia and the child. Let Jiajia give him another chance. The mother also helped the ex -husband to persuade her. Jiajia listened to her mother’s persuasion.Without coming, she had long been reluctant to abandon her and the child in her belly.Do you think Jiajia should remarry with his ex -husband?Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area ~

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