The wife took care of her pregnant brother and daughter -in -law, and she was scolded after breaking the tea cup. Now the two of us have become passers -by

Wen: Luo Zhizhong

Figure: originated from the Internet

My father did not accidentally hurt his legs when he was working, which was undoubtedly a disaster for our family.

At that time, I was 16, my brother 14, one to study in high school, and the other in junior high school. The tuition expenses alone were overwhelmed by our family.

This day’s aunt called our brothers, and she said, "Now our family can only be for one child to read, see who goes to school!"

My father couldn’t bear to say this, so his aunt came to be the wicked.

I asked my brother’s opinion, and he only said faintly: "I listen to my brother!"

He kicked the ball again, and I knew that my brother didn’t want to give up reading.

In order to let my younger brother study with peace of mind, I proposed to grab the decision to decide who we are going to school.

When his younger brother started the note, he couldn’t be happy, because his name was written on the note, which means that he can go to school.

In fact, what the younger brother didn’t know was that the names on the note were all written by him. I never scrambled to go to school with him.

The next day I worked with my luggage. At that time, I was young and I was willing to ask me without a factory. I could only carry the cement.

When the cement was pressed heavy on me, I almost fell, but when I thought of my father and brother, I could only grit my teeth.

After a month, you can earn more than 800 yuan more wages. Except for leaving a hundred yourself, all of them are sent to my brother.

With my efforts, my brother was admitted to college and later stayed in the city.

In a blink of an eye, when I was at the age of Cheng Jili, I returned to the village to marry a girl.

After marriage, my wife handled everything at home. I took care of my father while working, and the days at home were gradually getting better.

Two years later, my brother called and said that he was going to marry a girl in the city.

He said on the phone: "If I marry this girl, then I don’t have to worry about my future, you can follow the blessing."

Listening to my brother’s future imagination, I couldn’t say happiness in my heart, but the next words made me laugh.

The woman’s house bought a house and car in the city, and now she was decorated. They asked their brothers to help decorate.

The decoration cost was 200,000, and his brother saved 50,000. He hoped that we could give him 150,000.

I am a farmer who faces the loess and faces the sky, and I can’t get 150,000 anyway.

But my brother cried and said, "If I miss her, then this life is a sorry for me."

I made up for only 100,000 yuan, and I could only let my brother find a way by the rest of the money.

I went to send money to my brother, and by the way, I wanted to take a look at the uncle’s daughter -in -law, but my brother was not very happy to see me.

"Say 150,000, but you only give 100,000, how can I explain to others!"

I repeatedly explained the situation at home, and my brother waved his hand and said, "I know I should not expect you!"

After talking about my brother, I sent me to the station, but unfortunately I did not see the brother -in -law.

I don’t know how my younger brother got 50,000. After half a year, we received a notification that he would get married, but he was going to have a wedding in the city.

No matter where you are, we should send blessings as my brother’s family, so I went to the county seat to buy new clothes for me and my father.

After cleaning up, our father and son came to the city where his brother was, and this was the first time his father had seen the future.

They just said a few words, and they said that there was something to leave, not even eating meals.

The brother -in -law finally revealed the true face of Lushan. He is a girl with a clear look and graduated from college. Now he has a formal job in the city.

My younger brother can marry such a good daughter -in -law, which is also a ancestor for our family Guangzong.

He arranged us in a 30 -dollar hotel. Later, I learned that my brother arranged for the women’s relatives to be 80 nights.

After the wedding, my brother urged me and my father to leave quickly, and they still had business.

My father originally wanted me to chat with my friends, but my brother said impatiently: "You don’t know a few in big characters. What can you talk about?" What can I talk about? "

After the younger brother said, he took a taxi for us, and he asked us to buy a ticket to go home.

On the way home, my father couldn’t help sighing: "Your brother has changed, he is afraid that we will drag him."

Looking at my father’s disappointment, I was uncomfortable. I blame me without the ability, otherwise it would not make people look down on.

Soon after returning, my father died. After the cooking, I also came out to work with my wife.

I give people a security guard in the community, and my wife is to clean up. The income of the two people has more than 3,000.

I have a child and a daughter. Fortunately, my father -in -law and mother -in -law are all reasonable people. They now help me bring my children. I will send 1,000 yuan to my family every month.

My brother and I do not often contact. I will send some text messages only after the New Year, but I received a call from this day.

It turned out that her brother -in -law was pregnant, but her response was very serious. She couldn’t eat it every day.

He wanted to ask Xunzi’s state of pregnancy at that time, and by the way, he took the scriptures.

I told my wife, she smiled and said, "Don’t say I really have a way!"

On the second day, the wife came to my brother -in -law’s house with her pickled sour cucumber. I did not expect that the reaction of her brother -in -law’s pregnancy was really not so big.

From that day, his wife was going to work during the day and went to cook for his brother -in -law at night. After a period of time, his brother -in -law’s appetite was much better.

The younger brother took out 500 yuan to his wife, but she resolutely refused to ask. After returning home, I asked her why she didn’t want money.

The wife replied: "They don’t look at us, then we have to let them see, we also have bones!"

The wife is too hard, starting to work at 6 o’clock every day, and take two hours of buses at night to and from his brother -in -law’s house.

At that time, I was thinking about waiting for my brother -in -law to give birth to a child, and I took my wife to travel around and relax.

I was on duty on the unit that day, and suddenly received a phone call from my wife, and her cry was also heard.

"Come on, something happened here, you hurry up and solve it."

I hurried to my brother -in -law’s house, and when I entered the door, I saw the crying wife.

I hurriedly held him in my arms and saw his wife’s emotional stability. I asked my brother: "What is going on?"

The younger brother glanced at his brother -in -law, and in the end, his brother -in -law said today’s affairs.

The brother -in -law has a very expensive crystal cup, which is made by her classmates from foreign countries.

After my wife finished cooking for my brother -in -law, she planned to help them clean the house by the way.

It was so uncomfortable that the wife walked away while wiping the cabinet, and the Crystal Cup was pushed to the ground by his wife.

As soon as the crystal cup was broken when she came out, she immediately rushed out to blame his wife.

"Do you know how much this crystal cup is worth it? Your salary of January is not enough. Who makes you nothing?"

"You are really a rural person. I know all day to work around the house, and I should not let you come!"

My brother -in -law didn’t let go of us. She went on to say, "The crystal cup is worth more than 2,000 yuan, so hurry up and return the money to me!"

When my brother -in -law said this, the younger brother stood beside him without saying a word, and he didn’t even say a word for us.

I didn’t say anything to borrow 2,000 yuan from the workers, and I fell the money on the table.

I said to my brother and brother -in -law: "I will give you these 2000 dollars. Don’t get along in the future. I don’t have a relative like you!"

I walked in front of my brother again and said, "That’s how the brotherhood of our two brothers is here.

After speaking, I left with my wife overnight, and I took her to travel until she was in a better mood.

Nowadays, my brother and I have lost contact. I only heard that the child was born with weak bodies. They have always taken care of carefully.

If I had seen them a long time ago, but I have been cold by my brother now, and I finally understand that I have lived a good life and keeping my little family is more important than anything.

There are a lot of waves in life, but as long as there are people who love you beside you, it is better than anything!@

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