The wife was pregnant just 7 days when she got married, and she secretly killed her child. Husband: Is it mine?

Mr. Chang and his wife were introduced by people. On the day of the blind date, Ms. Zhou, who saw a tall and beautiful appearance, couldn’t help but jump in her heart for a while.

After the blind date, both sides were quite satisfied with each other, and soon determined the relationship between love. Within half a year of love, the two chose the wedding on the "April Fool’s Day" under the handling of the family.

The Chinese marriage and marriage attach great importance to choosing a good day to marry. I do n’t know if it is a coincidence or something else.

But the two enjoyed sweet love for only seven days, and Ms. Zhou, Ms. Zhou, suddenly returned to her mother’s house without warning.

This made Mr. Chang, who was still immersed in the joy of the wedding, as if he was in a roller coaster, and his mood suddenly fell to the bottom of the valley. He didn’t understand why the newlywed wife suddenly left home?

He thought about it. In order to organize the wedding, the two have always been happy and run together. Besides, he and his wife have not had contradictions, let alone quarrel.

Mr. Chang didn’t know what his wife was not satisfied with him. Even if he did something wrong, he pointed out in person, and Mr. Chang was willing to change it.

But run away without saying hello. What is it?

Mr. Chang’s mother also said that they are also love houses and Wu. As long as their son really likes it, they will also treat Ms. Zhou like their biological girlfriends.

As a mother -in -law, she also felt that she had nothing to neglect her daughter -in -law. When she took a wedding photo, she had a wedding photo of 2,000 yuan, but Ms. Zhang chose a 6,000 yuan package.

In addition, Ms. Zhou also proposed that the wedding is to be gone. They must ask the well -known local singers to support them. These requests that the frequent family members have satisfied Ms. Zhou one by one.

Even if the Chang family has a response, the elderly can’t make trouble.

In order to marry his son, the old man spent hundreds of thousands, but he was empty and owed a lot of debt. The day of this son was only a week, and the new daughter -in -law ran.

Not only did the jokes in the village unable to raise their heads, the old man was even more worried about his family’s wealth, and the old man said that he couldn’t help crying.

Since Ms. Zhou returned to her maiden’s house, the Chang family also went many times to think of picking up Ms. Zhou, but they were rejected by Ms. Zhou and her mother’s family.

What surprised Mr. Chang was that he suddenly learned that his wife who had been with him for only 7 days was pregnant, which made him a little bit.

Does the new daughter -in -law who spent hundreds of thousands of discussion actually treat him as a spare tire, and this father should be too unknown.

So what happened between this couple?What is the truth about Ms. Zhou’s home?

Ms. Zhou worked in a supermarket and talked about the matter of returning to her mother’s house. She said that because she was late for get off work every day, her husband never knew how she cared about her. After returning to her husband, she often couldn’t eat a hot meal.

Due to distress, her mother asked her to return to her mother’s house before going back.

Ms. Zhou said that at first she would go home after dinner at her mother’s house, but what happened later made her want to escape that home.

It turned out that after getting married, Mr. Chang asked Ms. Zhou for money. Ms. Zhou had not earned high income in the supermarket, and sometimes she was just enough.

What she doesn’t even understand is that as the master of her husband, she should bear the main economic source of the family. Why should she reach out and ask her for money as soon as they get married?

Ms. Zhou began to be dissatisfied with her husband, but then her husband’s approach completely irritated her.

Because Ms. Zhou did not have to get money, Mr. Chang got the idea of Ms. Zhou’s ID card. It was said that she would send a courier and say that she would start a business.

Ms. Zhou said that after she rejected her husband, she was scolded by her husband. The husband accused her of being too big, couldn’t melt into the house, and even shouted to let her get out of the house.

Ms. Zhou dreamed that she was just married. She was so unfamiliar like a person who was completely married. It was so strange that Ms. Zhou, who was wronged, couldn’t help but quarrel with her husband.

She didn’t dare to imagine what would be like her husband’s life in the future. After several quarrels, Ms. Zhou returned to her mother’s house with a anger. She also wanted to take this opportunity to calm down.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Chang took his family to make noise several times, saying that their family cheated marriage, making them faceless in the village. Such a noisy, Ms. Zhou was discouraged and never wanted to return to her in -laws.

Ms. Zhou claimed that she chose to get married. An Anxin was going to live with Mr. Chang, but the performance of Mr. Chang was too disappointed.

If you want to cheat marriage, you won’t marry Mr. Chang, because the two people live closely, she is not stupid to this point.

But Mr. Chang still insisted that Ms. Zhou was deceiving marriage. He said that as soon as he got married, Ms. Zhou told him that he was pregnant. He was a little doubtful about this.

Take a step back, if the child is really his, the two had already married, isn’t it a matter of joy to conceive the child?Mr. Chang did not understand why Ms. Zhou insisted on getting fetal.

During the abortion surgery, Ms. Zhou insisted not to let him accompany him. Just pay for it. In this way, Ms. Zhou quietly went to the abortion with Mr. Chang.

Now when I think of these suspiciousness, Mr. Chang feels that he is deceived like a fool, and he may be a top cylinder husband.

Because Ms. Zhou had a lot of suspiciousness before marriage, but at that time, Mr. Chang did not attract attention at that time. Before the marriage, he repeatedly proposed to have a marriage inspection with Ms. Zhou.

But every time Ms. Zhou pushed away with various reasons, it was gone.

However, Ms. Zhou insisted that the child in the belly was Mr. Chang. The reason why she had to kill the child was because after her pregnancy, the in -laws did not show very happy.

Ms. Zhou felt that she was not valued by her mother -in -law, and she treated her like an outsider. This made her settle down. In addition, during the pregnancy test, the doctor told her that the child had no fetal heart, and she decided to kill the fetus.

They each hold their own words, and I do n’t know who said the truth, but the problem must be solved. What is the plan for the newly married couple?

Ms. Zhou said that during this time, her husband ran to the house at home for three days to make trouble, which seriously affected her life of her and her family.

For this reason, Ms. Zhou also reported the police, and she said that she was unwilling to live with Mr. Chang.

After this toss, Mr. Chang also lost confidence in marriage, especially whether his child Zhou was pregnant with him.

He also felt that everything would not be possible to return to the past. He now only wants Ms. Zhou to return the gift money. After all, he only lived with him for 7 days after marriage.

Besides, because his marriage has been hollowed out and saved, he will not end up in the end.

However, Ms. Zhou believes that she was sincerely married with Mr. Chang. She broke up because she had a bad personality, and she did not have a cheating marriage, so she was unwilling to refund the gift.

Seeing Ms. Zhou’s attitude firm, Mr. Chang decided to safeguard his rights through legal means.

At that time, the two lacked understanding and hurried into the marriage. After 7 days of life, they turned their eyes. Both sides were too hasty to the marriage. Mr. Chang also paid the price for his impulse.

Should Ms. Zhou refund the gift?Welcome everyone to express your opinion.

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