The wife wants to drink chicken soup, her mother -in -law gets up in the middle of the night, and her husband has poured it directly after seeing it.

In the eyes of everyone, Lu Yao is a beast of a wolf heart -hearted dog lung. After being found by his biological parents, he not only did not have a little gratefulness, but also designed Qin Ziyi, a fiance of his sister, who slept with his sister.

As a result, her sister Shen Xiaoxue was so sad that she was going to go away, but she didn’t want the beast to be dismissive. She pushed her sister and rolled downstairs, causing her sister to disabled her legs.

Just when everyone crushed the beast, the beast suddenly fainted and found a serious heart disease.

Grandma Qin is a person who is kind. Poor her illness forced Qin Ziyi to marry her.

But Lu Yao wanted to say that she had always cared for the hard -won affection, and never harmed anyone.

However, no one was willing to believe her, and even Qin Ziyi didn’t believe it.

December 25 is Christmas, and it is also the day when Lu Yao and Qin Ziyi are married. The heavy snow covered the entire city.

Lu Yao was wearing a inferior wedding dress, standing in front of a luxurious villa, pressing the doorbell, over and over again, mixed with endless bitterness and eagerness.

The cold wind was wrapped in ice and snow, and her body was numb to her, but the position of her heart could still clearly feel the pain.

The pain was getting stronger and stronger. In the end, she could only hold the cold wall to stand firm. Even so, her other hand still pressed the doorbell.

She couldn’t fall at this moment, and her adoptive mother was waiting for one million for surgery. She had to borrow from Qin Ziyi to one million.

She knew that Qin Ziyi hated her, but she had no choice but to go to her biological parents.

"I was mad me, I finally designed Qin Ziyi, but the little bitch came out to insert a foot. If it wasn’t for her, it was me who married the Qin family now."

"That’s it, even if she lost from a young age, you have to go back to find her back? But it is strange to say that when she was a child, the doctor said that she was only 20 years old. Why is it still alive?If it is good to die outside, this will not destroy Xiaoxue’s happiness. "

"How do I know that the beast will grab the happiness of Xiaoxue. I don’t want to think of multiple children in our family. If you marry a good family in the future, maybe you can bring some benefits to our family."

"You’re afraid of being confused. When you forget that the little beast was born, it almost harmed our family bankruptcy. I asked me to say that she was a broom star or a sickle star.What are the benefits? "

Lu Yao’s heart was bitter and helpless, and now only Qin Ziyi can help her. In any case, she will borrow that one million. She thinks that she is desperately pressing the doorbell.

At this moment, a brake sound suddenly sounded behind him.

She turned her head in difficulties and saw Qin Ziyi from the car.

Oh, it turned out that he was not at home. No wonder he had never opened the door for her, which seemed to be a small comfort for her.

Qin Ziyi’s face was extremely cold, and her eyes were not concealed.

In fact, at first, the strong strength of this woman had moved his heart for a moment, but I did not expect those strong simplicity.

He once saw her smiling at the old man and stuffed the money to another man.

She was a bitch who designed him to raise him, climbed up his bed, and worked hard to marry into the Qin family.

Such a woman was disgusting at a glance, let alone marrying her, and he couldn’t figure out why Grandma had to recommend such garbage to work in Qin.

I almost looked at her, and Qin Ziyi walked directly into the room.

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Lu Yao’s bitter heart was mixed with a touch of grief, and she pulled him anxiously: "Qin Ziyi, I really didn’t design you, it was Shen Xiaoxue, I heard it, she designed you, and her legs …… "

"Enough!" Qin Ziyi died off her, and the disgusting eyes were like looking at the dirtiest garbage in the world. "Can you still be more disgusting, since you did it, then you must dare to be it."

"I don’t, it’s really not me to design you." Lu Yao roared desperately, full of sadness.

Qin Ziyi ripped his lip sarcastically. He didn’t seem to want to listen to her any more nonsense, and turned into the house.

Lu Yao gritted his teeth, endured the pain of his heart, and got up and followed.

Since he never believes in her, then she does not need to explain it anymore, after all, she still has more important things to do.

Even after entering the house, Lu Yao still felt cold and cold.

She looked at Qin Ziyi’s cold and indifferent face, and said with a difficult way: "Since you refuse to believe me, then I don’t say more, I … I have another thing to help."

Qin Ziyi ignored her, but simply smoked.

And this kind of silence makes it difficult for Lu Yao to borrow money, but what else can she have to go, isn’t her self -esteem abandoned because of the cruelty of reality?

She took a deep breath and said hard: "You … can you borrow me a million?"

"Hehe …" Qin Ziyi smiled suddenly and said casually, "Sure enough, for money, look, the first day of the marriage showed a nature."

"I won’t borrow that one million, I will definitely find a way to return the principal and interest."

"Oh, why is it? Do you get rid of your clothes and climb my bed?" Qin Ziyi’s voice showed a strong taunt and disdain. "Unfortunately, I made me feel nauseous once, let alone the second time."

Lu Yao’s heart was a strong pain again. She arduously said: "I don’t care what you think of me, I just ask you to borrow the million to me, I promise, even if it is out of my life …… "

At this moment, Assistant Chen suddenly walked in quickly: "President Qin, the necklace you let me have customized has been done."

Qin Ziyi glanced at Lu Yao, and he said lightly at Assistant Chen: "Take it to Miss Shen."

Qin Ziyi’s words made Lu Yao wet her eyes instantly. Even if her heart was strong, the tip of the nose could not help pantothenic acid at this moment.

The custom necklace is worth millions, and she can’t even borrow a small one million for him. It is the difference between likes and dislike.

Seeing Qin Ziyi going upstairs, Lu Yao couldn’t care about the pain of his heart, and hurriedly held him: "Qin Ziyi, can I ask you to borrow me one million?But even one million refused to lend me? Why? "

Chapter 2: I will definitely come back to you

Qin Ziyi disgusted her hand, and the corner of her lips smiled through the strong ridicule: "Do you think … are you qualified to compare with Xiaoxue?"

In a word, it was completely cold.

Yes, Shen Xiaoxue is his treasure. He is naturally willing to give Shen Xiaoxue the most expensive things in the world.

And what she is, she is just the garbage in his eyes, and he naturally disdain her to give her a penny.

She was wrong. From the beginning, she shouldn’t overestimate the affection of the Shen family, nor should she underestimate the cold and unusually affection in the man’s heart.

None of the two places borrowed money. Lu Yao was about to be crazy. In desperation, he could only go to Grandma Qin.

Grandma Qin is her last hope, and she is the person who is most reluctant to borrow money.

Qin Ziyi’s parents died from a young age, and Grandma Qin was big in one hand. If Qin Ziyi’s most respectable person was, it was Grandma Qin.

And because of a coincidence, she helped Grandma Qin once, so Grandma Qin had a good opinion of her, and even recommended her to work in Qin.

It was just that since she and Qin Ziyi happened like that, Grandma Qin’s attitude towards her has changed. Although she is not as disliked by Qin Ziyi, she is not as intimate as at first.

She knew that this time, once she borrowed money from Grandma Qin, she would not exist at the same point of love with Grandma Qin.

The heart was getting more and more painful, and her pain was almost dead.

But the money of saving her mother hasn’t borrowed it yet, how can she fall safely?

Grandma Qin was no longer compassionate before, but she looked at her a little disappointed: "Yao Yao, although you designed Ziyi, Grandma still let Ziyi marry you, know why?"

Lu Yao stared at her vaguely, her heart and nose were full of sourness.

Grandma Qin sighed: "I made such a decision not only to be poor, but also because my grandma felt that you really liked your intention, but I didn’t expect … Your purpose is only money after all."

"No, no …" Lu Yao shook her head anxiously, she grabbed the position of the heart, choked, "It’s not me to design him, it’s really not me to design him, grandma, you believe me, I really like itHis, I’m just … I just need that one million in urgent, I asked you to have grandma, can I borrow me a million? I beg you … I adopt my mother, she still … "She still …"

Lu Yao also wanted to continue to say, but the pain that had been tolerated in the heart for a long time finally took all her consciousness.

When he was unconscious, Lu Yao had a dream.

When she dreamed that she was seven years old, she saved a boy with blood. She tried her best to drag the boy to the behind the trash can, and it led to the bad guys who chased.

When she returned to that place, the boy was gone.

Because of this, she also lost her sister’s school card.

When she got home, she explained to her mother and sister truthfully, but her mother and sister blamed her for a long time, and hit her severely because of losing her school card.

Lu Yao, who woke up from the dream, was a little confused. The dream was too real, and her ears were faintly lingered with the weak voice of the boy -I will definitely come back to you.


Suddenly, the door of the ward was pushed away.

She looked subconsciously and saw Qin Zizheng walking towards her with anger …

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